Ever since the days of Busy Bee Starski and Kool Moe Dee, and probably a while before that (but who cares), rappers have been famous for beefing back and forth with one another. But recently, the people who write about hip-hop have gotten damn near as bad as the rappers themselves.

Yesterday there was a bit of drama at my own site having to do with an incident that took place at this year's South by Southwest. Lynne d Johnson of Vibe magazine, upset that I once called her Lesbo Johnson, took this year's Blogging While Black panel there as an opportunity to air out yours truly.

I wasn't even aware that the two of us had an issue, but rather than continue the discussion on the Internet, where I might get a word in edgewise, she decided to call me out in front of her people down at South by Southwest. So I had a little fun with her yesterday on my own blog.

Speaking of Vibe magazine, the blog bittervibes is written by an anonymous, disgruntled Vibe staffer. Recently it's become the world's shittiest gossip blog, but it started out talking mad greasy about her (and it has to be a her) Vibe co-workers, especially editor-in-chief Mimi Valdes, who she claimed might be getting it on with known bisexual Kimora Lee Simmons. Hot!

She also pokes fun at the sheer ineptitude of the rest of the magazine's staff and the staff of other "urban" magazines. If you notice, some idiot at Vibe actually misspelled the word villains on this month's cover. What a bunch of fuck-ups.

Meanwhile, MySpace might be the hot new thing for disgruntled hip-hop journalists. Not only can you vent your frustrations with the mean world of hip-hop journalism, but you can pick up a hot young girlfriend while you're at it. That's what us brothers in the ghetto like to call a twofer.

Take for example Ronin Ro, who once wrote for the inferior print version of XXL. He's recently taken to building a blog and profile at MySpace, and damnit he's taken to it with a vengeance. Since he signed up on January 14th he's collected no less than 509 friends, mostly young women. One girl in his top 8, who calls herself Technohippy Chic, is only 14 years old.

She's really cute too. I can hardly blame the brother.

His blog mostly consists of erotic sex tales and ranting about how other hip-hop journalists are biting his style, but he's also taken a few swipes at his former colleagues. In an entry marked March 16, 2006 he alleges that XXL once tried to have him ask Twista something that would have gotten the rapper killed by some notorious Chicago underworld figure known as "Bulletholes."

Damn these hip-hop journalists!