Fire Jay-Z

Over at the part of this site where they keep the important journalism, there’s a story about the marginally talented, partially hispanic pop rapper Fabolous, or as he’s calling himself these days, Loso. Nullus?

It seems our good friend Loso couldn’t manage to sell any records with Atlantic, so he quit (or was fired or whatever) and signed a deal with Def Jam. Huh?

I’m not sure if signing a deal with Def Jam these days actually constitutes failing up, but it makes me wonder why you see so many rappers being traded back and forth between these two companies as if they were some frat boys’ girlfriend.

You’ve got her this weekend, dude. Next weekend’s all mine.

The main trend right now seems to be that if you can’t sell any records, you sign to Def Jam; but if you can’t get along with Jay-Z, then you go sign with either Atlantic or Warner Bros., which could very be the same company.

Shit, these could all be the same company for all we know.

DMX and Cam’ron, who have both moved units in the past, both opted to go rap elsewhere than work under President Carter, as if they were Memphis Bleek or some shit. Ludacris can’t be too far behind.

Um, excuse me, but wasn’t the main rationale for allowing Jay to pretend he’s president that he can attract talent to the label, like a glorified A&R? Hollar at your Sickamore, the only rapper born in the 1980s.

Meanwhile, Jay continues to bother with the likes of Ghostface Killah, The Roots, Memphis Bleek, and the rest of his Roc-A-Fella weed carriers, none of whom will likely net Def Jam one red cent.

Memphis Bleek has no talent and is only kept around because Jay probably feels guilty about having sold crack to his mother. Albums by Ghostface and The Roots cost $6 and $9 million to record, respectively, and have absolutely no commercial prospects.

In order to fund so many of these tax write-offs, someone actually has to sell a few records, no?

I think we all know Ne-Yo didn’t actually sell a million records his first week. Jimmy “Double Fantasy” Iovine purchased those copies for himself and will sell them back for a small profit through his line of rent-to-own furniture stores. He’s crafty like that.

Similarly, a company like Atlantic seems smarter in the sense that it will sign basically anyone, as evidenced by its roster full of shitty southern and midwestern acts. But if they don’t sell, they’ll drop their asses like a bad habit.

You see what almost happened to Fat Joe, and he made “Lean Back.”

I suppose most of them (if not Fat Joe) figure they can always just sign to Def Jam.

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  • Analogue

    That’s more like it mate. Not quite on a level with hunting and killing Kanye’s ma but at least a bit more entertaining than hating on hyphy. Damn, even O-Dub’s saying that isht ain’t gonna blow up so why bother battering it.

    Oh and by the way bol you heard any Grime? It’s like UK crunk or something but some of it’s kinda phat.

  • jimmy

    >Albums by Ghostface and The Roots cost $6 and $9 million to record, respectively

    where’d you get those figures? not questioning anything; just wondering if that kind of info is perk of working for xxl.

  • Combat Jack

    1st beyotches!!!

  • Hashim

    “Ludacris can’t be too far behind”

    I agree.

  • Bol

    >Oh and by the way bol you heard any Grime? It’s like UK crunk or something but some of it’s kinda phat.

    I’ve heard a little bit of it. Some of it’s not that bad. Perhaps fittingly, it’ll never sell well here in the US.

    >where’d you get those figures? not questioning anything; just wondering if that kind of info is perk of working for xxl.

    They haven’t let me take a look at the books yet, but I think ?uestlove mentioned in that Toure book that Roots albums cost quite a bit to record.

    And Ghostface uses a shiteload of samples on every song he records, so his albums have to cost quite a bit.

  • Jade Star

    LOL this is so rich to read!!! It’s about time people start speaking up on this shit and stop glorifying the muthafukkas like they are almighty and infalliable. Weed Carriers! HA!

  • Rey

    This might be a stupid question but, Does anyone actually like rap anymore? I mean, I do. But maybe that makes me a d*ck riding “stan.”

    Maybe I’ll just hang out up against this wall with you “cool” people.

    God First, Looking cool-um-Hip Hop Second.

  • Bol

    >Damn, even O-Dub’s saying that isht ain’t gonna blow up so why bother battering it.

    How was I supposed to know he would write the same story a few days later?

    >This might be a stupid question but, Does anyone actually like rap anymore?

    No. When I get frustrated with something, I usually just quit.

