Down With The Crew Called DTP

I caught that BET Spring Bling nonsense this past weekend and I noticed my boy Ludacris has a new T-shirt. You Youtube addicts can check but I think it said something like “DTP. If not us, then nobody.” Pardon me, I had to laugh at that. Naw, seriously lost in the shuffle of all the rap world’s South Rules Everything Around Us sentiments is that for all of the Dirty-Dirty’s trend-setting hold on hip-hop, no one entity has ruled the nest down thurr since the days of No Limit and Cash Money. You can look it up, kids.

Lil Jon is big but BME ain’t yet. Nelly is huge but none of his St. Lunatics are household names. As big as OuKast got they weren’t able to make the Slim Calhouns or the Killer Mikes successful. In fact, the only Down South crew to have 2 multi-platinum artists at one time in recent memory, was… that’s right DTP! It was Ludacris and his former young helper Chingy.

Back in the days when the dynamic duo we’re both 2 or 3 million deep each I approached DTP honcho Chaka Zulu about putting the fellas together for a cover. We shook hands and agreed to the deal and then the next day he insisted I throw Shawnna in the mix. I denied the request and cover was pulled. (Yup, I’m a hard-ass!) Later Chingy went awol and I cosigned his emancipation. Did cover and y’all didn’t cop it (I’m still in therapy over that). Ching-a-Ling LP caught the soph jinx while Luda came out again and triumphantly did his big numbers. Looks like ‘Cris won, but did he?

You see Shawnna’s debut bricked and so did I-20′s so Lova Lova finds himself in the same predicament as Hova did at Rocafella. How’d you make an artist as big as or God forbid bigger than you? It’s why Luda had to drop another group compilation late last year to once again reintroduce the buying public to the brand he hopes to establish. Yeah Bobby Valentino did his thing on the R&B side but do the fans really connect him with Disturbing The Peace?

Scooping up Field Mob seems like a smart move (even though I’ll pass on the Ciarra collabo) and jimmy hats off to Shawnna for defying the radio rules and delivering a hit about gettin’ head but my money’s still on Ludacris and not necessarily his brand. My deputy editor Vanessa heard some of Chris’ new shit and he’s got a Pharrell-produced Nelly pairing that’s guaranteed to keep the clubs jumping this summer. The jury’s still out on whether anyone on his team can ever reach his high standard. But if not them, then who?

Is T.I. gonna “Shoulder Lean” with Young Dro to the top of the charts? Is Jeezy gonna make Slick Pulla known for more than gettin’ popped? Is Lil Wayne gonna be able to make Universal pay attention to Currensy? You know what, come to think of it… I think I’m gonna make a T-Shirt. It’s gonna say: Maybe you’re right. Good luck Luda.

P.S. YN and Chaka Zulu have since squashed their beef and were seen standing side by side as witnesses to the Jay-Z and Nas concert truce. Both gentlemen were screaming like little girls throughout the show and when God’s Son actually emerged on stage and excited Zulu exclaimed, “I gotta call Luda.”

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  • khal

    i copped that chingy cover!

  • janice

    It’s not going to happen for DTP. So Shawnna’s managed to score a hit by rapping about “Gettin Head” (classy chick…NOT!), But her sophomore album is still going to brick. As for the other members of DTP…Forget, it’s not happening!

  • mike G.

    First bitches…
    DTP aint anyone that special…If Luda wanted his artists to do well he should try not to release them one week apart. I20 and Shawnna dropped within a week of each other last time out.
    How about He try to get these dudes hot before getting them album release dates? All those weedcarriers aint that hot.
    Field Mob will do better that anyone else on that roster other than Luda.

    Ahhhh screw that the south is hot. Down South Weed carriers will sell better that nas unfortunately cuz thats the hip hop market these days.

  • janice

    Nas will sell.

  • Belize

    Excuse mr. y.n., ummmmm…did u forget the SWISHAHOUSE crew going platinum????? just wonderin buddy, mmmm, u know mr. xxl, they did have those plaques……STEP UR GAME UP PYYYYYMP!!!!!!!!

  • mike G.

    Better stop fooling yourself. The people (white teenagers) that buy hip hop music at retail outlets dont think Nas is that hot. Check the soundscan.

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    DTP had many dope tracks on their first group release “Golden Grain”, as well as prior to that on Luda’s 2nd release “Word of Mouf”.

    However, their material has gone downhill since. Lil Fate went through puberty (taking away that distinct high-throaty delivery).

    I-20′s idea well went dry.

    Shawna remained constant, but was mediocre the whole time.

    Titi Boi had a couple raw 8′s but not enough material to evaluate.

    As for Luda, original fans have noticed the gradual soap-box derby like ride to being nothin but average.

    Chicken N Beer and RLD sold records, but only had decent at best hits, and weak album filler.

    As for the latest DTP release, it is simply GARBAGE. Chaka’s production has fallen deeply into a canyon with little chance of climbing his way back up.

