So while the internet goes nutz over who T.I. Is dissin on his new album.....I got some advice for aspiring entertainment moguls......something I'm learnin as I move forward... You are only as strong as your team. And year after year u got to play a full 82 game season even before u make it to the playoffs let alone win a chip.

So let's start with your team.  Ok, if I'm the shooting guard right, everybody knows dj drama, and familiar with my face.   So I take the shots, I got the looks, I score the points and get on Sports Center. But really I'm not shit if my center, my forward, and my point guard are

not in my place. U feel me?

I don't do none of this shit alone and your not supposed to. If your gonna win u got to have a team. Somebody has to be able to asisst when an oportunity comes my way or make the dunk when I oop it. The "Cannon" ft busta and ti is crazy because of sense and cannon's work

behind/in front of the camera. Am I making sense?

Now to the season. U gotta look at every mixtapes like its a game. U gotta bang that shit

like its the almighty but, once its done its on to the next game/tape!! And the team needs to win everyone.  I treat every tape with the upmost importance but once its done not only do I stop listening but I'm watchin my game tapes for the next 4-5 tapes. And this is all before u can get to the playoffs.

I think I won a ring last year. But that was last year.  Everyody wants a dynasty.

Shout to DJ Clue, Duro and Skane for makin a good team work.  I respect


I'll see yall next time.

Prediction- King Album- 350,000 first week!!!!!!!!!!

Who wanna put some money up?