  • Casey

    I have to wonder why people blame Jay-Z for all of Def Jam’s faults. It’s as though when Dame Dash was around Memph Bleek sold records, and Jay-Z somehow is responsible for his flopping. Plus, everyone likes to say Jeezy made it big on his own; when in reality he couldn’t have payed for advertisements (or payola for radio and TV) when he barely owns his house or car.

  • Bol

    >I have to wonder why people blame Jay-Z for all of Def Jam’s faults.

    Yeah, people act like he’s the president.

  • Robbie

    If the commercial future of Def Jam rests on the shoulders of Rianna (or whatever that “Pon De Replay” broad is calling herself) and Ghey-Yo, then they’re seriously fucked.

  • jayla

    damn i hate that ne-yo song. they play it so much as if it is REAL r&b. could someone please pull the plug on that kid with the funny shaped head?

  • Casey

    >>I have to wonder why people blame Jay-Z for all of Def Jam’s faults.

    Yeah, people act like he’s the president.

    I suppose you neglected to read the rest of the post…

  • real hip-hop

    i swear all you do is hate on everyone byron or bol or bowl of cereal or what ever the fuck your name is…shit is funny to me dawg. i really hope they are not paying you to write for them. and to the dude that said ne-yo isn’t real r&b…what is it then? can’t believe that people just can’t give props to another black man for trying to do something positive with their life, but i guess that would be to mature…..but i forgot, you are like 21, 22 or whatever age you are…..

  • jimmy



  • hiphop06

    fuck you for talking shit you backpacking fudgepacking white boys Ghostface is the shit yall hating on the gods you eighty five percent idiots. Jay is holding it down at Def Jam. why is Bol even writing for XXL it isnt journalism it is just his opionion. Nullus to you repeat No Homo to yourself because you are in denial.

  • dollar_wells

    I still think that $6 to $9 million figure is bullshit. Say, I don’t know, on the expensive side, the average sample runs $10,000. Using one per song, with 23 tracks on Fishscale, that comes to $2.3 mil. Factoring in producers, weed carrying expenses, and… wait…

    Maybe that figure is right after all. CURSE YOU CRAWFORD!!!

    (still feels too damn high)

  • not_so_dollar_wells

    someone cant do math?

  • Washington

    Almost half of those tracks are “skits”.

  • roc_representa

    I swear you thought that Jay-Z isn’t the real president. If he truly isn’t, than what good would firing him do? Shouldn’t you fire some of those “tall Israelis?”

  • dollar_wells

    uhh, never said math was my strong suit. anywho, just bolsters the case…

  • dollar_wells

    but seriously… an album from the roots = chinese democracy?


    $10000 per sample. 1 sample per track. Fishscale got 23 tracks…lets see $230,000!….not even a quarter of a mil! ghostface can recoup!

    Faboulous new album gonna sell. Nas new album gonna sell. LL new album onna sell. Kanye platinum +. Ne-yo platinum +. Redman new LP gon go at least gold!

    The f*** y’all mean def jam aint makin money…

    The only critisim jay deserves is signing acts like aztec!

    either way jay has so many money making ventures outside defjam..what does it matter to him?

  • C-Flat

    Ok. Ok. I’ve had enough. My question is, “who the F*** is this cat? I could see if the writer is an accomplished A&R or even a person in the industry. You are just a geek behind a computer who thinks you know hiphip cause you got a few cds in your collection. Its obvious that you dont know SHIT dude. First of all, Jay hasn’t even BEEN in the freekin position long enough to screwup OR make any HUGE impacts. We cant just feel good that this is a former drug dealer turned mc, turned business man that was offered one of the most prestigious postions IN HIPHOP!!! We cant just support him. Nah, that would make WAY to much sense. We gotta be haters. Are you in G-UNIT or something? Is this writer actually 50 Cent in disguise? DMX wont sell another record until he quits smoking crack. Period. Fat Joe? He’s too busy screwing over Geddy and Remi. Fab is a solid artist that just got caught up in label politics. But for some reasn you cant seem to see that. (And I think I know why). You cant blame Jay for a system that has been F***d up 10 to 20 years before he even got the job. Lets see where he is in about 3 more years. Lets see where DefJam is then. He has signed some really powerful acts lately. Nas, the Roots, Jeezy. And oh yeah, your take on the Fishscale album exposes you more than ever. If you cant get down with Ghost, you dont even F***in DESERVE to be posting these blogs dude!!!??? Are you even black? But the most hurtful part of ALL of this is the fact the you wont say a WORD about Jimmy Iovine. What he did to Styles P should get him a beatdown just off GP!!! But I dont hear you talking about that. I dont hear you talking about these “other” record execs that have been raping our culture from DAY ONE. Jay-Z is the problem? Nah, bru, idiots like YOU ARE.

    print THAT ONE…….

