Prodigy Disses Jesus!!!: “We Don’t Give A F**k About That Religious Bull****”

Hells Angels

See, I’m not a religious person, but there’s a certain line I don’t cross. I won’t want to offend peoples’ beliefs, faith in their god etc. But The World’s Most Infamous frontman Prodigy, who is already a habitual line crosser, just took blasphemy to the next level. I’m torn on whether his verse is creative genius or just plain sacrilegious on the new Mobb Deep/50 Cent collaboration “Pearly Gates”. Now before you go and burn your bibles to this track, here’s some of Bandana P’s other classic crack baby moments:

“A little blood get on my daughter its nothing she’ll live” – Got It Twisted

“God Ain’t Save Me, 50 Did” -G-Unit Radio Freestyle

Only god can judge P, but Ill type it out, post a link and then you can judge yourself. Between this verse and Ma$e’s personal Holy War, I’m starting to think that somewhere along the line 50 made a joint venture with the devil. Listen to “Pearly Gates” here. And here’s the verse:

“Now homie if I go to hell and you make it to the pearly gates

Tell the boss man we got beef

And tell his only son Im’a see him when I see him

And when I see him, Im’a beat him like the movie

For leaving us out to dry in straight poverty

For not showing me no signs they watching over me

Look, we the new breed in 2006

We don’t give a fuck about that religious bullshit

Nigga show me where the cash at

And nice whips with the 3 car garage to fit them shits

Man my life is painful, pray to angels

Or praying to myself hoping I don’t have to spank you

My bullets will shank you

And when my gun start cutting, ain’t nobody gonna save you

In the bible times, they ain’t have to deal with the shit

We dealing with, this survival times”


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  • Little Hustlah

    fuck , that kid i heard this song and was like what the fuck , mobb deep is wack ever since they been with g unit , the whole g unit aint scary they try and be to hard always get a buzz off of stupid bullshit like this thinkin they scary ass niggas i agree with what you said bout this whole situation


    Like he is, he’ll always be. prodigy speaks threw his reality, I kno and his true fans too about his illness. When ou deal with something for so long you tend too change beliefs when one thing doesnt work and your prayers are being answered by another. You already know hat without thought.
    p.s. Im on Sickamores friend list on myspace,Holla!!!

  • Tom Jones

    Prodigy is on some other shit

    I wonder how many times Havoc has to tell him to shut the fuck up


    first of all i been lost respect
    to prodigy
    i dont give a f**k who sees this
    i used to respect dude off his music
    i was o.t. when i had da whookid leak
    cuz when u in da game u listen to da comp or da streets
    dat nigga prodigy sold his soul to 50
    50 sold his to da devil
    why da fuk u think 50 on top
    he traded his soul for fame
    prodigy was next in line
    so on da fuk prodigy
    off da music and off jesus topic
    str8 off nigga mind is lost
    mad cocky mad pussy
    i aint no hata either
    i used to bump his shyt
    till i started seein his bitch ways
    how he moved in da street
    how he claimed queens
    aint rep longisland
    how he talk crazy on songs
    den niggaz press him he aint on it
    and plus what he say now on tracks
    dass shyt is ass
    niggaz get a lil bit of cheese
    and lose dey spirit
    i cant listen to niggaz
    rap bout money and hoes
    dass some 90s shyt move on
    but always talkin crazy on tracks
    he aint bustin no hammers
    i kno hav got a lil cred
    but not prodigy
    real recognize real my dude


    nuff said my dude

  • Deuce

    This is very interesting becuz I attended Ma$e’s church today…

  • Pesos

    Yo SIk whats really good, that dude is crazy….what da hell is wrong with PRODIGY…SUM1 NEEDS 2 SHOOT HIM IN DA NECK ASAP….AND KILL EM…1

  • elian habanaro

    it really makes you think though doesn’t it. He’s stepping on some toes but making some good points as well. I’m still undecided on this




    I aint knowone to judge P but didnt Nas back in ’93 say “i went to hell for snuffin jesus”. Someone tell p relax your rich, you out the hood.What you so mad about. Repent

  • GeO aka MuzIk JunkIE

    yooo, i heard this nigga talkin bout it in a magazine, and he was like that he wanted to switch it up and shit, and rhyme out from an atheists’ point of view…but its jus words i guess, fuck them dudes. they went soft when they signed to g-unit, even though they got some paper, i know anybody else wouldve done it…a mill or more jus to get 50 some street cred?..ay, why not?..haha…onEee

  • Royalty

    Prodigy is dumbass talking out of his ass. Type of nigga that will do anything for money even suck dick . Money is his religion wouldn’t be suprised if he kills his own blood over shit that will past. Real niggas got Principals and morals. Obviously he taking backshots from fifty right now. He corny as shit he been rapping bout that same shit for over a decade now. So the bitch need some publicity for the abulm he gonna say some stupid shit.Im not suprised. “What you base your happiness around material women large paper that means you inferior not major”-nas

  • drobudden

    That’s wild. I’ve heard him say shit like that, but to say he’d beat jesus more than he got beat for the world’s sins? How could someone that’s driving nice cars and wearing high paid jewerly.. be so angry and hateful? Let’s just hope that this is a cry for attention and Stepdaddy 50 Cent is teaching his new kids how to get noticed.

  • Ron Sonatine COO, of Final Kauz Ent.

    Yo that nigga buggin, I’ma big Mobb fan but Prodigy ain’t been the same since H.N.I.C. ANyway Sic, check out my myspace sites and leave some feedback on the music. We might want to fuck with you on the mixtape tip this year.

  • M.O.E.

    Prodigy just gave me a reason to put his name in a song. He stupid, him and MASE belong on the same label. I never liked Mobb Deep now way. I’m glad Pac went on him! How ignorant can you be.

  • FLR

    Wow, yeah that’s some serious stuff he’s spittin. I’m a bit torn too-makes me think… I know as a catholic, I’m supposed to say that he’s going to rot in hell for that rhyme, BUT, I honestly can’t be mad at him. Dude has definitely endured a lot, especially with his medical condition-so can we really be mad at a man who has suffered so much in his life and has come to the point where he doesn’t believe in God and all that religion tells him he should believe in?? I’m not so sure that we should…
    But I am torn about the 50 remarks-I’m not so sure how I feel about Prodigy biggin up 50 like that-like 50′s his god or sumthin…shit, I love money, I really do, but I sure wouldn’t sell my soul for that shit.

  • Knowledge

    I guess you can’t really hate the man for having a certain preference when it comes to religion. By the same token though some things are just better left unsaid. Prodigy is a beast with the music but stepping across certain boundaries and teetering on lines of soft issues such as religion should be a no go. With that said let’s just keep it official and say that prodigy has a right to say whatever but we have a right to comment on it.

  • Curse

    UM….that guy DEFNLY crossed the line-im not even a religious dood like that, but that verse is crazy outta line-i think prodigy’s answer 2 get lazy w/the verses is just create shock value these days..yikes

  • HG

    it is what it is…just a diss to nas.

    chill out man, we got people cutting peoples heads off in the name of ‘religion’ i think that’s a bit more important

  • the boss

    yeah, line was crossed

    then again everything they do over @ g-unit is sorrounded by controversy and beef.

    I bet some people will really be outragged by his lyrics though!


    Man that’s harsh words to speak… MOBB will do anything to spark controversy to help album sales. Come on, these dudes should be thanking god that they survived HOV’s diss, got off Jive (could be stuck there like Clipse) and that dude hasn’t died of sickle cell (no disrespect intended). In my world that’s a lot to thankful for. –Fs

  • C. Arson

    1st and 4 most, im not religious, but im very spiritual. naw, i cant judge him, but there’s a higher power that will do that anyway. there are certain things u just dont say, and in saying that everyone has a price to pay, no matter what they believe or dont believe. dude is nice wit the bars, but it sounds like he got a personal vendetta on his hands. he wouldnt have a breath in his body if it wasnt for GOD, and thats basically it cuz i could be here all day. check my site at for my single “ima get mine” off my album “Not Ur Everyday Music”. BUGGIN

  • Kia

    I don’t even know where to start. I can’t believe that anyone could even say those words out loud without being scared they would drop dead at any second. 50 sold his soul and anyone that can worship him might as well have a first class ticket to straight to hell. He can have his opinion but that don’t mean I gotta respect it. Oh, and my husband just broke every 50 cent cd he has.

  • PKT

    1st of all, the funniest parts of this forum are the responses. How is anybody gonna diss Prod for his personal statements-no matter how foolish- but use profanity in the same sentence with the Son of Man? That’s sacrilegious in itself if u ask me! But back to the topic at hand, I know u r not really suprised? Prodigy has signed to G-Unit, he cant respect Jesus because his front man thinks he is God! lol Seriously, since when has anything Mobb Deep had to say count for anything anyway? Relax, relate, release people- it’s all part of the plan. God’s most powerful act is similar to the Devil’s- he allows people to believe He doesnt exist. As soon as all of these G-Unit punks make a few more people believe that they are gods- vengeance will be the Lord’s! And oh yeah, check out ur boy at I am “Houston’s Best Kept Secret,” ask Sick!

  • Kaps

    You really cant blame him for being a sacreligious person, im not a religious dude, but i can say that shit is way out of line… remember when the beatles said they were larger than god, same concept, prodigy straight buggin, that g-unit shit is getting to his head… that also explains that “999″ on his chest, great article sick


    remember. its all music. and alot of us have seen , heard of, or been through things that raises questions about what to believe or WHO. At the end of the day, it’s best to just LIVE.

    main event

    mack like goldie

  • Coya

    I’m not an overally religious person, but the line was definitely crossed. Mobb Deep, I personally feel are to old to be running around screaming out someone else’s label. They’ve been in the game far too long to run behind someone else. 50 only knows how to create controversy to gain attention, instead of good music so he’s teaching others how to do it as well. Mobb Deep needs to go back under the rock 50 found them under when he signed them, cuz they were done before but now.. its a wrap.

  • saint beneby

    man i thought g-unit was an whole bunch of cake ass niggaz but this done push the line how is you gona say dumb ass things like “A little blood get on my daughter its nothing she’ll live” or even “God Ain’t Save Me, 50 Did” you know what i only have one thing to say GGGGGGGGG-UNOT! only pussy’s put done God

  • Jeff Rosenthal

    50 Cent’s incredible. Just incredible. Even though the lyrics and flow are sub-par at best, he’s got everybody talking about Mobb Deep, of all hip hop acts. Mobb Deep! The boring group to hit the airwaves in recent memory. Sure, they’re gutter, they’re hard, they’re ‘real.’ They still have no charisma or sense of wordplay.

