Wow I give y'all muthafuckas some free music to listen to and I get the most responses to my blog so far. Who knew? You like me, you really dig me. I'm very special like Debra Laws. Anyway if ain't broke, don't fix it—remix it. So after a quick perusal through my iTunes goodies, I've concocted a playlist of other notable original songs that contributed heavily to Ghost's stellar catlalogue. In other words, all this choice shit has been sampled on Starks' other CDs.

But first, a moment of clarity: YN is well aware of the rules of the beat digging game—don't say the names. Yeah I heard that Preemo skit on Moment of Truth and admit to have copped a Strictly Breaks LP or two but I'm not trying to blow anyone's whistle like a NBA ref here.

The last post revealed the original songs that were credited and cleared by the record company (minus a few corrections. Often wrong songs are listed from correct album that featured break.). The ones that weren't officially cleared (like the children's shit O-Dub discovered) were unlisted. Be clear: I respect the architect and the rap producer who jacked it. We're all in the same gang.

All this means is that on this impressive post, I'm only listing the original song info and not saying which Ghost songs used each for because I'm not sure which ones were officially cleared and which weren't. Confused? You won't be after this episode of YN's Breakbeat Heaven. It's Casual Friday (What up V?). Excelsior!

Gap Mangione "Free Again" (1970)

Tommy Youngblood "Tobacco Road" (1960s)

Laura Lee "Since I Fell For You" (1971)

Billy Stewart "We'll Always Be Together" (1969)

Eddie Holman "It's Over" (1977)

The Sweet Inspirations "You Roam When You Don't Get It At Home" (1973)

Solomon Burke "Theme From Cool Breeze" (1972)

The Sylvers "Wish That I Could Talk To You" (1972)

David Axelrod "Terri's Tune" (1978)

David Porter "Storm in the Summertime" (1971)

Bob Azzam "Rain Rain, Go Away" (1968)

Les Baxter "Hogin' Machine" (1969)

Syl Johnson "I Hate I Walked Away" (1973)

Al Green "You Ought To Be With Me" (1973)

George Jackson "Aretha, Sing One For Me" (1972)

Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band "Cherchez La Femme/Se Si Bon" (1977)

Teddy Pendergrass "Can't We Try" (1980)

O.V. Wright "Into Something (Can't Shake Loose)" (1977)

Otis Redding "Change Is Gonna Come" (1966)

P.S. Loose ends from last post: According to liner notes, "Shakey Dog" doesn't lift Dells but Johnny Johnson and His Bandwagon. Forgot to list "Bad Mouth Kid (Skit)" which credits Brother to Brother but I believe Def Jam screwed that one up too. And, finally, Just doesn't even remember shit he used before he struck up the band. Enjoy your weekend.

P.P.S. I'm blogging heavy next week. Be afraid, be very afraid.