  • sam

    jay-z has a big head

  • sam

    wait till my boy shyne gets out!! hes the truth. he has alot to prove. my boy has not had a chance to let the world know whats hip hop all about!! sign that punk!! 1

  • Shane

    yow homie is the fucking president he can do what ever the fuck he wanna do all the astists he signs and legends in the hood as for as the commercial side he a genious he figure it out

  • Big O

    Let’s see what Ghostface brings in off of this album, you dilly ass dum dums that think Ghost wont sell one red cent are smoking crack. Watch and see and when he makes the money dont say a damn thing just sit back with your mouth shut and feel stupid!!!!

  • Nwahs Retrac

    Im President, F*ck You Idiot! Let’s see you get where I’m at.

  • Vyrus

    Didn’t Jay sign The Roots to the new subsidiary of Def Jam, Def Jam Left? The whole point of signing The Roots was to bring in indie-minded/underground/conscious (however the fuck you look at it) at lower budgets so that they don’t feel pressure to change their sound. The Roots probably got they own money that they help put up in order to record their albums. Groups like that live for the music. Last thing, we all know that sometimes labels don’t market their artists right or utilize the best talent out of their artists. Aretha Franklin had like 9 or 10 albums before she became anybody because Columbia didn’t know what to do with her. When she moved to the at-the-time independent Atlantic, the very first song she made was “I Never Loved a Man (The Way That I Loved You)” and then not too long after that “Respect.” I’m not saying Fabolous is THAT talented but tracks like “Breathe” gotta make you wonder though.


    here’s a thought. how about people just start making albums WORTH buying (again)? And I’ve felt that way about Jay’s promoting of records, the man is slacking on that. The artists only get like one video, and zero advertisements from what i’ve seen. We need to start coming with solutions for all these problems. It’s not that the artform is dying or anything, but people are looking for the next “evolution” (i think, i mean hope) in the genre. Who’s gonna be the ones to bring it?

  • The Critic

    Who is this jacka$$. I am willing to bet any amount of money that a Roots album cannot in no way cost $9 Million dollars. Love him or hate him as a president he has made some good moves over the last three months. The Roots, Nas and Fab are all good acquisations, however I do agree Bleek, Young Gunz, Tierra all need the boot.


    I find it amazing that people with no talent or balls have so much to say about the way people feed their kids.
    If dude had an ounce of creativity he would try to do his own thing insted of thinking ’bout what another man do!!!! GET OFF JAY DICK

  • Samson jR.

    Yo is this nigga crazy??? WTF? are u talkin bout Fabolous aint got talent? As i recall his 3 records all went platinum or 2 platinums and a gold! Shit in the era of burning CD’s thats really good?? “Marginally talented”? Maybe someone needs to goto and check the boys skillz….And since before Jay-Z Def jam has been signing all the artist…Noreaga, Shyne, to name a couple…. honestly the last time Def Jam was ripping shit was during their DefJam2000 when MethRed, DMX, Jay-Z, Ja Rule, and LL was holding the torch and leading the game….. And you need to get slapped up for even implying that Jay sold crack to Memphis Bleeks moms….Nigga you’za hater in the worst form…As Kanye Said ….”wack niggaz….”

  • she

    some one does need to fire JAY cause fa real,I don’t know whats up.Neyo is wack.Rihanna is wack.Christina Milian is wack.I can go on.But I like Ghostface,but the only reason I think he sell cause he under def jam and we all know who is head of that (jay).But please don’t say Fab,nigga spittin out fire.I didn’t know the kid was mix.Anywho,I like Fab,obviously you didn’t hear that mixtape.I’m not feelin LL new song at all,that was a bad decision,but i’m suprise it selling.Thats not hip hop.

