The Ipod King Is Here

Its been a hectic couple of weeks, but what else is new. Welcome to the game. First off, shout out to xxl for lookin out on the blog. And good lookin on that big ass article. I made the cover….wow.

So, next on deck is Little brother and Pharrell mixtapes. I remember surfin the net one day and seein someone talkin bout dram’s goin pop!!!! Yessir!! Hahaha!! Kiss my ass!!! If its good music I’m f&$%in wit it. End of story.

Little Brother tape…classic.The title is “Separate But Equal” It’s a great tape and I was happy to be on board and choosen for the project.

Pharrell – – classic. The boi is spittin. Lotta ni$$@s gon be suprised. Pharrell knew how to pick good beats so u can never go wrong (take notes).

So looks like I’ll be droppin two more for the ipod. Oh yeah speakin of that, my offcial new aka is “the ipod king” cuz I got more mixtapes in your ipod than ni$$@s got albums!!! Hahahaha!

So the 15th look for me on BET’s Rap City & MTV’s Direct Effect. And uuuuuhhh, see me in the streets!!!!


DJ “The Ipod King” Drama

The Cannon – DJ Drama Ft. Busta Rhymes & T.I. record, rock that for me!!!
Download MP3 Here: Cannon – DJ Drama Ft. Busta Rhymes & T.I.

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  • http://source one

    fuck dj drama why do white people always have 2 try to be down with everything we do.cant black folks ever
    have anything without everyone else try’n 2 do it .im not the only one who feels this way black people in general
    hate this but alot of em are to scared to say or do anything about it .but soon the movement will isnt just white folks we have a problem with
    it the latinos the asians and anyone else who tries to rape our culture
    u other races need 2 understand that u guys are already blessed in so many ways. just having the ability 2 speek ur own language or know ur people traditions or or visit ur own country
    and know that culture is blessing.
    black people dont have these options
    in life. so why do yall feel like u need to take what little culture we’ve managed to put together in order to survive in this racist ass i am not a racist myself
    this just about the preservation of are people. so all u other races please remember that u aint black so stop front’n

  • kmax25

    “One” you still hatin homie. now its on some racial shit. drama is just a light skinned brotha. he done put out classic mixtapes for jeezy and t.i…..the streets is watchin, trap or die, cant ban tha snowman, down with the king and the leak. hes the number one mixtape dj right now. whoo kid fell off, kay slay and clue aint not right now. i bet you aint saying nothing about Game’s white dj. DJ Skee is white but he puttin out hot mixtapes wit game…ghost unit, stop snitchin stop lyin, you know what it is vol. 3. if white boys coming in to mixtape game and making a killin then niggas should hustle that much harder so it makes them white dj’s irrelivent.

  • WHM

    fyi, my idiot friend: dj drama’s father is black and his mother is white. perhaps half of him trying to steal something from the other? relax.

    • 5stizzy

      Thanks for setting him straight. Some people are idiots! White people…that’s all you see?

  • HHF

    Hiphop is a culture in it’s own. Race should not be a discriminating factor among the people who live, love, and relate to hiphop. There is no specific race, age, sex, or creed that hiphop is directed towards. There are so many different people who live the hiphop lifestyle. It is not a trend or a fad to these people. The passion that is within them is just as strong as the next person who loves hiphop. Saying that hiphop is made for only black people is like saying only rich people can breathe air. Music, in general, speaks to the soul; and the soul does not understand just one language. Regardless of the race of a person working in hiphop, they are there because that is what they love. It is what drives them, inspires them, speaks to them, and reaches them on a level that can’t even be described. And for any person to say that they shouldn’t be in the game because they aren’t black is completely ridiculous. When it comes down to it, we are all people. We breathe, eat, sleep, bleed, cry, feel, and think the same ways, for the most part. Hiphop is not just a genre, it’s a way of life. None of us have the right to tell another human that they shouldn’t do what they love. At the end of the day, we share a love for hiphop, and that’s all that matters.

  • Danielle From Jerz

    What it is my dude!! Drama I just saw u on Rap City today. That was a real good look. I’m seein u everywhere. Keep doin ya thing PaPa!! Holla @ Me on myspace, ya know!!

  • one

    hiphop is not 4 everybody thats just something u outsiders say so that u can have some kind of claim 2 it . history always repeats itself just like rock and jazz in 20 years were gonna look up and there wont be anymore black emcees.just look at how white folks claim that elvis presly started and is the king of rock and roll.all my real brothers and sisters know what i’m talk’n bout. whatever happen 2 miles davis? now the front man of jazz is a whiteboy (kenny g).fuck that white or black deep in your heart u know i’m right.


    let me know when you in Miami, I want to interview you on one of my shows. holler.

    main event

    give you drama and I ain’t talkin bout a DJ.