    “The Valentine’s Day Massacre” had boosted sales because of the Game (and Jada/Fat Joe) beefs. This is just another smart marketing move for him.

  • Iced Angel

    What next? A joint about biblical figures fornicating with each other? Is prodigy going to throw on a tutu and ballet dance in times square on new years eve? Is this like some middle child sindrome? Desperate cry for attention? Nigga fresh out of ideas? IS THER NO JUSTICE!!!!!????

    Just listening makes me feel tainted – like if you play the song backwards some satanic message plays over and over again and you’ll automatically gain admission into the VIP entrance of hell.

    All in favor of a protest – SAY “I”

  • Marty C

    Mobb Deep $old their $oul to 50 Cent to become a major $ucce$$. It’$ all about the money people.

  • Insight

    I was never really a mob deep fan, but the verse in itself just portrays a brother who lost hope. Like alittle kid that thinks santa claus isn’t real. It paints a picture, of pain , hurt and distrust. Some of his lines are sick, and anyone who have know anyone that has been hurt before, thought them thought. The whole lord why have you forsaken me. I think its shocking because we have never heard it so bluntlly before. Any homie, i don’t think you could handle it, if jesus came back with a dis track!!

  • Jewelz_caesar

    Prodigy has been an atheist for the longest i mean listen to his past album they def belong on that dark side of hip hop category dis line i dont think has nothing to do with his affiliation with the unit…

  • voice

    hes on some bullshit..thas what im thinkin..”God didnt save me, 50 did”..that line alone…in my opinion they got worse big time ever since they wit g unit…that have a party track is straight ass…but yeh..

    check…rate the music..


  • Same Prodigy

    Prodigy is a atheists, he been saying crazy shit like that since the 90′s.

    You From XXL, and you dont know that and you suppose to Know about HipHop.

  • Track Veterans

    I can’t understand why they would cross those lines and take it there. It must be some type of marketing tool or to show how hard they are. Man, these cats didn’t need that type of controversy under their belt. They have to understand that 50 would turn his back on them as fast as he claims to be down with them.

  • Que

    It not only Jesus he has dissed he also dissed the Quran along time ago too. He dont believe in GOD you should Know that.

  • MeikMeik

    Ok. First off, this is a publicity stunt, thats all, but it’s one done in very bad taste on Prodigy’s part. Second he’s talking about he had a hard life and all. Most people from the hood do. I know plenty of people who have sickle cell anemia and other disorders, who have to struggle with that and everyday turmoil. I bet the whole time Prodigy was struggling and enduring his pain and hardships he was call on God or someone. Now he’s ‘well-off’, signed with G-Unit, making records talking about dissin JESUS!?!?! Whoever said it first never lied, Money is the Root of ALL Evil. Nigga needs to repent before he loses more that just his money.

  • DZ-Thrilla

    the nigga tryna make sells. mobb deep fell off completely, bottom line. and soon i’m sure he’ll get his chance ta meet Jesus face-ta-face if he aint learned ta appreciate life. I’m from Philly where the ood is around in a 360 degree circle. I came up without a family and was homeless pretty much from age twelve. I’m grown now I know that without faith I prolly would be bacc in the hood lyin next ta another body in a trash heap. so i say fucc G-Unit all togetha, especially Ma$e.


    I am tired of rappers trying to shock and appall with inconsistent lyrical content that they hardly stand behind. Everyone is shooting, stabbing and killing. Pimping, stacking, and slinging… But lets be clear how many are really? How many have ever? You have rappers who never vote talking about the state of our government, and here comes the all time low religious diss? Could it be that our beloved M.O.B.B. (who lets not forget took a tongue lashing from Fifty long time ago) is a group so desperate for someone to listen to them ramble in rhyme they are willing to say anything to make a $1? Well folks, come judgment day we shall see who the shook ones really are.

  • FL. BOI

    No man with any real divine Knowledge would say something like that. I ain’t religious but I respect what Jesus did while he lived. Prod went 2 far w/ that 1. I don’t see him healing anybody, opening blind eyes/minds, or feeding the multitudes symbolically or literally!
    I understand his frustration but it seems that Prod has associated finacial freedom (50′s $$) w/ divinity or salvation, LOL, soundin’ like a got-damn fool. I don’t even wanna think about the spiritual toll that statement may have made on his life.


    Nas wrote: “ when it’s my time to go, I wait for God w/ the .44″ But that was from the mouth of a teenager, Prod is a full-grown man (wasn’t he a 5%er at 1 time) & should have more intelligence than that.

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  • g from the mill

    I think all of the 50/mobb click
    are weak individuals with no morals
    they diss religion and they think money makes it alright.definitation of a “wanksta”

    “ghosts when god be around they will play the wall like graffiti.”

  • The Cipher

    man when it comes to G-unit it’s always some stupid shit going on, thats the only way they can sell records, they need there faces on the tv bout some stupid things they doing, in this case its P being a fucking idiot, so what if you’ve gone through alot in your life, if he was a believer in god from before then he would be saying he’s been blessed you feel me… im no religious man i just believe in god(the creator if you will) but even i know when to shut my mouth bout certain things, him going as far to say he’s gunna fuck up jesus is alot too much, imagine someone said they wanted to stick his mom, or daughter, nigga would flip bout you shouldnt say them things right?… i understand he’s got a right, but even with your rights you gotta know when not to abuse them, talking bout 50 saved him, no 50 signed you and put you in a video and some mixtapes nothing more… if havoc was smart he’d go solo cause i feel Ps holding him back with his stupidity… and thats what it is

  • Shawn Lawrence James

    This type of stuff shouldnt grant attention. G-Unit/Interscope are whores for publicity. Mobb Deep’s current song isn’t on the Hot 100 chart and their album is susposed to come out on April 11. They are really pulling off a “Cam’Ron” right now which is only gonna hurt them. No one is interested in their project. 150,000 sales first week and a “XL” rating from XXL not to mention that 60% drop in their second week and you have a flop on our hands. Their second single is gonna ger play only on BET Now – MTV 2 if 50 is on it. I mean for them its worse than GOD striking his ass down right then and there. Don’t support wack shit like this…

  • daesonesb

    at least its better then got it twisted. All these other rappers talk about killing, crack, cars, and not paying child support, and yet that shit isnt sacreligious?

    I see prodigy telling it straight — religion hasnt ever given him anything. In these times people could give a shit about god. we worship money and keep eyes on number one

  • The Cipher

    ^^daesonesb^^… we all know if P was a truely religious man his ass wouldnt even of been rapping bout all the things he’s been rapping bout… he wasnt religious to begin with, niggas a grown man tlaking bout smacking up jesus… thats ridiculous religious or not… telling it straight niggas wack of his meds, soon he’s gunna be jumpin on couches with tom cruise talking bout scientology(no disrespect to scientoligist out there) religion never helped him, i wonder when was the last time his ass was in church, or the last time he said a pray… i love to hear celebs talking bout religion cause we all know there asses are usually( i said usually) the last ones going to church and praying to god, they usually trying to figure out new ways to sell themselves, specially the ones in the mainstream being controlled by a label… and did anyone else hear that shit bout Havoc being a toe sucking/ass licker??? some funny shit, a groupie speaks out bout him and clains his pipe isnt up to par if you get what im saying… po0r mobb deep niggaz got it hard these days, or limp

  • Arsenix

    I used to be a big fan of Mobb Deep, but they’ve fallen victim to the G-Unit formula. All of their new songs sound as if 50 wrote them. Listen to all of their hooks and tell me im lyin ! Prodigy went a little overboard with this joint rii here.

    P.S. hit me up on myspace, and listen to mah trax !

  • 1980lpbaby

    I can’t say that I am a huge fan of Mobb Deep to begin with but I have liked a few of their songs, but after reading this article I am no longer a fan and will probably never listen to another song of their’s or watch another video of theirs. On the song “Twisted” I peeped that verse about his daughter and I thought he was wildin’ then. Now since they’ve been with G-Unit all they seem to talk about is how rich they are which becomes monotamous after while.
    I am a very firm believer in God and his son Jesus Christ and it hurts me that he would say something like that. Everybody doesn’t believe what I believe and I don’t knock anyone who doesn’t believe in God but he has clearly taken it too far, this man said that he would beat Jesus like in the movie!!! Then he makes the most ignorant comment of all and says “In the bible times they didn’t have to deal with the s*!t we deal with”. Obviously Prodigy has never read the bible because if he did he would know that most of the things that go on in this world were happening back in the bible days a well. God knows all and sees all and he should be grateful and blessed that he made it out of the situation he was in.

  • Nzagy

    On a honest level I don’t understand why people get so mad when someone talks about religious.
    We all have our views and right to express them.
    Specially a artist.
    I totally felt those lines and love the fact that he can challenge religion on that level.
    Hes only asking – why he’s never been bless wit hope.
    All his asking is Hope.
    And reasons why so many of us where left here in poverty and disease.
    As Gods “kids” we all have the right to question our “Father”.

  • Qdog

    Everybody knows that this is some crazy mess so I’ll try not to repeat them. 50 and mobb deep should be thinking about the future and not the past. They’ve already made it and now the want to take hope away from young people who are still struggling. Without faith in God and ourselves we really have nothing, and nothing to look forward to. God said this day would come when man would think of themselves as Gods (Im paraphrasing of course) Money and cars dont get you respect. When you can get them to stop the calender and start counting all over again when you die,… then come talk to me.

  • daesonesb

    > “God knows all and sees all and he should be grateful and blessed that he made it out of the situation he was in.”

    I disagree man. That would imply that God lets about .005 percent of black men get out of the hood through rapping, but leaves the rest to fucking die and go to jail.

    I call bullshit. If you blame the few cases of success on God’s grace, then you have to blame the more common reality of failiure on God too. If that is the truth about god, then I’d punch his ass too.

    If you are so religoius, how can you listen to most rap music? Unless you are in to the native tongues movement, the lyrical content is about crack and killing.

    Go listen to jesus walks on loop or something.