  • GGGGG-unot

    this guy is a real fucking idiot u claim to be educated but ur so ignorant u make all black people look bad Stop givin opinions and start giving facts all jay needs at def jam right now is jeezy

  • adam

    how many times has he gotta say it bol does nt wrk 4 xxl look at dis disclaimer
    “The contents of this blog do not reflect the opinions, practices or standards of, XXL Magazine or Harris Publications. They are the sole viewpoint and property of the respective columnist. They may not be quoted, reproduced, reprinted or reposted in part or in whole without the written permission of the writer.”

    yeh i live in da uk but im into us underground hip hop and yeh grime is good but as nt exactly a huge seller here in da uk kanos and lethal b probally da biggest in da uk but sway is fukin awesome but he more hip hop get his album at fukin bad and as far as jay bein presiden goes i mean he built an empire frm fuk allu gotta give him a lil while 2 get def jam back on top come on lay off jay he still a fukin legend

  • omar hameen

    Whoever wrote this should be fired.that was some hatin a#$ Sh&^%. Real Recognizes real and heobviously has something personal against jay, which is rare but what can u do.oh and by the way dmx and camrom basically ended there careers alone.DMX is played out and camron never had talent to begin with so fuck u. all praises do to j hov hoes.

  • soundscan


  • soundscan

    Jay z is the biggist fraud. Why does anyone consider him one of the greatest? He samples on almost all of his songs, he uses so many lyrics of other rappers ( like camron said ), even his skits are stolen from gangster movies like goodfellas, or casino, nothing about him is original. He uses so many hooks from r&b songs and ideas from other people, like me and my girlfriend or excuse me miss. Rakim, Nas, B.I.G., K.R.S. One, LL, and Tupac are more original.

  • Devious

    yeh, real talk Jay is not the guy he’s being portrayed as. As an aspiring artist, I could never be impressed by Jay’s track record because he hasn’t proven himself to have the ability to put anybody out for real. Every successful Def Jam artist out now did it outside of Jay himself. Juelz? We all know Jay didn’t take part in that one. He’s got artists on his label that are nice, and given a better situation could possibly be real hip-hop heavyweights (Joe Budden especially) but instead Jay shows his lack of skills in that department. Where’s Dame when you need him?

  • coolguy

    Byron Crawford should be ashamed. Another article giving credit to the theory that hip-hop journalists have no talent nor integrity. I have no issue with the stance he takes, but instead with the complete lack of facts and evidence, and the overall emptiness of the column. His assessments of the sales of hip-hop mainstay artists Roots and Ghostface Killah are completely and soley speculative.
    It is shameful that such ignorant and poor writing come from a pilar of the hip hop community. I thought that publications such as xxl had helped bring hip hop past the times of unintelligable bickering and childish rants. Come on playa, step your game up.

  • Pockets

    Bol..were you molested by your father or somthing because you sound like an abusid chiled looking for attention.

  • The Enterprise

    You are all idiots for insinuating that Jay-Z isn’t doing a good job at Def Jam. Have you seen the industry annual results for the last year? Def Jam was second on sales and performance. That’s a leap on two places. Obviously, Y’all brains can’t compute that.

  • Mozeek

    I think Jay-Z is more interseted in
    building artists first and record sales second. Def Jam has a history of producing unforgettable artists. He already has some good artists right now (Young Jeezy, Ghostface, The Roots). In an article in SCRATCH Magazine, one of the members of Roots was saying that Jay-Z didn’t want them to be more mainstream. Just remain the way they are. Ghostface even said in the recent article in XXL that him and Jay-z got together and figured out ways to make his album, Fishscale, sound tight. I think what people need to do is be patient and let Jay-Z do what he’s doing.

  • Icey G!

    true indeed

  • http://FUCKTHEHATARS wilson20102030

    Jay-z is the best right ne-yo is platinum ghostface(his 1st biggest debut solo ever) Cam(fake blood) and dmx(hatar) leave defjam b/c they were jealous of Jay.Since jay is president he only fails on 2 album(memphis bleek and young gunz) b/c he wasn’t patient he even says that on one interview.


  • Sayso is Donny Slaughter

    Def Jam, just like all of hip hop is in a state of influx, we have 2 understand that there are alot of wack ass rappers out there, and most labels are sifting thru bullshyt lookin’ for tha prettiest turd!!! These execs keep makin’ muphuckas come up with tha same soundin’ shyt!!!! Fuckin’ Lean wit it, rock wit it!!! Laffy Taffy!!! But neva fear muphuckaz, DC is here, and we’re gearin’ up for tha takeover, as soon as we weed out our own wack ass rappers that’s gettin’ notice!!! Did I say….WEED?!?!?!