  • O.G.Pablo aka.”MR.MORE”

    Like they say out here in H-TOWN
    “PLAYAZ RIZE WHILE HATERZ FALL!” hold your head!! I see you boy!
    Nigga I remember when “I” first put GANGSTA GRILLZ #2 mixtapes in my store”DA BOOTH”in Raleigh,N.C. niggas wuz like who dis? I wuz like DJ DRAMA the “SUPERFREINDS”(member that?) “I” wuz the 1st DUDE putting your shit on blast out there!MR.FREEZE,aint even had that(& we both ate food!)ualready know!
    @ the time I went 2 N.C.CENTRALUniv. Lil BROTHER went there too..u know yurr boy was rocking C.D.’z there 2!Shit be coming full circle!! 4 real!
    LIKE WE SAY bak home in S.J.QUEENS
    “KEEP RIZING 2 da TOP” and dont 4get how you got there !!! I’M a member of The TRAKK ADDICTZ now so when u hear our shh BANG DAT!@#$%

    NIGGA,CHK me out @
    clik:producers then clik;MR.MORE

  • Booteg Bill

    Let me get a copy of that new DJ Drama Gansta Grills. I’ll make gansta copies and get gansta paid.

    Bootlegger 4 life/
    My middle name is Xerox/
    I’ll dub your new CD shit/
    And put it in a clear box/
    I love making bootlegs/
    I love making copies/
    I love when record labels leak artist music/Security’s sloppy/Yo quiero musica/ En espanol/LLamo es Papi/The best bootlegger in the game/Can’t nobody stop me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony Obi

    Good to see you up on the blog! Stay consistent with the mixtapes. I got no doubt you got it locked. Stay up, peace.

    - Fat Tony

  • Rich

    Somebody tell him to take that silly hat off and throw it away with that girlie necklace, then he might be credible.

    “So looks like I’ll be droppin two more for the ipod. Oh yeah speakin of that, my offcial new aka is ‘the ipod king’ cuz I got more mixtapes in your ipod than ni$$@s got albums!!! Hahahaha!”

    No you don’t, I hate your mixtapes – I think they damage hip hop and I don’t think I know anybody with more of your work on their iPod (or even their iTunes) than that of artists. The sooner the industry shakes off people like DJ Drama, the sooner hip hop will become music again.

  • http://YAHOO 1 K.I.N.G W.A.T.R


  • Omowale

    My point of view is that I don’t have that big of an issue w/ white dudes or white dudes utilizing the culture, but recognize when your race or color is a big factor in getting out. Help the condition don’t add to the problem or just ignore it. They told Last Emperor (the first artist on Dre’s Aftermath) to change his style because Black’s should be ghetto. Eminem came on & did what he wanted. I done researched this bitch in & out & I ain’t done. If you’re Black, never ever say race is not a factor in this world esp. the U.S. You fool yourself. Please read a book daily. Serious cats holla @ me

  • Qmega

    Hey, Listen Up Black, White Indian, Asain, & Multicultural Peoples. When GOD Created the Earth and Planted Man on it, He set it up where the Atoms of Man would eventually split up, breakdown so that we would eventually have many other races, yes Black is the oldest race on the Earth as well as Indian and Asian. We know that White is the youngest Race on the Earth, But to sum it up in GODs EYEs, We CAME FROM THE ALL(GOD) AND WE’LL RETURN BACK TO THE ALL(GOD) when BootCamp Earth is NOMORE. even though Blacks were chained F@#k’d up lost some of their Culture and forced to come to America and build it with their hands and Even though Indians were ran out of America for inviting the White Man onto this land. that was GODs Plan and satans plan as they play chess with our Souls until the end of Time. This Hip Hop Movement which started out broke and on the Street Corners in the Projects and Hoods of Poverty over the Years got rich enough to feed Families. Over all it was established by that African Drum which is a FREE Instrument to beat on, and the OLD Black Race here and there invited the young White Race to Party. So if DJ Drama is gonna beat on the “FREE DRUM” of HIP HOP Just enjoy it and Let It Do What It Do, Thats what My Mans Phonte tells me all the time.Let It Do What It Do. and thats whats going down in the land of the sometimes FREE is Hip HOP, Meant to bring peeps together for a Celebration as well as get $, Ya MEAN, Stay Up & Lets Make good Music.