  • The W

    Prodigy is a lame ass nigga, I mean who ever would have gave his bum ass a mill he would of been calling them God too, he is excited to have what most rappers are making off of ring tones. I mean he has the right to say what he feels no matter how ignorant so fu** him let him burn at the end. That shock rap is wack make a good record mobb weak, 50 dissed them now they getting tattoos with his crew name on it, do I smell a little ankle grabbing in the g-unit camp???? If game wasn’t one big joke I would support his phrase….GGGGG G-UNOT!!!! Shouts to the homeys out there who are trying to put out some shyt niggas could vibe too ~W~

  • Read

    i agree with sickamore and all but i think people start sounding retarded when they talk bout “o i think this dude sold his soul to the devil”

    ive lost respect for P since he cant get off 50′s dick. its a good situation and all that but come on dawg. i thnk he jus said that shit to get attention but ended up makin himself sound stupid

  • Mont Q. Will

    I heard this song some time ago and I have to say, Prodigy brings new life to the term “Lord, have mercy.”
    I literally cringed when I heard his lyrics and vowed never to support Mobb Deep in any way ever again. Prodigy’s lyrics, sacreligious in content and failing in delivery, make it very easy to walk away from their “murda muzik.” (P has not discovered that rap is more than speakin and rhyming).
    However, at the end of the day, P is only excersing his right to free speech… allow me to do the same: If Prodigy does not “believe in that religious bull****” and God DOESN’T exist, I hope, for his sake, he’s right.


  • The Real Pae

    Whats good?

    I have to say that this really appalled me, see I’m a Born Again Christian, and I’m called to be a Pastor, Im about to start a ministry geared to the Urban/Hip Hop Culture, I just finished school at Bible College. I converted to Christianity about 8+ yrs ago, and I grew up on the streets, did mad dirt, I was a drug addict and an alcoholic. I grew up in a dysfunctional home and all.

    When I read what Prodigy said on that track it really shows the condition of the world we currently live in. I dare say that the only reason Prodigy is alive today, is due to the Grace of God. I dont hate the dude, I see him as a victim of the times and of Satan. See all these artists that are selling Mills are gifted, but they are using their gifts in the wrong area, nah mean? Every attribute we possess is from God, he personally created each and everyone of us to be the way we are. Some of us are by-products of our parents mistakes and flaws, God didnt order it that way but he allowed it that way. Everything truly happens for a reason, thats such cliche saying, but I truly believe it.

    The Bible says that every knee will bow down, and every tongue will confess, that Jesus is Lord!
    Listen whether you like it or not, lets say that this whole Christianity thing is real and the day comes, will your life be one that in retrospect glorifies Jesus? Can you honestly say that God is pleased with all your actions, and doings? Thats something to chew on, a mouth full. Hey, Im talking to myself here too fam, Im not excluded from these Words of truth, I too will have to give an account for all my actions and doings.

    My point is this, OK, Prodigy said some really controversial things on a song, thats just a reflection of his thinking, motives, and you know what maybe he truly does feel this way, now we know, I guess he’s Being “Real” Im not trying to make light of his actions not at all, what Im saying is there will consequences for his opinion and beliefs. Now My question to you is, are you an underground God hater, and just for the sake of being politically correct, you seem like a person who will be let into heaven because you were a “Good Person”? Think about it, there are going to be alot of Good People in HELL, yeah I said it! It’s the truth, Because there is only one by which we will allowed into Heaven, and that is JESUS!

    Judge not for by the same measure you judged, you also shall be judged!

    My worthless two cents, whatever it means to you!!

    Come on haters, let me have it!

    I know you want to retaliate, hey its not my words I preach, but the mighty Word of the living God!

    Holla back, visit my Blog @

    And if you in the area of the Bronx come see me, lets break bread together!

    In Love

  • Bloodclaart

    I can’t believe this shit. So they’ve been talking about killin niggas, bitches, cops, anythin they set eyes on and slangin keys etc,. and now P denounces God and people are up in arms?!?

    What kind of warped shit is this?

  • The Real Pae

    Ammendment to my last posting.

    Now if all this Christianity stuff is real, guess what, “You Lose, now you got the Ill Street Blues” not to be funny but Hell is where you will spend eternity, and this life in comparison to eternity is nothing!

    The other thing is if Jesus is Lord and Savior, WHAT DO YOU REALLY HAVE TO LOSE, BY LIVING TO PLEASE HIM?? Think about that last comment, on the contrary a greater legacy, and eternity in heaven fam!!

    The consequences of not believing is greater than the consequences of believing.

    We live in a time that the reason things are just getting worst, is due to the lack of God in the Homes, Schools, and People!
    Peep it:
    1. The drug problem is a temporary cure for dealing with reality, thats why we used to call blunts a Lie! Why do people do drugs? Because they want to disengage from reality.
    2. The spread of Aids is a by-product of promiscuity, sexing all over the place. Come on sex has lost its value it is no longer a sacred practice for married couples, it is a passtime for everyone, this is sad! The intention of sex was meant for a married couple to enjoy and God created it! Man it’s rare to find two couples that are virgins enjoy this sacred sacred act with each other, on the night of their union before God! TV promotes sex before marriage, the times we live in! Sadly enough I wasnt a virgin when I got married, but I wished I were! Everything happens for a reason.
    3. How old is the average age for kids to start smoking? Statistics show that 12 yr olds, is the common age for kids to start? SAD, SAD, SAD!
    4. We live in a world where Pornography is such a great contributer of 85% of the sexual crimes commited. You dont realize it because it is accepted, and seen as the “Norm.” Everybody does and watches porn, right? Well let me tell you that 99% of all sexual perpetrators have a history that involves PORN! That means that Rapist, Sodemizers, Serial Killers included, child perps were or have been influenced greatly by PORN!

    Listen I have kids, and they very well can be victims or even guilty of everything Im saying, but Im trying my very best to cultivate God in everything we do, and let me tell you Im not trying to lie to them, Im being real with them, they are not shunned from the reality of this world, and they will know that I wasnt and still am not perfect.

    Think about it fam!

    May Jesus bless ya all!

    One, Les


  • Smoke

    Yo funny someone said “dropdead”. I found oujt 85% of people do just that. out of everything, I pray God haves mercy on Him cuz historically, dudes like that got murked by God. Read about Ananias in the Book of Acts. Lied to God (Holy Ghost) and died on the spot. Im praying for P to wake up to the Gospel.


    I’m not a religious person..jus so you know before I comment.
    P has had an illness…if he was ever religious then havin the illness has prolly made him question it.
    His lyrics have always had stuff in them that goes against the wishes of God…people are jus lookin for an excuse to get upset and was ok when he was rapping about commiting sins? (killing etc…) but tehre is some sort of invisible line he can’t go passed?

    I’m not a G Unit fan..and I’m not the issue kinda aint important to me either way but it seems like people are bein real hypocritical in their reaction to it.

    Check myspace out Sickamore..

    Peace. OJ

  • R.P

    P is jus still upset about growing up a hard life back in the day. All the heads who went thru them hardtimes (am talking no food for weeks, X-mas with no heating, gas or lighting and this is jus me) can relate to him. Your prayin but nothings happening, your peeps who aint prayin is making that loot and you start wondering whats da point. You gotta be patient & it comes coz now am making that paper money. Hes making paper he never drempt of so hes gotta recognise that in the end God came thru for him.
    Mobb Deep is BIG but allow them lyrics slangin God. Aint nobody wanna hear ish like that. We know your real an street but religion was here before you and will be here when your gone too.

  • Allen

    Damn P, thats fucked up. I dont agree with that shit. But niggas, 50 didnt sell his soul to the devil to be famous. Ever heard “gotta make it to heaven” or “god gave me style”. If anything getting shot and goin to jail put that nigga closer to God. He turned his life around and is doing something “more positive” than before. (Notice i said more positive!)

  • Shanny

    WOW!!!!!! I am not a religious person but i am a believer. I pray that someone comes into there life and gives them some light and guidence. They are lost. Stuff happens get over it. They are rich and still not happy. They NEEEEEEED GOD desperately. How do they expect GOD to save them and they don’t have a relationship with HIM. Ima pray on that its sad

  • Young T

    Man, I can’t believe all you fools; its fucked up that the Mobb have gone all G-UNit but nonetheless that verse was kinda sick. Its really nihilistic (look it up dumb fucks) shit but its the way it is now. Fuck all that religious bullshit, its all fake, phoney shit they use to control dumb fucks. Prodigy might be somewhat of a phony/dikhed but he has spat some of the sickest verses check Quiet Storm, Shook Ones, Allustrious, he’s pretty crazy on the mic, don’t let his persona convince ya otherwise.

    If there’s a hell below, we’re all gonna go.

  • Young T

    Fuck religion. How come there’s so much injustice? People been killing each other for thousands of years in the name of God, Christians, Muslims, Jews all. Its bullshit supporting any of that shit.

    I would say it’d be a better world without religion, but then pretty much every man would be completely out for themselves and not give a fuck. So either way, we’re fucked.

    Look at the planet right now, its bullshit, we’re killing each other, killing the environment and killing the Earth. Religion ain’t done nothing…where’s God? Where the fuck is he? Like P, I aint seen NO signs to convince me of that shit.

  • oggsd

    okay whatever man. since when has rap music ever been politicly correct or for that matter religiously correct? why is it okay for the so called “religious right” that has somehow been misgiven the power to judge anyone or anything in the name of “their god” been allowed to spew all of their hatred & bigotry toward whomever or whatever “minority” or “non-believer” of “their god” they deem morally corrupt. What is being done in this country to the GLBT Community in regards to same sex marriage & equal rights is not at all that different from what african americans were faced with and then interracial marriages etc. ALL IN THE NAME OF “THEIR GOD”! All I can say is if they can have their say whenever they chose then same should go for all of us whether we’re atheists, jewish, muslim, budhists etc., etc. At least when a rapper expresses his views he’s not starting yet another war where 1,000,s+++ of religious believers pepare to slaughter eachother all in the name of you guessed it “organized religion”. After all that’s what “their god” would want right? Unbelievable!

  • don’t worry nigga

    flr..theres people on this earth that suffer everyday,what makes him special?but than again,religions are more philispocial cause everybody sins but…i don’t know what to think of this.I use to not believe in God sometimes cause I thought he did me wrong but you know what.I’m a Christian and I believe in pay back.I cuss…and did my things that were agaisnt the ten commandments but how can you live your life?The bible makes you think if you haven’t done all this stuff you go to heaven,like you have to have a perfect life.But hey I have mixed feelings.

  • Supreme

    Prodigy & Havoc are a bunch of sellouts. I lost all respect for them for ALL the recent comments they made about NAS, Religion, Jay-Z.
    I’m rooting for sickle cell.