  • dragonmasteregnites

    Ok first of all Ghostface Killah can’t rap worth shit he sucks and hes musics is shit to.. second,Rihanna, Christina Milian, and Neyo are alot better then Ghostface Killah. and thats all their is to say..

  • youngloso

    I admit jay haven’t had the best judgment as far as releasing albums and their order but signing fab is I think the smartest thing he has done since running da jam and loso is gonna make jay look brilliant he got da rich yung line craccin only real money makin niggas fuccin wit dat he spit shit that real money makin niggas can relate to and he is just a nasty lyricist good luck to da boy on def jam blow da inustry up cause you aint even at your lyrical high yet my nigga street fid di di di dam

  • Mozeek

    dragonmasteregnites Says:

    April 24th, 2006 at 10:48 am
    Ok first of all Ghostface Killah can’t rap worth shit he sucks and hes musics is shit to.. second,Rihanna, Christina Milian, and Neyo are alot better then Ghostface Killah. and thats all their is to say..

    DRAG-ON,WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING?! Whatever you get high on, wait for it
    to leave your body BEFORE you post a

  • dragonmasteregnites

    Mozeek what? hoe-zeek that sounds better!!! where did you get this name and you say im smoking shit your the one that smoking shit. you fucking bitch and you need a new name hoe-zeek.

  • gmmusicgroup

    Yeah I understand what you are saying and I know my group can sell some units at either so if you can send me the adresses to both of them I will show then who could sell.

  • Mozeek

    Drag queen master, You’re saying that those Bammafied R&B singers you named are better than Ghost? You obviously don’t know shit about real hip-hop. Ghost and the rest of wu-tang are still the realest. Wu-tang forever!

  • dragonmasteregnites

    man fuck Wu-tang their just a bunch of fags like you hoe-zeek thats why you like them their just like you a fag. Wu-tang doesen’t even compare to good rappers like chamillionaire, slim thug and all the h-town allstars

  • Mozeek

    Ok, drag queen. But how long will
    those guys last? The only ones I saw
    that had some longevity from Houston
    is Scarface and UGK.

  • Mozeek789

    Oh, yeah. You say ghost and WU are
    fags. Next time you see them in the
    street, tell them that to their face. I’ll bet you’ll end up living to regret it. Or dead. One out of the two.

  • john cochran

    I dont think jigga should be fired. I just think somebody need to take him out of them button ups, give em a hoodie and some trees, and tell em to go find some new, real spittas. Stop holdin on to people who already had they chance. Oh, and if bleek gets to release another album the rest of the def jam/roc roster should jump jayz.

  • JohnCash

    I agree wit cochran 1000%.. But Jay is makin so much he dont give a fuck nomore.

  • http://xxlmag erererer

    the naked hate for jay-z is painfull to wacth.i aint a jay fan but i know about thwe industry.i also know that def jam was a sinking ship b4 l.a reid or jay-z got there .which was why lyor was so eaget to bounce after 30 yrs at def jam.the company was taken a beating ,their market share had dropped,all their artists were dated in the new soutrhern dominated scene ,lawsuits and court rulings etc.and in the midts of all this a raper was thrown in to save the label in a position where the chairman of the label was an rnb dude who didnt know anything bout hip hop.both l.a reid and jay were inexperienced for this kinda enviroment and yet still gained the number 2 market share in the whiole world across the board in the music industry.on the singles charts ,the billboard charts ,etc.they held it down big time.
    i see u dickriding atlantic.but despite their record of signing anything southern that breathes,with all the bullshit acts they put out ,they still couldnt outsell def jam

    u mention the swapping of artists.well both labels just went through a huge reshuffle.def jams staff all moved to warner with lyor and so a bunch of artists who had always had their careers wacthed by lyor.

    lyor on the other hand erased all the east coast artist who he felt would not sell in a southern market.where better for them to go than the home of east coast hip hop def jam.?

    say what u may but jay-z has done a good job at def jam in a one year only gets better from here.

  • Luies Sheetz

    JAY-Z is the king your just like little old garbage ass cam’ron dissin the king and guess what that is? …. NOTHIN

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  • JSUN


  • Yo Man

    Well, Jay-Z releasing roots and ghostface record with that music and don’t bother if it generates money, is that a bad thing?
    Fuck money, give the people quality music. Thank you.
    Besides, i think Rick Ross, young jeezy and all those rnb artist generate enough dollars to def jam anyway.