    Let’s be honest, no one other than the CD swallowing public considered Chingy a part of DTP.

    Hopefully Luda calls on other producers to bring out the uber-creativity that Sean J and Smoke possess. They have 2 solid releases to their credit, but if Chaka is allowed to continue putting out album filler and mediocre singles, we can expect crap from Field Mob.

    Unfortunately, even if it is a bomb release, it won’t go gold.

  • TIP

    Go Cop the Raw Report DVD.He Got A Crew Behind Him,Believe Dat.They Just Gotta Get More Radio Ready Shit

  • BOL


  • Edgar Allan Poor

    well well well sad but true if it ain’t on interscope it ain’t a movement….unless wu-tang comes bakk but besides dat luda will be da only platinum artist of da group

  • Jones

    Don’t forget about Norfclik. Them niggas had one of the hottest songs on that compilation, and the Mixtape they put out was fire.

  • Rome

    Shoulder lean is gonna be big when the video drops. The cd should be hot too . I heard 4 or 5 songs and I like em all.

  • Babyboy

    1st off all, i wanna big up XXL, 2 DTP u doin it big, all cats in my hood feel u, and i am from Portugal, if u guys read dis go and do a concert there is gonna b big tellin ya, if g-unit made it big sure u can do da same Luda,kip it up peace,

  • TD

    Nelly and Luda on a track????!!!! Man thats gon be a heater, history in the making right there!

  • GAB

    I think DTP will do just fine. I met Luda when he was still a radio DJ and Chaka when he was pushing the material. I have full faith in the DTP movement. Not all the artists are strong but overall I know Luda will take care of his camp. Chaka holla at me, tell Shonda if you see her…… 100% Canadian …. I Love the South

  • Konya

    Where Chingy At?

  • Katari

    New York niggas always hate on the south, name a new york nigga besides Jay Z and Nas thats went platinum, in fact Nas last album barely went gold. And just like DTP albums didnt sale neither did groups like WuTang solo albums. In fact the most popular nigga from new york besides Jayz is Ja Rule and 50 if you base this on record sales.

  • Colorado-NJ

    They need to sign that dude 4-ize

  • big rizz

    I-20 is that nigga. He had a couple of bangers on the last joint, but they need to build a fan base b4 just putting out an album. You see what 50 did with banks, buck and yayo. Make them niggas show and prove on mixtapes on other niggas beats till you gotta love em

  • honeykiss



    I like luda but not really a fan of anybody else on DTP and Nelly is from the midwest but Im feeling young dro (no homo) the dude is tight his day one mixtape is straghit fire

  • d’s girl

    most of this article focuses on two artist releases. their roster is way deeper than that. shawnna has shown improvement and if u ever get a chance to hear anything from shereefa or norfclk u will be pleasantly surprised. the difference between dtp and other labels is their diversity. they have various artist from all music genre’s. that is what will truly give them staying power

  • Goldie

    T.I. and Grand Hustle have this on lock with T.I. blowing the roof off of the game with over 1.5 in the bag already and Young Dro coming with that shoulder lean heat you can either give them the crown or go holla at those swisha house boys because three people out of that crew went platinum (slim thug, paul wall, and mike jones.) If it isn’t them then it is going to be Grand Hustle with T.I., Young Dro is going platinum if you have not already picked that up the album is crazy.

  • DTP1 fan

    man DTP is tha shit norfclk dem som hard azz nigga dat nigga brolic d he a hard muthafucka DTP iz gon sell put luda dont hit up da right producers dont get me wrong luda kills off any beat but he niggaz like lil jon cool and dre maybe scot storch BIG BLACK SUV WIT MUTHAFUCKAZ IN IT HOP OUT FIND YO SLOT AND PUT A TOKEN IN IT brolic d said dat

  • DJ Aaries (THE HULK)

    I think all of the DTP artist are FIRE in their own ways, Were ALL NOT supposed to like ALL of them because if we did theyde only be caterin 2 ONE audience….. I respect ALL of their Hu$tlEs…!!

  • uneek

    i 20s wack shawnas skills are minimal remy would eat her up lyrically ludas switched his style up and not for the better field mob is ill and whos even the rest of dtp point proven

  • young_fane


  • bigchuksie

    i really think dtp iz the tightest group in the south & probably the rest of the world & i’ll kip buyin thier shit til i D.I.E. peace out all y haters. DTP 4 life

  • oohhmy

    I don’t think Chingy really counts as “down south”. Isn’t he from the Lou anyway? Sure DTP is south, but Chingy ain’t.

  • Mike

    Shawnna is the shit…DTP was ths shit…wait for her independent release of MR. Radio and watch her sell more than what she did while on DTP! ~ then wait for the Ludacris and Shawnna cd that follows and Shawnna will be a household MC like Queen Latifah, Da Brat, Salt N’ Pepa, Missy Elliott, Foxy Brown, and Lil’ Kim…I swear this will be tru by at least 2010…and u can remember who predicted this!