  • Jesus loves you

    my cousin told my about this articule and i just came to give you the truth i know alot of you are gonna hate me 4 this but its got to be said. the truth is hip hop is corrupt by the devil (im serious, this aint no joke) and the sad thing is u niggas cant see that because the devil has managed pulled the wool over your eyes nad make it seem so good when all they talk about is killing niggas,selling durgs, sexing girls and money. cant you see that, listen to any famous rappers album or pictures they all talk about either them being GOD or jesus ( jay-z calls himself j-hova, kanye dressed as jesus, mase dressed as jesus, snoop selling his soul to the devil, DMX the devils son,) or the devil and hell. cant you see that rappers have the power to do make you feel or do anything they say (they’re telling you how to act how to dress). i feel sorry for anyone who doesnt beleive in GOD or that jesus isnt their lord and saviour or is not offended by what progidy said cuz cuz GOD is real and there is such thing as heaven and hell. i used to loved hip-hop until i found out the truth about it and what is does to your mind. PLEASE log onto this and save your soul.

  • Jesus loves you

    Wait. i just had to add more, look at what of these artist had to say in their songs (Busta rhymes song “bad dreams” on the Genesis album where he talks about meeting the devil, snoops video “murder was the case where he sells his soul to the devil, DMX’s song get it on the floor he said “im going to hell because i choose to sin, did you know that Jay-z has an underground song called ” where if you play i backwards it says 666 murder muder Jesus (im not even lying its da truth whatch the truth behind hip hop), eminem “see you in hell for the sequel, “im the Devil if ever there was such a thing”, 50 cent ” am i gods son or satans angel,
    Tupac said in hail mary he is jesus “god said he should send his one begotten son to lead
    the wild in to the ways of the man.
    be my flesh, flesh and my flesh” to all of u muslims, jews and buddhas this is what KRS-ONE said “be god, stop worshipping god. be god. if your religion is islam, eliminate the distance, stop worshipping allah. and be allah. if your religion is judaism, stop studying the 5 books of moses. be the law. be moses. if you are Christian, stop worshipping Jesus Christ and calling his name out. be Jesus Christ. be buddha. be krishna” last but not least bone thugs said in the song Hell sent “straight from the burning flames of hell, a place where all a__assins dwell, put back on earth to destroy all worshippers of peace. body bags and caskets, may all good cease.” and ” I start stranglin’ babies. see, i’m doggin’ the triple six, it’s death by the sword. I told satan that i’m killin’ him through the ouija board. murda, murda, murda, murda, murda (backwards)” and then had
    the audacity to say amen afterward

    i mean what inspires you to say these things.all of these rappers say they are christians but do you really beleive dat have you ever seen them in church or praying, and most rappers are atheists,jewish or muslim anyway pretending to be christian if you need more info watch the truth behind hip hop and log onto the site that i posted previously and make sure to go on to this bit the truth hurts dont it.

  • Slayer-X

    wtf give them a break everyone is entiteld to thier own opinion personaly i dont think religion belongs in music and i think its a bit ridiculas because a lot of the wars are over some religion. and its not like Prod actually said Jesus anyway. Infamous Mobb belongs in

  • biggs123

    The sad thing is this reminds me of some harcore stuff Biggie did talking about he was jesus pops and some ill stuff about Mary.Guess what hes dead now but I hope B.I.G repented before he died and I hope prodigy does the same.

  • lord e ruck

    p is a stupid bitch he is sucking 50 dick so hard………….i would not buy a mobb deep alum 4 shit that new york nigga aint shit ……..give fagit 50 his dick back bitch…you need money so bad that he diss his creator…….g-unot bitches

  • lord e ruck

    oh yeah it any over bitches………mobb sleet…aftermath/shady/blackwallstreet…….no g-unot

  • Slayer-X

    wtf are u guys talking about Mobb Deep is nothing without G-unit i never lisnted to them before because they had like the world worst producers same with MOP they will both be way better in G-unit

  • Jamal STEELE

    That’s a touchy thing 4 me, bein’ a man with a straong belief in JESUS as my savior, so in order not to start any future beef w/G-UNIT, I’ll just state that in due time, V.I.P will have to answer to GOD for his comments and all I cando is pray 4 him.


    Jamal STEELE

  • Crooklyns finest

    all yall faggot muthafuckas need 2 stop hatin all yall acting like yall are fucking saints itz just a fuckin song he was rapping from the point of view from an atheist u idiots people make me sick sumtimes smh pull ur panties down relax ur all goin 2 hell anyway 1…and im coppin the album

  • Crooklyns finest

    yea like the guy up top said before b.i.g said sum things like this 2 were u all sayin fuk b.i.g.? i dont think so smh haters

  • mujerdelrio

    God gave man free will. So man is free to deny or accept God. I bet if his punk ass got shot, he’d be finding God with the quickness.

  • daesonesb

    >>> “wtf are u guys talking about Mobb Deep is nothing without G-unit i never lisnted to them before because they had like the world worst producers same with MOP they will both be way better in G-unit”

    Do your history before you say shit like that. You can’t tell me that their beats werent hot. The alchemist was doper back then.

    Mobb Deep is worse in g unit. aight?

  • http://n/a Zeus

    I don’t think that this is blasphemy in every sense of the word, it’s sheer reality. Even though I’m in Africa, I relate, like they say where I’m from (Johannesburg, Hillbrow);”Belief is a rich man’s luxury”.Hustler’s only got themselves to look up to, out here it’s survival of the fittest.

  • MeccaMedina

    I’m not mad at this verse. P aint the first nigga to talk negatively about Jesus in a record. And lots of niggas in the street feel similarly…not necessarily on that “fuck God” tip, but really on that, “whats God done for me?” level. Personally, I just think he’s dick riding on 50 too much. Ever since MOBB signed to G-Unit all they do is dickride. How ever you feel about God, Jesus or religion, for any man to call another man his God because now he got dough is foolish. So who else is Prodigy’s god? Interscope Records? Universal? the banks that make out loans to Universal? the niggas that buy records and tickets to the show and t shirts and all that bullshit??

  • n/a

    Wanna explanation for Prodigy’s verse on ‘Pearly Gates’ just cheek out these verses by P.

    Verse 1
    ‘Nineteen seventy four, motherfucker I was born with pain
    My moms and my pops pass it down to me
    So don’t talk to me about can I feel yours
    Cause I ain’t feelin you at all, your pain isn’t pure
    You cryin cause you broke from the projects
    That’s not pain, that’s emotions, you a bitch
    Im talkin bout permanent, physical sufferin
    You know nothin about that
    You just complain cause you stressed
    Nigga, my pain’s in the flesh
    And through the years that pain became my friend; sedated
    with morphine as a little kid
    I built a tolerance for drugs, addicted to the medicine
    Now hospital emergency treat me like a fiend
    I rather die sometimes I wish a nigga O.D.
    Beggin God for help, only to find
    that I’m all by my God damn self
    so you can never feel my pain nigga’

    Verse 2
    ‘And the females ask – P, why you always look mad?
    Don’t mind me if I may come off like that
    But see, a nigga depressed, I need smoke
    I need me a drink, I’m tryin to stop those
    Experience life, through the shoes of me
    What you find, is you can’t do that, you ain’t built for it
    The impact I put on this earth
    It’s like nuttin that you ever seen or heard; so look listen
    When I speak, sit up in your seat
    Pay attention to the words, cause the story is deep
    In and out of crisis, since before I could walk
    It gave me strength though, nowadays I hardly talk
    It made me cold-hearted, anti, I won’t play sports
    I barely joke or play games, take it how you want
    My handicap took its toll on my sanity
    My moms got me at the shrink at like 13
    And doctors called the cops on me
    Cause I be throwin IV poles and they ignore me
    I gotta, try to calm down and breathe
    I can only hold it but for so long; put me to sleep
    Do I sound insane… if I do, then this here was written for you
    Cause you could never feel the pain nigga’

    ‘You Can Never Feel My Pain’ from H.N.I.C

    Refering to Prodigy’s battle with sickle cell

  • Infamous

    Prodigy’s flow has been fucked up by his change in voice. P’s voice changed dramatically from H.N.I.C(2000) to Infamy(2001)did anyone else notice this change. Smebody get back to me on this because I’m scratching my head.

  • Badat

    Fuck this dude called Prodigy!! how the hell can sumbody say this on earth.The dude needs help. seriously.

  • Bootleg Bill

    I got you Prodigy. Just let me copy that new album and your soul. Bootlegger in da house. I can copy it all.

    Copy singles.
    Copy MP3s.
    Copy diease.
    Copy cats.
    Copy 12 inch records
    Copy your momma on her knees.
    Copy getting mo money.
    Copy someone elses wealth.
    Copy Bootleg Bill, yes I can copy myself.

  • the God

    fuck religion. its all fake. GOD IS SELF..period

  • just_bLAze

    FUCK MOBB DEEP! These pieces of shit cant sell on their own so now they go n start beef with GOD! Come on, thats desperate type of shit to stir up controversy. I dont know how these bitch as niggaa are still around after pac took m out on hit em up.
    “Aint u got sickle cell or something….”

  • Shady Adz

    I don’t think these lyrics were said with the intentions to disrespect anyone, he probably just spat this shit raw, and to me it’s ‘creative genius’…someone said that ‘he’s started beef with GOD’…wtf? that’s just stupid, I’m sure if it was that offensive Ma$e would had stopped it being released or asked for him to change his lyrix…!

  • Anti-chav

    Who gives a fuck about some anti-religious, blasmaphical lyrics?
    Rap music fucking sucks.

  • Jesus loves you

    That the thing wid alot of you people you ignore GOD your entire life, encorage these type of lyrics. sin purposely and then when something bad happens in your life thats when you turn to GOD “oh god please help please,” i mean why should GOD help you if you dont like him, beleive in him or give him worship ( not just in church or when your in trouble). and in Prodigy’s case GOD heard his cries and got him out of the Hood now he doesnt have to sell drugs, he’s now got cars, women, money and he’s still ungrateful. in the bible it says God punishes the ones he loves. GOD does this because when u eventually get pass the pain you went through u can look back and say “wow i used to sell drugs but god saved me. i used to steal but God saved me”. please read your bibles and become gain more knowledge on what GOD wants to do for you, and how you can get thes things. my life used to be quite similar to prodigy’s about 7 years ago but u should see me now my life great and i owe it all to GOD Amen. please listen to this message cuz im only trying to hepl you. GOD bless and remember Jesus loves you to

  • jj

    In an balerstatus. net website there was a listening party in New York back in february and it said that prodigy is speaking from the point of view of an atheist which means it is not really prodigy sayin the bad things about jesus

  • S.Mac

    Dude took it too far…Im through with G-Unit for real now


  • B

    WHOA! That’s deep. After all HE has done for him. Yo, i’m good, that’s between him and his Maker.

