Its been a hectic couple of weeks, but what else is new. Welcome to the game. First off, shout out to xxl for lookin out on the blog. And good lookin on that big ass article. I made the

So, next on deck is Little brother and Pharrell mixtapes. I remember surfin the net one day and seein someone talkin bout dram's goin pop!!!! Yessir!! Hahaha!! Kiss my ass!!! If its good music I'm f&$%in wit it. End of story.

Little Brother tape...classic.The title is "Separate But Equal" It's a great tape and I was happy to be on board and choosen for the project.

Pharrell - - classic. The boi is spittin. Lotta ni$$@s gon be suprised. Pharrell knew how to pick good beats so u can never go wrong (take notes).

So looks like I'll be droppin two more for the ipod. Oh yeah speakin of that, my offcial new aka is "the ipod king" cuz I got more mixtapes in your ipod than ni$$@s got albums!!! Hahahaha!

So the 15th look for me on BET's Rap City & MTV's Direct Effect. And uuuuuhhh, see me in the streets!!!!


DJ "The Ipod King" Drama

The Cannon - DJ Drama Ft. Busta Rhymes & T.I. record, rock that for me!!!
Download MP3 Here: Cannon - DJ Drama Ft. Busta Rhymes & T.I.