  • EastN.Y.

    Finally someone who knows that Jay is only there to attract new young artist. But the only people he signs are vets that were successful on a small level. Why did’nt he sign Papoose. L.A. Reid signed Young Jeezy before Jay-Z even got the job there, and Jeezy blew up now Hov is on his coat tail. He put Bleek out first and he flopped as always. Jay-Z seems to be a very sneaky snake he tries to take credit for things he really has nothing to do with. If it is successful he wants to be down if it flops he removes his name from it. He’s riding the south hard for future sales of his own album he knows he has the east on smash. 50 cent caught the south hard and his numbers are very impressive. So Jay-Z affiliates himself with lil wayne T.I. and Young Jeezy to feed into there base and realm. He signed Nas after fucking the Mother of his child that’s an emotional scar for Nas,Destiny and his BM. Jay-Z is a fake ass nigga. Yall just need to cut the grass to see the snake. People forgot that when reasonable doubt came out it made know noise it flopped during the Ready To Die, Purple Tape, and Illmatic era. Then he said niggaz argue about Big Jay-Z and Nas as being the best his named was never mentioned back then. I respect his grind and that he came up but yall let marketing and promotions tell you what a classic is, what good music and bad music is and it’s all bullshit.

  • Gutta

    def jam is hanging on because if the name and its history,they had no choice but to keep jay-z as an executive if he was going to “retire”. like the guy said,”these could all be the same company for all we know” and thats exactly what it is the same company but most people wouldnt know because theres so many joint ventures and subsidiaries,we makin all the money for them and not for ourselves.

  • 11KAP

    Chill, beanhead. Memphis Bleek is the shit, dickhead.

  • Poodie

    who ever wrote this is a idiot they dont know what tha fuck they talkin bout cuz they talkin real reckless but bleek is type ass

  • e

    Signing Loso was a good move he sells a lot of records, ne-yo and rhianna sell a lot too, they just keep people like the roots and ghostface to get critical acclaim and balance the mindless pop with quality music

  • elliott

    why is you niggaz hating shit dont take over night not even a yr niggaz be easy its coming u forgot about nas freeway and ross to mention a few damn like my nigga say can i live.

  • mismotch

    This is just an odd statement so y’all bare with me… I think Jay, after “retiring” should have taken a little more of a break and then taken the job. Bein’ CEO of a music corporation is big deal…let alone all the x-tra baggage and history he has with other artists. This music business is cut throat and if he doesn’t watch himself he might have to come out of retirement to pay the bills. BTW: I know everybody loves Jay with his guest appearances on singles, but it might be effecting his responsibilities as CEO.

  • Ant

    Aww dawg fuck u talkin down on da south we run da rap game and u up north yankee muthafuckaz cant eat and ya’ll hatin it. we make dat trill shit ya’ll make dat candy shit. we whats hot and u whats not so change ya lil editorial and get ya mind right. DA SOUTH RUN IT!!



  • westside money

    Well this some true stuff thats why DMX left how did JAY-Z become president of Def Jam and this dude is truly correct on MEMPHIS BLLEK but GHOSTFACE KILLAH and THE ROOTS dont sell good because 1 the ROOTS never get played on tv and GHOSTFACE still has an old school style and people these days want music like CRUNK and HYPHY.








    MANN FUCK GAY-Z!!!!!!!!!!1HOLLA AT ME!

  • Yungstar

    Bring hiphop back Jay,and who gives a fuck bout the signings and dealings,at the end of the day if it dont work out,then Jiggas losing doe… Im supporting real hiphop where ever it is,Loso’s commercial but he got skill when he do it,Fab stop makin music for my girlfriend and let us take another ”BREATH”.

  • gangsta biz

    im from the mid west and wanna know just who u talkin bout cause really we got a market up here (indiana) that the industry been sleepin on don’t hate on the south cause they been killin the game. but yeah u right def jam sucks cock jay need to get off that new york shit and open the doors fuck it! cause i bet he comin out or retirement just to save the label.

  • Holla

    I hate Jay Z!!

  • Cellus

    Truth be told, hip-hop isnt really sellin anyway. People really sick of tha same ol same ol shyt.Nothin new at all. Yeah, tha south is runnin it, but what tha hell are they talkin about but tha same ol shyt? Only niggaz bringin anything different to tha game from tha south is and always has been Outkast. Everybody else, same ol song. I dont include Face,8Ball &MJG and UGK because they set tha blueprint for tha south.