  • Bankhead

    This nigga ain’t shit anyway. this nigga been wack. Since pac got on them niggas a while back. He said 50 saved him…..50 ain’t save shit cause he still a broke ass wack rapper. I should’nt even comment on this muthafucker………Jesus all day, every day… Any nigga who can’t respect God……can’t respect nothing so i dont respect their ass.

  • E-man South c

    Damn men, what did i just hear?……..,oh damn P,cheddar is truely evil,Pride can blinden a nigga’s eyez- may God forgive him…..AMEN.

  • nsaniT

    *sigh* does it really matter what he said? look at it this way, we’re in America and he has that right. It’s not like hes to be tried in a court over it. Every man (and woman) is entitled to their own opinion. It’s not like hes going to be stoned to death in a middle eastern country. I realize that some of you disagree with his comments, but thats what hes striving for.. Controversy, its actually a brilliant strategy. If its controversial and hyped up more will listen to see whats up with it. I look at it as a marketing strategy. Either way, if its his beliefs or not, he has a right to say it. And you have a right to love him for his comments, or hate him for his comments.

  • Have-A-Party

    have a party and chill nuccas, Im a church go-er myself but I can appreciate good music and Pearly is definetly one of my all-time faves now THAT BEAT AND HOOK IS DOPE!! , who cares but what he said and how he said…its been said and its done wit, leave the dude alone, he said wut he said probably for publicity so cooks like u fools can do the advertising for him and it seems to have worked. He wrote it from an atheist’s P.O.V and he did a hella job at it. G G G G G G-UNIT! G GG G GG G GG G GGG EM OH BE BE!!!

    ps: y’all was all over 50’s jock and dancin around it “in da club” so quit ya hatin’ and start celebratin’..its a celebration b*tches!

  • NsaniT

    I agree with party.. i mean damn its music.. nod ya head to it.. enjoy it. but lol @ “i wonder how many times havoc has to tell him to shut the fuck up”

    Shut off ya radios! Don’t feed into the mainstream “Hyphy”, “Crunk Music” “Snap Music” or whatever else the fuck the industry trying to pass off as “Hip-Hop”! Join the underground movement! and if you DO insist on keeping your radios on.. boycott half the shit. Reggaeton and all the other shit i mentioned. Follow REAL hip-hop. Shit ya nod ya heads to and not shake ya ass too. Ya feel it?

  • The truth

    >>>>That the thing wid alot of you people you ignore GOD your entire life, encorage these type of lyrics. sin purposely and then when something bad happens in your life thats when you turn to GOD “oh god please help please,” i mean why should GOD help you if you dont like him, beleive in him or give him worship ( not just in church or when your in trouble). and in Prodigy’s case GOD heard his cries and got him out of the Hood now he doesnt have to sell drugs, he’s now got cars, women, money and he’s still ungrateful. in the bible it says God punishes the ones he loves. GOD does this because when u eventually get pass the pain you went through u can look back and say “wow i used to sell drugs but god saved me. i used to steal but God saved me”. please read your bibles and become gain more knowledge on what GOD wants to do for you, and how you can get thes things. my life used to be quite similar to prodigy’s about 7 years ago but u should see me now my life great and i owe it all to GOD Amen. please listen to this message cuz im only trying to hepl you. GOD bless and remember Jesus loves you to

    I agree with everything you sed dude. i also feel sorry for anyone out their who hasnt found Jesus. i just hope they do b4 they die. Amen

  • Mr D from D.C.

    I usually don’t get involved with these things. I just sit back and read then get down to what I’m supposed to be doing in my own life but, if you noticed he talked only about christian beings. He said absolutely nothing about Muhammad and Islam because, he knew that Christians would’nt do a thing but, whine and cry and the Muslims would tear him a new ass whole. So, I will not get wound up off of this because, of all the shit everyone is talking when they sit and listen to all of these Satanic verses being spit by every other rapper on CD’s in thier personal collection.

  • Young’n

    the fuck is wrong wit u homie, prodigy done lost his got damn mind, u beef wit rappers not God if u dont make it 2 heaven thats ur fault not God’s.

  • Shallah

    Raahubaat, anybody play the song Lucifer by Jay Z backwards???


    WOW!!! I liked lot of Mobb Deep records in the past and I like some G-Unit stuff. But, I can’t do nothing but pray for cats like Prodigy and Mase. The devil is a liar dawg fa real. He got all hip hop on some diabolical s**t. Unfortunately, this is defining who we are as a culture. It’s bigger than music, it’s a battle for our souls. Remember in “California Love” video. In the beginning it said, “HE WHO CONTROLS THE DANCE FLOOR, CONTROLS THE PEOPLE”. I feel you Pae. We’re responsible for everything we put out here. When B.I.G said he was ready to die on 4million copies, he had to be ready to die. When Pac kept asking, “How Long Will They Mourn Me?” He got to find out. BIG PUN said, “For the Right Price Christ Can Get It!” And he got it, the life sucked right out of his heart. Human Beat Box from the Fat Boys was a glutten and all he talked about was eating, died of a heart attack. Easy talked about bitches, hoes and fucking all the time, died of aids. It is what it is people. It’s all relevant. From the responses of this srticle, it’s good to see that hip hop is maturing and taking a stance on what it beleives in.

  • slavezero

    I learn one of two things from life everyday, either what TO do, or what NOT to do. You live long enough with your eyes open, you see a bigger picture, your mind figures things out. You close your eyes, you don’t see anything but darkness, your mind is starved. Prodigy needs to open his eyes, feed his mind, and see the bigger picture. Feel me?

  • Black Beauty

    Prodigy signed his death warrant. shit like this makes me wonder how many times 50 made him (prodigy) assume the missionary position…….b/c Mobb Deep are just dick riders now……….50 bitches.

  • thekid8400

    Prodigy stated the truth, Fuck White Jesus, to me I believe there is no god or jesus except for the one that the white man created to make people scared to live their lives. Black people took God and Religion to help them through bad shit, slavery, Etc. But Jesus is just as real as Allah, Buddah, and all them other fairytales that help people live through this bullshit called Life. God doesn’t pay my bills, Jesus doesn’t sell me my weed. SO fuck them false figures

  • Onlinr thug



  • Magic Don Juan

    DAM…..I might as well just say R.I.P. to Prodigy…..what some of U catz said was real…dudes like The Real Pae, Allen & JBoogie….Y’all Spit some Real Talk….but some y’all…I’ll just skip….Dam I will admit I’m not a Big Religous cat & I don’t go to Church dat often….but I will go from time to time…& I do Believe in God….But yea I think P really crossed tha line….I mean yea U might say “it’s just Music” but people are gonna hear dis & Music is a HUGE way 4 an “Artist” to express him or herself….I do remeber hearing what P said on tha G-Unit Radio joint But i never thought he would say it again….I think he’s just having Psychological problems cuz I have heard Rappers say som Foul shit b4 but what he said was just fucked up….How does he Blame god for what Most Minorities live through…Yo I hate how Muhfuckaz blame god 4 everything bad dat happens to dem…but when something good pops off…they just think they got lucky….But I will admit dis is a Hot Joint…..but If 50, Hav & P are smart then they should change P’s verse….OO & i don’t think P did dis verse just to get attention….Some of U niggaz just hate G-Unit too much…But like some of y’all said I’m Praying 4 Prodigy too…& Mase is a Hypocrite…

  • bro in africa

    FUCK MOBB DEEP(bitches)! p dont know wat he got into now, piece of shit…that shit head lost ma respect and i encourage peeeps to stop buying thier shit, if they in a fifty track don buy the album…. or else you be supporting god-hatters..which side will you be on??????? God or 50-mobb depp… will reep the benefits of the side you on…..

  • bro in africa

    MMMMMMAAAAAAAASSSSSEEEE…. watch your back, man you are in the wrong place go back prodical son….badboy awaits you, they will throw a party(dont worry)…man i am christian and i think mase is ok, now if he christian like he say in his sings and all, wat he doing at G-unit, with Prodigy..? mase move before the wold hates you!!!!!!!! GOd blessss you man

  • hipflickz

    can u guys see, that this is just another stunt pulled by g-unit in order to sell?? fuck ‘em!

  • B-dubb


  • Masta

    aiyo while we on the subject of shootin muthafukas, sumeone should load up sum more bullets for the the whole G-Unit camp, fukin candy shop, fuk is rong with this nigga and as far as ma$e goes he fukd himself when he left his long time friend Fat Joe to join with this illeterate, simple candy licking pussy 50 cent, murder mase then reverend bethis and back to murder mase, yeh mayn people real scared of u now, keep wearing those yellow nike airs and ull have people running away from you in no time. on the last note and to sum this shit up, Terror Squad 4 life, GGGG-Unot

  • Masta

    oh yeh also,

    R.I.P- Big Pun, Proof, Eazy-E, Pac and Biggie, Big L and all the other fallen homies

  • LiL X aka kane

    mobb deep sold their souls to 50 cent mayne. im not very religious either, but i believe in God and Jesus, and for him to say “God aint save me, 50 did”…shittt he basically worshipping 50 az their god.

    his time will come when he has to answer to the Lord.



    yo, these cats done lost they minds. yes we all have our struggles, some more than others, but why and go and say something like this about Jesus? are they that desperate for cash? on top of this didn’t fifty get at them on his record? 50:hey prodigy, you wanna make some money? prodigy takes his hands off his ankles. “Sure what do i have to do? just put your hands back on your ankles? starts porn music: wanka wanka wanka wanka

  • The TRUTH

    yo to be honest god doesnt exist, he is right tired of this religious bullshit, evolution is real and when you die your dead their is no afterlife. religion has started soooo much violence it is bullshit over fictional shit that doesn’t make sense. evolution makes sense, dinosaurs make sense, the big bang makes sense, god dosent make sense, churches dont make sense, religious people dont make sense, and finally religion doesnt make sense at all it is in a mans heart cause it gives them hope but there is no hope you die you die.

  • Poison

    Prodigy brings up a good point on dat verse but then again jesus is jesus so i dont know bout this 1

  • michael wallace

    See, this is the shit i am talking about, he doesnt beleive Jesus has ever helped him, but what about the blessing he recieved when 50 signed them?…That was a blessing within itself. He needs help, Its because of that statement as to why i am conflicted on buying there album…i men i am a Mobb Deep fan, been one for a long time, but i am a bigger fan of GOD & Jesus, and i would rather get shot in the face then turn my back on Jesus. Everyone needs to pray for prodigy….hes going to need it.