    LB, JUSTUS LEAGUE, SOUNDCLICK, J. JERKA, DOOKATI(Andy Dooley), SELFMADE ENT. K. Perason, Dylon & Andrew, Jordan & Jushua (tha Future of HIP HOP Music)Lets Pump Out this Good Music. QMEGAMAN What Iota Phi Theta Frat Inc. OOOOWWWWW
    Silent Assassin #1 LS Tha Franchise, #2, #3, #4, Where Ya’ll At ELO!!!!!

  • Qmega

    #1Montell, Tha Weapon, #2 Rich, Tha Answer, #3Stretch, Daddy Pimp OW! OOOWWW!!! ,Whoever,

    Hit Me Up at 858 549-9161

    I’ll Holla at you Later Tay, What Up Pooh, J Scudda, Darwin, BIG DO’SHA, 9th.and the whole FAM.

  • T-Dubb

    I totally respect Drama for his point of view on things. He seems real genuine about his craft and business moves. When you show respect you get it. Keep doing you brah.

    Grind Season Productions

  • OnPoint of EarDrummahz Ent.

    LMAO ya’ll are some of the funnest cats I ever read in my life. Not only is that shit funny that is just straight up HATE. This KKK hearted. White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Purples, Greens, and Reds; if they do music and work hard they deserve their respect no matter what level it is on.

    HATE someone for not being lazy.
    HATE someone for grinding harder then the other man.
    HATE someone for losing sleep cause they wanna make sure they shit tight.

    If you agree with any of those 3 go to jail and get fuckt by a rapist.

    OnPoint signing out!

  • http://TheDirtyCountry Southern Alumnist


  • Ra Gunz

    I feel DJ Drama’s beatz, dont matter to me if he black & white, he still do wut he do cuz he like doin it, i mean me personally im Cherokee Indian & White but i still listen to hip hop in either race, so i jus wanted to say Drama keep doin wut u do ma du cuz the streets is feelin u
    -Ra Gunz

  • G.O.OD

    mann “One” fuck shut ya trap im white and listen to rap…dont insult me im not racist and u shouldnt be one too….and did ya forget about JIN hes japaniese or something and he raps so shut ya fuckin trap and respect all people of all races!!!

  • http://n/a FLIPPIN IT UPP

    Guy at the very top so called “ONE” says “fuck dj drama why do white people always have 2 try to be down with everything we do.cant black folks ever
    have anything without everyone else try’n 2 do it” —–whats up with that? im white, and you say that white people always have to be down with eveything we do? lol thats really funny because if i remember correctly most things black folks do now they got from white people! examples: wearing “dickie” pants (white people started wearing those WORKING!)wearing jerseys (white people have been wearing those a long time before yall! haha..get it?)

    and you also think that white people take stuff from black folks… then why do white ppls hard earned dollars that go to taxes pay for your food stamps you little bitch

  • yung ceasa

    man get tha fuck outta herre drama aint just really light skinned?……and im bein completely sincere herre….i thought drama was black, but seein as he’s tha number one dj in tha game right right in front of mick boogie (who i know and knew is white but one of tha coolest down to earth muthafuckas i ever met) anyways to me color isnt a factor in anything, especially music wherre anyone can make that real shyt.


    ONE is just ignorant. eduacate yoself playa.

  • Phi

    Yea this country is still racist im hip 2 dat but it sounds like u have confidence issues dog i beleive n me so no matter the color no man woman or child can stop me and ya dont stop phi from da sbi

  • Shitty Atlantic City

    italians were the original niggers so ima say that black people cant call eachother nigga anymore, i take offense to that you stupid fuck, and we started organized crime so i gotta ask bloods crips n ms-13 to disband immediatly

  • Conundrum

    yo i agree with shitty atlantic city. us italians are da true o.g.’s. 1st of all, sicily is close to northern africa, so we def got brotha in us.

  • D Walk

    this is too reckless. some of the biggest pioneers in hip hop are white (Beastie Boys). Since when did color ever matter in hip hop. the whole point of hip hop is to eliminate the hate and unify stand out against racist america and what it stands for and be our own. I mean even Public Enemy didnt hate white people, they hated white america. DJ Drama is hands down the hottest DJ on the mixtapes now black or white it dont matter. my dude is killing it. keep ignorance out of hip hop it gives the real outsiders a reason the slander us.

  • shereee

    Noooooo…. its just funny that he came out pure white!!! what if his white mama cheated on his black papa with a white man…and then when she got pregnant pass him off as half black half white??

    My latina cousin did it, she cheated on her black husband with a white dude and because she was married, she gave the kid to her husband who is black!!!