No I can't prove it. But it was written on the wall and it's about time y'all niggas start reading it. Yeah I saw the trailer and it looked tight but do you think this Idlewild shit is ever gonna really happen? August? Didn't they shoot that shit two years ago? Can't we just go the DVD route by now? As far as the upcoming soundtrack, should we file it next to Pharrell, and the Wu-Tang and Fugees reunion albums all do to be released according to my schedule on Neverwerry 33rd, 4080 (Fuck Ozone, anyone remember Lauchlan McIntyre?) Sorry, I digresss.

Anyway I was there in the flesh (like my fellow blood-thirsty press fellows) in Atlanta almost three years ago when OuKast were doing press for their last recorded project, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. Two solo albums poorly disguised as a group album. Andre even produced songs on Antwan's LP to throw us off. When I interviewed Big Boi back in Nov 2003 he admitted to me that he began recording his half of the CD only because Andre started recording a soundtrack to a movie that never happened—The Love Below. Ironically, after getting Andre to agree to the group album packaging, Boi knocked out his end way before his homie finished his.

This means Andre was tired of making group albums back then. Still, it was promised we'd get Idlewild, Mr. 3000 would get his close-ups on his Hollyhood journey and then the mighty rhyme animals would return to burn with a group album that returns to their roots: 10 The Hard Way. Then they'd walk off in the sunset, I guess. You know dem rappers luv to "retire." Please be clear: the prolific pair already have enough "Roaches and Rats"-like material in their Prince-like stash to make all our dreams come true. But as it stands today, no old or new music—everything's a no go. And we can't even get a straight answer to why.

Has anyone noticed we never hear anything from Andre about the status of his group? Even Shaheem from MTV News can't track Ice Cold down. Along with Big Boi, 'Kast's long-time mgr Blue Williams (there's a tough gig) have become the two talking heads. I don't even think these guys have 'Dre's new cell phone #. Is this nigga still taking acting classes? I mean I saw that hot garbage Four Brothers and I heard that John Travolta shit (No fuckin' links—Just my thoughts) was equally type wack. Isn't it time to go back to spittin' a hot 16 or two, Mr. Benjamin? Can't leave rap alone—the game needs you! I like that new Rick Ross shit like the next man but like my baby bro Steven says duke ain't coppin' no lyricist of the year award no time soon. I have dreams of hearing Andre spittin' over that "Kryptonite" track. Simply put, he's got a gift—so shoot that shit.

I feel bad for Big Boi. I know he may be upset with me when one of you "snitches" forward this thing to someone close to his camp (shit I may even get a spinemagazine mention—I got the yellow fingers crossed!). Yeah dude got that purp but he needs his partner. OutKast is no longer a group—it's a brand. One that Big Boi is smart enough to never let go. We all saw what happened to EPMD? Erick and Parrish didn't make dollars (well P did), they made true classics—four in a row. But now in the '06 they're best known for their split and whether or not Erick Sermon is gay and did he really jump out the fuckin' window? Big Boi is gonna go down swinging before he allows the Outkast legacy to be tarnished like your boy (I see you exo!) YN's little league trophies. Pop dukes wanted to christen his oldest son Roberto Clemente Wilson, but, once again, you're blessed with my digression.

Here's the kicker, kitko: Outkast is unquestionably one of the top 5 greatest rap groups of all-time but they haven't been a group in 5 years. I miss them muthafuckas. Y'all can work it out, fellas. Or at least make your demise official. Put us out of our misery.

P.S. No your eyes aren't deceiving you the flick above is Warren Coolidge from The White Shadow. He's brown—I'm still light-skinded. I wrote a couple of major rap mag reviews back in the day under that pseudonym. Y'all do the knowledge to that, new jacks. Make a name for yourselves, I have many.