  • G.O.D.

    has it occured to ya’l that Prodigy is a 5 percenter (DUH)

  • YEA

    HAHHAAA Guess What GOD DOES NOT EXIST. And if jesus did at one time he dosen’t exist now (even if did exist MOBB DEEP is way better anyway) So who cares really, If he said he wanted to poop on jesus’s face and the bang the virgin mary who really cares, ITs like saying ill beat up Zeus or the tooth fairy. Grow the fuck up. Wake up to your current reality and stop talking about some fantasy your parents brainwashed into you at a young age.

    What would Mobb Deep Do?



  • Masta

    although all religions are diffirent mayne the only fags that dont beleive god are the lost and emo people, once again people are entitles to their own opinion, but u dont publicise your faith and watchu beleive in, im not christian but even im smart enough to know not to go out there dissing jesus. and im pretty sure that fukin ballerina isnt better than god or jesus in any way, considering it took him over 10 years to get a decent record deal and his rhymes are WEAK ass.

  • Supreme Truth ALLAH


    Prodigy is right and exact
    im down with P


  • Masta

    did yall know he was called Ballerina P before he became “hardcore gangsta”

  • G-Unit_is_The_SH!T

    Your some STupid N!ggas, your don’t understand what P is saying in that song. HE is saying he will beat Jesus for making him go thru all the bad days. He’s also saying, why Jesus didn’t help him, when he needed help. You Dumb bump a$$ N!ggas, need to know what you are talking about b4 you speak. Having knowledge and understanding, is so good. I love Jesus, so when I heard P spiting on that track, I had to listen to it few times for understanding. Rappers write poetries. And some poetry is hard to understand, and some is easy to understand. Every body saves somebody every day in life, so when he state 50 cent save him, that’s what he was saying. B4 you get on a website to talk sh!t, just know what you talking about. All you n!ggas some haters. 50 cent knows God took him where he is today, why you think he always got a song about God on his cds? Just to let you N!ggas know, G-unit is the Movement, Get with it or Without IT! They the only click that moving units. These dudes making money all kinds of ways. all those dude in g-unit is a legends.

  • The REAL truth

    this is to that dude who posted earlier “the truth” who copied my name so now i have to change it. i can tell you this God does exist. i used to be just like u as a matter of a fact i used to be exactly like you “what about evolution and the big bang” but if u think about it and research it u will find that alot of it is just rubbish and a lot of it is fake. i mean a lot of scientists have been wrong in the past because they think they know everything but how can people know what happened in the past without actually being their. I mean the big bang ” the world was created accidentally” that don’t make any sense I mean languages human intelligence where did that come from . And any ways why do u think so many people are finding Christianity in the world and that the Christian community is growing and that so many people are finding Jesus (which is something that u need to do. I am telling when u find Jesus and u are born again there is some unexplainable force that comes upon u. i didn’t know what it was until someone told me that it was the holy spirit. my suggestion is that u ask God for forgiveness and go to church and pick up a bible especially that dude “yea” who posted earlier cuz when you die and it comes to judgement day or when Jesus comes back which ever one happens first you gonna be on ya knees begging and crying asking for forgiveness. To all of you atheists at least go to church, talk to a pastor or read a bible and if ur not satisfied then ok, but I dunno how you can not believe in GOD when you know nothing bout Christianity




  • Red Angel

    That Muthua Fucka go to hell for that bullshit and Nas go something for them.



  • v6

    i can’t believe you fucking hypocrites. you listen to mobb deep and then say your offended they dis god.

    if your such a devout christian why do you listen to rap music. you assholes always pick and choose when you believe in god. come on here cursing and shit then turn around and say “but i believe in jesus and you don’t so your bad and i’m good” your all bullshit … just like religion.

  • yo momma’s man

    that verse was off the chain/dont like shut off the radio / im kinda of mad at the boss my self

  • Synopsis101

    So sad, so sad. You give someone alittle money and you see what can happen. It all could be gone in a sec. These people have truly lost their minds! Revenge is not for us, its for GOD!I hope he opens his eyes and see that 50 could turn on him like spoiled

  • favian

    who care, stop crying. not everyone beleives in archaic stories

  • favian

    hahah ‘joing venture with the devil’

    what devil?
    perhaps it was the easter bunny? or freddy krueger?

  • The REAL truth

    this message is to V6 you represent the typical atheist blaming religious people and christianity. and the thing you said bout being a hypocrite for listining to “Mobb deep” (which i dont do)that aint even what a hypocrite is. I wont lie i used to listen to rap before i knew the truth ( but that doesnt make me a hypocrite. i mean you atheists know nothing about christianity apart from the rubbish from other people and then you blame christians for making you feel bad because they choose to follow in the right path. i mean nobody is truly good but dont blame christians for trying to follow the right path and the only reason why u got offended by what the guys are saying here is cuz it sounds like ur going in the opposite path cuz ur blaming christians for being offended bout something that was sed that was totaly over the line. and now that everyone has seen this they can see the truth that mobb deep and rap in general isnt good (and is evil) at all and everyone knows that but refuse to listen until something like this happens. cuz the truth is alot of the rappers out there are atheists, satanists or belong to other religons or cults etc and pretend to love god to sell records

    for all of you atheisits and agnostics i hope u find GOD one day and be as happy as i am. cuz the world is hard and it is set out to destroy you and the only person that can save u is GOD and i hope come 2 realise that. (i mean why do u think there are so many christians in the world, cuz the are hearing the truth and finding a friend in GOD.

    Please visit these site people and know the truth

  • jon longway

    its not nearly as bad as what ikon from jedi mind tricks says on his albums. and i bet if The Game said that exact shit no one would say shit! fuckin dick riding followers!!!

  • His Angel

    I would like to first quote the late 2pac ” mob deep wonder why a nigga blowed them out, next time grown folks is talking nigga close yo mouth”

    Being brought up in Hip Hop and an ex-rapper myself I was instantly told of the verse Prodigy said. I am now a minister, and for the record I no longer listen to rap, r&b, or any other worldly music. I used to work in the industry, and find that there are deals made for peoples souls. Friends of mine have died, after swearing their souls for deals, and others write for Ascap/ Bmi and are successful this day. P made the verse with the help of the Devil. He needs to be delivered just as I was. His message never was an uplifting one, so I am not suprised that since “shook ones pt 2 ” he hasn’t changed. But those of you who waste your time with his music must remember your soul must go somewhere. Heaven or hell and you can’t miss both. I also blame the hypocrite preachers and church members who preach and teach lies, then react to stuff like this. The false prophets who lie to people about God are in the same position this man is in. Both will have to answer to God one day. Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar, Ma$e, T.D. Jakes. and many more teach the type of lies that make these rappers write verses like these. If those who truly want to be Christian would put away this world and it’s music, and actually READ your Bible, you could actually help people like P. He needs Jesus, and my prayer is that he is humbled, broken down to where it forces him to acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Savior, and who knows, maybe he will preach against his music life as I do mine. May God help you all,
    A preacher.

  • The REAL truth

    what i dont understand is how an atheist can say God doesnt exist when they dont know anything about chritianity or the bible and have never felt the holy spirit B4 and just go by what they see and never take a chance to go to churuch or even read a bible (PROPERLY) i mean why do u think its there, to just stare at? my advice to atheists please read the bible or go to church or something, it doesnt make sense to say God doesnt exist when u have never read the bible and just listen to what other people tell u.

    this site can help u

    if church, a pastor, a bible or this site cant help u then fine, but please give it a try.
    i am only writing this mesage with love and i just hope i see u guys in heaven. bless

  • Trust me your wrong

    Go to the heaven or hell page. Dis will show u wat is real , 50cent and all g-unit , u think coz u got girls,u got money the one thing u dont have is GOD and u need to find him trust me WE COME FROM LONDON YH but u need to come here and listen to what we have to say ,WE AINT SCARED COZ WE’VE GOT WHAT U DONT HAVE,AND THATS GOD. OH YEA, AND FIDDY (as u say) WHY DID U SURVIVE GETTING SHOT NINE TIMES (WHAT A COINCIDENCE )

    It is not because you have your tall hefty bodyguards and your a celebrity. It is because GOD is your father and watches over you. So keep on with yourself and we will see what happens on judgement day. K

  • Face Phoenix

    Prodigy’s Verse is ultra-controversial. It conveys his since of betrayal if your enemy prospers while you suffer but, he could have said this in so many other ways. 50, Jimmy (Iovine), and Company must of ran out of ways to sell records when this verse DIDN’T hit the cutting room floor. First Boy Bands, then faux rivalries with other rappers, then the President(Easy Shot), Now GOD – Interscope Records needs to be concentrating on the music not on these schemes and gimmicks. This is Hip Hop not the WWE!
    One Nation, One Love.

  • gods son

    listen up prodigy i never like you but always respected now I dont like you nor respect you sit on this bitch
    Yo prodigy you so called talkin about god nigga what you need to is pray until the seven day when jesus risen out of his grave and you see how personal dis shit is and you would see that you ain’t fucking with a real kidd you playing with god’s son and that ain’t right you see when you fuck wit god you fuck with a knife a knife that will kill any nigga who dis about god now put that on yo job (Prodigy diss)

  • who girlz 4 life

    Yo you tryin to dis on prodigy man you a funkin bitch lord i know what prodgy siad ain’t right but forgive him fuck you gods son funkin bitch

  • JSUN


  • Marcus G

    I see nothing wrong with what he said,, i actually like his verse. He is stating his own opinion, since when did we all have to agree on things.


    Fuck this nigga cuzz! Mobb Deep ain’t shit. I neva like dem niggas in tha 1st place. Now dey sign wit 50 and those niggas just str8 garbage cuzz.
    If this nigga thinks 50 saved his bitch ass than dat sickle cell really be messing wit dis nigga. The reason I’m here alive in tha first place is because of Christ. I’m 26 already shot up 5 times, stabbed 3 times, beaten foe dead, and be in jail for 4 years but I still rep Jesus till I die cuzz. Dis dumb ass nigga betta wake up cuzz Jesus ain’t a nigga dat no nigga eva wanna fuck wit.

  • dorian lord

    so the nigga p says god didnt save him,dicksucker who u think saved 50 gay ass.

  • H-man

    He gets shot 8 times and he still wants to hate on Jesus?? Who ya think saved him? Killin people izz too EZ for Jesus. I got a feelin he wants 50 to suffer like no other. Snitchin izz a Judas thing to me. Judas is a snitch too. Got rope?

  • H-Man

    Ever herd of an Athiest in a foxhole?