  • Kobkilla aka where u seen it first

    Fab doesnt sell? Ha-ha… what was the line, sum like “…& the first one sold, and as a matter fact my worse was gold” went plat twice 3rd went gold, doesnt sale? shit doesnt even make sense

  • red

    lets see
    every album Fab came out with went platinum so far (first nigga on the block with a bently gt after that everybody got one)

    Ne-yo is one of the hottest R&B singers to come out in a long time and went platinum in 2 weeks, plus he co-headlining a tour with cris brown

    Riannah went platinum she got the pop charts on lock check TRL if you don’t beleive me

    jeezy went 2x platinum and is the talk of the streets (like him or not he is)

    jay just sign darkchild as a in-house producer(check darkchild’s track record and you’ll know how major that is)

    NAS is on the label!!! I don’t need to say shit else about that

    The Roots is on the team what more can I say

    luda is about to put out another joint

    Ghostface went over gold and wheather you know this or not thats still pretty good

    And oh my god!!! how can you forget about mariah carey sellin like a billion records last year

    and by now I really don’t have to say this but KANYE

    in my opinion Def Jam is doing pretty good

  • Mozeek

    11KAP Says:

    June 20th, 2006 at 1:29 pm
    Chill, beanhead. Memphis Bleek is the shit, dickhead.

    You know who else is the shit, 11kap?
    YANNI!!! That’s my nigga!!

  • Prince of the South

    I heard Luda leaving Def Jam for G-unit South. Any way Jay hasn’t done the best job, but he does have a few plat records under his watch.
    1. Mariah
    2. Kanye
    3. Ne-Yo(300,000 First week0
    4. Rihanna
    5. Jeezy
    He’ll get a few more but he’s molding a few of these artists for the future. Rihanna will have the Trl fans on lock, but Kanye and Mariah are already superstars. Ne-Yo and Jeezy are going to be a problem in the future watch. Can’t hate on Jay for trying to build for tommorrow. Three years from now watch Def Jam take interscope’s spot. I’ll call it now.

  • jus

    6.rick ross


    Fire Jay??? I think every decision he made so far has been good, other than signing that bald fat fried fried chicken eatin fake ass motherf*cker named jeezy, but he did go platinum. His next WONT. So he should drop jeezy after his 2nd album and I’ll back EVERY decision he made.

  • Bol

    I’m gay


    people have to realize there is alot of pressure on Jay Z so you need to stop critizin him

    and as for the person tlakin about fudge packin white boys ur jus an ignoarnt racist fool…wut u tryin 2 say we are all white homosexuals? why not black,spanish,arab homosexuals…..ur so fuckin bias you dont know who to make fun of…FYI im white and i probably know more about hip hop than you ever will cause i know about the culture…
    anyway as for the pressure on Jay..he has ALOT of businesses…and talkin shit on the net aint gonna help him realize hes “screwin up” cause he dont give a fuck about you guys stop being jealous
    hate=jealousy in 1 way or another
    and people tlaking shit about Ghost…wow i dare you goto a show and go hop on stage or something or try to catch him on the street say something smart..get knocked the fuck out by a legend
    aint trying to ride his dick but seirously you people ened lives besides bad mouthing everybody ont he internet…there is a 1% chance any of these people will ever hear ur opinion about them and nobody ont he net cares about your big headed opinions neither so just go on limewire and tyr to search for some new “underground hip hop”…there aint no such thing theres commercial fake rap(and no rap wasnt a commercial version fo hip hop rap is in reality an element that was marketted by white collar business men)
    damn man..people need lives for real

    anyway my point is



    1. Mariah (L.A. Reid)
    2. Kanye (Finished) (2 much written by others) (Gay) (Signed by Dame anyuway)
    3. Ne-Yo and Rihanna Both are credible to jay
    4. Jeezy Fakest fattest one hit wonder ever. Will never go platium again.


    GRADE C+


    I’ll upgrade that to a B+ for signing Nas & Fab and dropping Milian.


    P.S. I’m going to your show in Milan ON THE 27th. IT BETTER BE GOOD!!

  • Esdot

    XXL Mag is poor. They should focus on getting better hip-hop to the public than hating on Jay-Z. That Bleek comment is mad disrespect, and its a shame because this is one of the only few magazines we have and it’s articles are garbage. And you can’t spend promotional money on artist with no commercial appeal. But I do admit Meth could have been promoted better. And im not blastin XXL for this article, I’m doing it because they need to help promote better Hip-Hop.

