I knew it. I knew it. I knew there had to be a mistake or two in this Busta Rhymes "New York" song. Yeah I'm from Woodside, Queens and I like this joint as much as the next Rotten Apple dweller. Yeah it jacks the break that Diamond used way back (Got them lips sealed like O-Dub—hint it ain't the S.O.S. Band) and has the classic "real hip-hop" feel that comes across very rarely in today's commercial rap world. It's like hearing Nas "Made You Look" or Ghostface's "Run" for the first time. Yeah, yeah, I get it, understood.

Still with Busta spitting out shout-outs and lyrics at such a feverish place, it was more than likely a mistake would be made here—and I found it. Like Guru (Boston or BK? ) from Gang Starr says "you got to give the credit where it iz due." In the section of the song where Bussa-Bus gives it up to the ladies he lumps one former crown-wearing sista in with the bunch. Unfortunately, Queen Latifah, a sure-shot rap Hall of Famer, is from the Garden State. Home of the bickering Refugees, PRT and LOTU. You know: Joe "Never Comin' Out" Budden on that New Jerz shit. Funk Doctor Spok on that New Jerz ish. Treach from Sopranos on that Swamp Land shit.

I hate to be a stickler for the rules and yeah there's even a few errors in my superbly-researched ego trip's book of rap lists (you kids play nice and you might get a sequel in the '09) but couldn't someone in the studio correct the God before the shit got mastered? Oh well, oh well like Miss Jones says (she's from Astoria, Queens, BTW. Home of my partner S Dot Jenkins). I wouldn't even check NY po-po's p.e. #1 if he didn't boast at end of song that he "didn't forget shit."

Clearly though Busta's latest deserves its rightful place amongst other tunes that celebrate the Gotham State in all its glory. The place where hip-hop originated. The place where White folks used to be scared to walk through Times Square at night. The place that is currently looking for a modern-day, post Chronic-like rise to reclaim its position as the driving force in rap music today. Here my dos cents: I ain't mad at the new Papoose single and I got the fingers crossed—but I don't see it happening.

OK turn that frown upside down and enjoy 13 other Nueva York Nuggets (Gotta love this audio-blog shit!):

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P.S. Melle Mel couldn't get a shout-out? It's okay, Rakim got love—twice. Wyandanch... um, stand up!