  • livinlegend85


  • livinlegend85


  • Galil ( Never forget 2pac)

    2pac:Oh yah Mobb Deep (uhh)
    You wanna fuck with us
    You Little young ass mutha-f**kas
    Don’t one of you niggas got sickle-cell or something
    You fucking with me, nigga ?
    You fuck around and catch a seizure or a heart-attack
    You better back the fuck up
    Before you get smacked the fuck up
    That tells all what I think bout Mobb Deep.Pac said ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME!

  • Galil ( Never forget 2pac)

    Man I don´t care what does Niggaz from
    g-unit says cause thats their opinion.
    I know those Mobb Deep muthafuckers
    are sucking 50´s dick all long.I don´t
    hate Prodigy I just don´t like him!
    Mase that motherfucker is stupid like
    hell go fuck Piggie Daddy & 50 Snitch.
    Prodigyis dissing Jesus mann.. Uhh thats gangsta.stupid faggots!G-uNOT!! ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME thats gangsta!

  • Blaq Thought

    Regardless of what Sickle Cell P(rodigy) says, I bet you if he is on his dying bed – he won’t be calling for 50 Cent. I bet you if he’s about to be shot he won’t be praying to G-Unit. I bet you if their album manage to win a Grammy (ha-ha) he’d probably thank God. I lost respect for Mobb Deep when Jay carried Prodigy at SummerJam with them pictures. You don’t let someone shit on you like that without properly retaliating or it makes you look weak. Jesus ain’t Jay Z, when he strikes back you’ll feel it in your soul, fo’real!!!!!!!!!!

  • cheeks

    damn whats the big deal…everyone wants to be like biggie. Fuck it when i die i want to go to hell…The virgin mary never knew here probably screw here leave her body in the sewer…thats only a couple of his line disses, hes said worse

  • Gutta

    thats just pure ignorance…ok,so he got sickle cell,theres people out there with worse diseases and ailments than him…..he still richer than anyone i know personally and hes in a position as far as celeb status that alot of artist and people for that matter wish they were in so he needs to quit bitchin..for real

  • Alex Brown(G.B. Bahamas)

    I love Jehovah and I dont agree with that feeling that he have towards the Father and the Son. My recent bible studies with Jehovah’s Witnesses have teach me to love God. I use to be like Prodigy. I hope he finds his propose in life and I feel sorry for him if he does not. yall dont hate the bother help the brother

  • http://ttodb05 T-MAN

    Man what the fuck is this shit, man im not rilgous but this shit went a bit to far, why is he so mad he is out of the hood and filthy rich and all he does is complain man P you need to go think about what you say before you do it.

    (But I cant say shit since I sin every day but I stick with my opinion


    You guys still hooked on that religious crap? Religion is so last millenia. Catch up people.

  • wit

    nigga u a rich entertainer fuck he mean god aint show him no sign and watch over him, wat about us u fakeass nigga

  • wit

    dis just the begining of the end for them clowns.

  • If

    Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to SPEAK and remove all doubt.

    Prod let the cat out of the bag.

  • bob

    Wisemen talk because they have something to say; fools because they have to somehting.

  • john 3:16

    I dont usualy do this but MR V.I.P keep the party going.
    I neva seen anyone turn words into cash like J did water to wine, and oh… J thinks the whole shit iz jus funny so he gonna mek sure u dont get searched at the gates.. and dey not pearly no more they PLATINUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt

    haha yall some ignant fucks, yall like im glad Pac called him out listen to P smash Pac’s ass on Drop a Gem on Em. An if you really so religious youd respect the dudes opinion the dude got sickel cell anemia hes gonna die before hes 50, hes been stabbed, shot, beaten, the dude is entitled to his own opinion hop off his nuts fa real.

  • nonofya

    Just a bunch of Fuck Boyz


    Yeah about Nas.
    He has a lyric saying

    “wont even run about Gods,
    I dont believe in non of that shit
    The facts are backwards”

    In his song REPRESENT on his LP illmatic

  • Divineyouth

    Its disgusting that anyone would blaspheme the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. He above all is worthy of praise and honor. Perhaps those who disgrace the Lord have never experienced the saving grace of our loving Savior. Through Him and Him only, do we have victory. Those who oppose the Lord and continue are an already defeated enemy. The bible says those who say that Jesus is not Lord has the spirit of the anti-christ in them. We have many anti-christ amoungst us along with false prophets in the world including the hip-hop community. Be ye seperate from the world and be led by the Spirit. The works of the flesh are adultery,fornication,uncleaness, lasciviousness, idolatry,witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations,wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings,murders, drunkeness, revellings all of which that they who do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.(Galations 5:19)I encourage all teens and adults regardless of race religion or creed to not be misleeded by the rap and beats they hear, for they all contain these things that lead to spritual and eternal death. Read the bible and except Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. God bless you all. Even those who hate Jesus. Jesus still loves you.

  • Divineyouth

    I am 25 years old and I grew up on rap as a young teen. Biggie, 2pac, the lox, jayz, nas, mobb deep, etc. When I was 19 I gave my life to Christ and repented of all my sins. Before hand I did it all. Smoked weed, sold drugs, gang rape(or trains), used profanity, etc. My reason for this was because of a lack of direction and a lack of what the truth was. I thought life was about bein a player, a baller, a gangsta, a pimp or a straight up thug. Why, because the rappers said so. So these where my options. Yeah my mother and father sent me to catholc school from kindegarden to high school and they promoted good grades and all that good stuff but I still chose to rebel and do my own thing. But I was dumb and I was stupid and mostly foolish and very wise in my own eyes, just like many of you today. The problem was and still is today is that too many people are trying to formulate their own opinions regardless of the facts that are presented to you. They lack a sturdy foundation, failing to stand for the Truth and therefore fall to the lies that are promoted by worldly culture. Im not gonna go off to far, Ill just stay on hip hop for right now. Whatever a hot rapper says is true or how to be majority of people run with that and mimic it. I was like that. In my mind i picked whoever it was that was keepin it real and i adapted their way of thinking. Biggie, 2pac, Jayz, Nas, The Lox were my prime role models, without we ever saying they were, but you could tell because like many of you I used to bump their albums from my car or blast it on my discman back in the days when i rode the bus and train. Its only a matter of time that you become whatever you are surrounded by and you become a product of it. Above I name the fruits of the flesh as dictated by The Bible/Word of God. If you sit down and name each one and define it you will see that majority of hip hop is a breeding ground for these such things. This is basically what rap is saying lifes about gettin your money, get your ice, get your bling(idolatry), get a chick and bang her out or be a pimp, exploited women in music videos(fornication, adultery, laciviousness), if you a scorpio that mean you a freak, or whats your name whats your sign(withcraft), if anyone comes between you and yours you gotta pop them full of led, kill they family there dog, rape the wife, drive by’s, give me your watch, your chain, pistolwhipping(hatred, variance,envyings, murders). These things are so obviously evil but because of the beat and the charisma of the rappers it is accepted and promoted as a way of living and thinking. This is why it is important that people stop using hiphop as a bases of whats true and whats not. Do not be decieved. These rappers do the work of the devil whether knowingly or blindly. Thats why its so important that the youth especially gives there life to Jesus because when you try to take control it yourself and life according to the selfs standards or the flesh you become seperate form Jesus and therefore unwillingly become a vessel for the devil who is devoid of truth and the master of deception. Accept hip hop and you accept deception. Read last 2 sentences over to understand. Accept Jesus Christ and give your life to him and you a truth and understanding and therefore free from the flesh and all its counterparts.

  • Big Dre

    The Word of God (bible) says there is life and death in the power of the tongue, you have the power to speak blessings and curses.

    Well when I look at there sales after they signed with G-Unit thinkin they have arrived and this iz their big break, I think P spoke a curse over there career because them cats iz thru.

  • B. Polite

    1.God does not need you to defend Him. It kinda goes along with being Eternal and All Powerful and Omnipresent.

    2.If your faith is that fragile that someone’s lack of faith bothers you, maybe you should look at that. May your faith is that fragile too.

    3.Can we please look at the verse as a whole thought/ expression? This is the talk of a man whose life has been so full of pain that he feels forsakened. Do you blame a child that feels abandoned by their Father for acting out? This brother needs compassion and prayers, he is obviouly in a dark place spiritually. All of you who claim Christ sound like the Pharasies and Saducies. Quoting Scripture and Law, forgetting that Jesus said LOVE.

  • Seantwisted

    How the fuck prodigy will beat up his son?! Wtf that dude gerts his chain snatched every fucking day haha

    hey though maybe hes talking about NAS? diss to nas?

  • tirzah

    listen if dmx really did give his haert to the lord then thats good. for all you people out there who have any kind of sence, lay off. DMX needs our prayers and not our mouths runnin off slandering him. if it were you, would you like it?

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  • silk.wire

    this nigga is weak mobb depp is weak they shit iz garbash get lil kim on a song again that other shit keep it

  • t-roy

    fuck mobb sleep…..sellout muthafuckaz

  • dave d

    i like mobb deep but this is outta line

  • Jay Crook

    I like mobb deep since the “halfway crooks” years. But I dont know the big deal with his lyrics. MCs have been saying Blasphemous lyrics for a long while, way before this track. Look at when Nas first jumped on the scene

    1.(“When I was twelve I went to hell for snuffin Jesus”)

    2. 2pac (“Is God just another cop waiting to beat my ass if I dont go pop.”)

    3. Biggie(When I die fuck it, I wanna go to hell)

    4.Jay-Z (“I never prayed to God I pray to Gotti.”)

    Those are just a few. Rappers do this to prove that their rhymes and their minds can stretch the imaginenation in even the most horrid of possibilities. I wouldnt lambaste Prodigy for doing the same. Many people in the ghetto feel that same way. But I dont think they have given up on the Lord its just expressing a rugged point of view

  • 615bANGA

    bandana p crossed the line, but the only thing you can do is pray for him, and when u think about it he dissed GOD and now their cd aint sellin

  • L.A.’s Finest

    Hey I’m with 615Banga, the only thing you can do is pray for him. Jesus is God read the Bible. God understands if you’re mad, but there is not need for all of the disrespect.

  • DBody

    If i hear that nigga talkin recklees about tha Lord, I will blow his shit out. Fuck him & his bodyguards! Real Spit!!

  • Thumpa

    Prodigy is dumb as a muthafucka how you gone diss jesus. he goin to hell. And Mase ain’t shit. He a fuckin hypocrite that’s why people don’t beleive in God and Jesus now cause of these stupid muthafuckas!!!!!!!!!