  • DipSet Affiliate

    XXL does need better writers that can conduct better research and produce higher quality literary pieces. Fire this guy and hire 10 chimps, and watch them produce this same garbage article with the same grammar mistakes and missing words if you sit them in front of a couple of typrwriters for a few hours.

    Sure, there are problems with the labels because of egos. The same thing happen in any business. A lot of artists never sell records to their full potential simply because the labels aren’t doing their jobs. Period. It is not always the fault of the artist because their album does not sell. The label bears a lot of responsibility for proper marketing and advertising, and a lot of labels do not do it….and so the artist sees low sales, then the label wants to drop them. The labels need to wake up and hire decent A&R’s that do something other than party and run up expense accounts trying to play with the real ballers.

  • Trae Bizzo

    Def Jam couldn’t do any thing with the Meth and Red saga and that’s before jay-z. Memph Bleek is… Memph Bleek is…Wack and jay know that so as long as he’s alive he’s a millionair.And as far as jay is concerned this is all payback for makeing the rock wear those damn Def Jam coats on the Show dvd.

    Now you gotta ask yourself when was the last time you cared about how much an artist gross for his/her company before you bought the album.This aint very Hip Hop.

  • DHLite

    Luda’s basically already done w/ def jam he had a five album contract and now he’s a free agent

  • Niko

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Brilliant. It’s a shame that the washed up old ass rappers that can no longer sell units lash out at Jay-z. He may be Hova, but he is no miracle worker.

  • http://tf caped crusader

    The Dumb nigga that wrote this should go read up on the conglomeration of the media. I wish he knew that there is basically only 5 or less major record labels in the music industry. He should take his own advice and fire his self.

  • Hip Hop

    Byron is the one smoking rock. Ghostface was dope twice this year. I see youve lost hold of what hip hop is all about. Maybe Jay-Z should sign that commercial pop shit artist to satisfy your hunger for shit. I know, I know…. selling units is what a label is all about, but you still get an F.

    Hip Hop grades you: F

  • Gothman

    For real XXL is a Bit shitty whats happening wid you guyz man!

  • Hollywood Tha Don

    the nigga that wrote this shit got a point because since jay retired who had helped down the rocafella inprint none other than kanye west not memphis bleek jays right hand or next in line or the ravenous beanie siegel or the young gunz but kanye… i mean at the same time the lyrics gotta be there and so does the marketing part thats where jay plays a major part but i must admit bleeks’ album was a failure but the young gunz sophomore cd was way better than that bullshit they put out at first but hey sorry jay i love you man no homo but hey like you said men lie, women lie, numbers dont and you and kanye or the only two performing miracle numbers…. but fab gonna bring his in too so dont worry bout that 1

  • Hollywood Tha Don

    oh yeah i forgot about neyo and jeezy but what the hell happened to foxy, peedi crack and freeway lol

  • pacizzle

    this cat hollywood tha don summed that up perfectly

  • triple5

    Damn dog where’s your professionalism.You sound like one of those bitches that Jigga fucked but didn’t get no paper. You Mad? You Maaad!
    Fab sold more than Cam ever did. Nas album was 1 of his best in years but I’m sorry DMX is a crack head where is he relevent in the Game. Sure some artist don’t drop when they should but if I was an artist why would I want to drop when there is no Buzz about my work…It’s called development,Def Jam and other majors are severly lacking that. Now let’s be real what other label is stacked with talent like Def Jam maybe 1 and they didn’t sell more than Def Jam last year. Dude get some journalism skills why is XXL allowing you shovel hate instead of what’s real…This shit is starting to remind me of The Source.

  • Mozeek

    Wow. I remember this forum. Man, times have changed. Jay isn’t PRESIDENT anymore! Like he cares. If I was one of the richest black guys on earth, I wouldn’t care, either.


    Well JAY aint Prez no more, but he did do a good job without dame,but alot of the older acts dont feel him for not poshing them as much as he does with his picks. But lets keep it real, was they HOT ? REDMAN.GHOSTFACE,LL
    they always had words, but the rest of them. Why wouldnt he push DMX, that was his man, am asking cause if you was PREZ, and you had acts, its about bizz, not friendship. its about dollars, and your an hot Mc yourself.
    Its not that easy to make evrybody happy,

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