  • VOM

    silly hoes, did you think p had any respect for religion in 95? it’s just another way of saying

    “fuck the whole world, kid, my money come first”

  • Jerome Jones

    Prodigy probably should not have said what he said but in a way I can see where he is coming from. If a person invited me to go there church, I would tell them ‘fuck church’. Church is all about people, not God, people. The last time I remembered only God can judge me. In church you have more gossipping than a mugg. Church isn’t anything but an institution, I mean if you are into it for God, than that’s a good. But just to show up and say “Hey, I go to church.” Then just stay at home. I believe in God, I just don’t believe in church. Fuck church. I know I shouldn’t be saying that but after seeing what I saw in church, I’m done forget it. Prodigy shouldn’t be going at God, but in a way I can see why he said that. He may feel as if his endeavor with religion was a wasted one, and there was no change in his life when he put time into religion. Look at chaplains in the army. Think about that. They are saying the war with Iraq has a connection with God. How is there a connection with greed and killing innocent people and God?

  • chitownstandup

    how can any1 say they understand how he feels with all he’s been through? who does he think brought him out? god giveth life and taketh away life he thinks 50 is jesus. hang him on a cross and see how he gets down. money is the root of all evil and i bet he will pray to get it all back if he come to the hood and we rob his dumb ass!!! this dood is outta control….

  • tExaS_gUh!


  • Down Bottom Nigga

    WHOA!!!???? Did i jus hear that correctly. This nigga don lost his eva-lastin-god-forsaken-mind. Why R rich people so FUCKED up. They got all this money so why R they so DAMN crazy. Dis dumb ass nigga ain’t doin 2 fuckin bad with all tha cash he got. And i know money ain’t everything, but itz people alot more worse off. Go live in Iraq or 3rd world country somewhere. God is the reason he ain’t dead now. Jesus is the king. He should respect his maker. I’m A Real Nigga, but even I have my limits. Thats just too offensive…


    he meant all that jazzy fake preachor drivin the 500 benz and everybodey else in the chuurch broke mentality…

    and hes right about these end times… in jesus day they didnt have gunz… or did they..?

    words are like swords… he pulling on on the prince of darkness like BoOO-YaH! you dark so r we ,… i

    guess its a counter attack listen to the rest of his songs where he does appreciate God….

    then understand 1 mans religon to this worlds contridictions..




    like in “Power Rap” when he said

    “we un-holy, cuz aint a part missing”

    so in other words ….”we aint got no bullet holes in our back, cuz we tuck thos GATS…”

  • nVidia

    Hearin somebody say they gonna beat our greatest gift giver ever causes a bad felin low in my gut (weather I believe in him or not), thats gotta mean something. That arogant bs is allover da new album, it don’t feel good, serious bad move, maybe the Mobb (Prodigy) will see their wrongs and make it right…

  • 2pacalaca

    I know what u mean NVIDIA. I refuse 2 listen 2 shit like this. I believe in GOD and i know there isn’t a higher power. I don’t care if he tryna say he speakin from the thought point of an atheist or not. Itz jus not right. he probably don’t even go 2 church. I know he got sickle cell, but people got AIDS, people died in Sept 11, hell even THE CROCIDILE HUNTER has died (That wuz my nigga). I got the chillz in my lower gut 2 jus the same, and i know some others felt that too.

  • http://minemuse daonlyone

    check it
    this dude just keepin it real
    everyone feels this way at one point
    this is his way of saying im pissed off yeah i got money but most of yall think its a game
    mobb been doin this
    u ainno
    DIRTYSOUTH!!B atch

  • http://minemuse daonlyone

    how many times was big out of line

  • iholds

    Personally, I think all religion is on the same level as other religions. Just the same as people have the right to believe what they want to believe, othrs have the right to refute whatever they want, regardless as to whether others believe the opposite. Where would we be if in society if it were wrong to refute someone’s belief? – the world would still be flat. Religion is a sham. Personally, I think that each and every religion has its strong points and its flaws. There is nothing wrong with arguing the flaws of a religion, however, with the stigma presented in todays’ North American society, we put such emphasis on Christianity it is seen as anarchism or satanism if one is not die-hard christian. People should let go of their ignorance and learn to accept other’s beliefs.


    ok for one im only 11 yrs old two, i really could care less about religion and three, did anyone know about his blood condition? he doesnt have enuf white blood cells and he needs to have donors pump him wit dere blood, if u had sumone elses blood bein pumped in u, ud be fucked up 2


    i say fuck jesus, mobb is tha shit

  • al

    i used to love da mobb. until i seen dude with g-unit on the fingers, I guess rap brands can pay for tattoo advertising too…

    havoc still get it in with the beats tho.

  • infamous mobb

    yow go and see my website about mobb deep

    the mobb way all the way

    i been a fan sins juvenile hell

    mobb deep YES

    GGGG unit

  • dreadzy

    i aint no preacher but p is talkin bullshit i used to listen to the mobb but p is straight trippin if he read the bible then he would understand whats up why peolpe should suffer and everything else he thinks that not havin money in your pockets means God has forsekane you. it’s all about survivin through the hardship and clearly realisin that you been blessed coz I know people who gone thru harder staff then p but still count their blessin coz they recognise who be blessin them and it’s certenly aint fifty.

  • infamous mobb

    mobb deep worrd up the best rap group ever

    the infamous mobb with ty nitty, prodigy, twin gambino,havoc,40 glocc,godfather,nyce

    mobb deep hast the best street qredebility they 4 real but all them other fake g unott studio gangstaaz from wack wallstreet they the bitches

    mobb deep signed with 50 because of the money SO WHAT ??????


    YES YOU ya internet thugh

    my personal hit list






    AND FUCK 2PAC, mobb deep killed 2 pac with the song “drop a gem on em”

    prodigy says in a verse “I had the whole NY state aiming at your face, watch out for these upstate cats”

    and now game treys to diss the mobb tooo

    mobb deep ends nigga’s career

    Mobb deep G unit Game over


  • Kez

    Fuck you Infamous,and stop dick riding.damn MOP some bitches


    wow this post wuz put up in march and niggas still responding. the mobb must be very controversial.

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  • Bigdeka


  • iniquity

    let him express himself .

    btw, fuck JESUS! dude never existed .

  • iniquity

    jesus didn’t exist fucktards!

  • Jesus


  • angelo

    Yow all’ yall fake ass internet thugs listen up sit down in your seet cuzz this story gets deep
    Mobb deep are yhe only ones who fucked with the greatist off all time
    thats right you all know who 2PAC
    I had the whole new york state aiming at your fac
    and they said that a week before 2 pac’s murder
    I say prodigy killed 2 pac along with littles big noyed ty nitty and g.o.d father
    I am 200 % infamous
    My personal hit list
    fuck jay zz
    fuck 2 pac
    fuck the game
    fuck the outlowz
    fuck the black wallstreet
    and all them other studio gangstazzz
    The only king out here in the world is The notorious BIG
    east sidddeeee
    Queensbridge is the only true getto
    Notorious infamous mobb deep finaly made it big time wit 50 cent who is also a queensbridge member
    so fuck y’alll
    Mobb deep best rap group ever

    watch my website

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  • lvp

    Prodigy is a bitch why would you talk about the one who put chu on earth the one that gave you the gift to rap and to do what he does. Prodigy needs to take 50 cents dick out of his mouth and start thinking cuz what he said is straight up dumb and ignorent. Prodigy take yo ass to church

  • in texas

    Congratulations on finally setting up your site. I am sure the website will become a internet legend

  • blu

    prodigy is a gay bitch and so is the whole g-unit. quit talkin bout jesus and when you go to hell try not to let the devil rape you to much faggot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • next level nigga

    everyone is commenting this like havoc is in on the shit aswell, prodigy shouldn’t be saying stuff like that but when it comes down to it, alot worse things have been said.
    mobb deep suck nowadays anyway, it may be all about the money but not if this is what it gets you.

  • piff is the answer

    shit thas fucked up wat he said about relegion, who knows he might be punished by jesus himself for that profanity…lord forgive dat nigga, but he fucked the hip hop culture right now…fuck g-unit!!!

  • Infamous Dunn

    i cant say i agree wit wut he said, but i see where he comin from, sometimes i feel dat way, but afta i spent a day glorifyin dat verse, lookin at things (religion) from his view, singin it n shit, i had nightmares, seein shit, all types of shit, heard people callin me while i was tryin to sleep, all types of terrifyin shit fo like 1 week n a half, i aint sung dat shit since.

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  • Choose Your

    de, – Sunday, February 22, 2004 at 11:47:29 (PST)

  • m-dot da don

    First off just to let everyone know… Prodigy is a 5 percenter meaning that he believes he’s god anyway… so dont buy into it all like dat bull shyt… dat weed got him confused!!!!


    prodigy is cold yo.

  • PA__

    Great Design and useful information. I will be back soon!

  • full coverage

    quite enjoyed your work .

  • tony


  • tony

    ************* When Prodigy gets in a life threatening situation ****** The first thing out of his loud mouth will be “Oh God, OH Jesus, “Please help me”

  • thetruthhurts

    lol..prodigy wild..problem with this kid and others is they keep trying to tie god to physical aspects of the world.. man made can give you money cars and women but he cant give you salvation…and if prodigy wasnt so harsh to christ maybe 50 would be sign to the mobb and not the mobb signed with 50..see 50 believes in christ..he just dont rap about it..which is why he has been enjoying the fruits of his labor…but P been in the game how long? 15 years..and all got accomplish is a deal G Unit…that brotha may want to change his position….



  • wow

    i didn’t know some many of you “gangsters” on these blogs believed in jesus. Anyway he can preach whatever he feels. Its an open and free society not a christian dictatorship. So its not blasphemy its freedom of speech.

  • Remeed

    IF Prodigy Meant That Then Shit You He Better Prepare For The The Judgement Day When Christ Is Coming Back.If You Dont Believe Check Out The Revalation Of Jesus Christ The Book In The Holy Bible?

  • Uche Ekwueme

    it has finally come to this. merely talking about cribs, chicks and wips dosent cut anymore so now we have to be as outrageous even sacreligeous to make a buck. may God have mercy on this poor deluded soul.

  • randy

    yo prodigy look I have nothing but love for you but calm down you have everything you want I know what you need two things youth and love if you want fans again like all you need to do is let me run hip hop because in my nature I know the aduience and what they are lookin for so I will help you only if you help me I’m talkin to you as a friend just let me help I want to let you know that hip hop is not died as you say you have alot of rappers like soulja boy,lil wayne,birdman,rick ross,trina,the game, music goin hard today u rappers should get along stop acting like 7yr olds and go back to makin good songs and help bring the good days back again…. man!!!!!!

  • FuckG=zus


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