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Gotta Have My Pops

I go by the alias Sickamore and I’m a Professional Famous People Maker, kind of like Simon or Don King. By day I run my consulting firm, I Can Make You Famous, which specializes in artist development. And when the ink dries, Ill be the youngest exec in hip-hop when I take my Director Of A&R job at…….Ummm……..This major record Label that, under the advice of my lawyer, will remain nameless for now. It’ll be my first “job” since 11th grade.

I’m also the quintessential 80′s Baby. No, REAL 80′s Baby. Forreal Forreal. 1984 to be exact. If someone says “damn, you’re young!” I just respond “Damn, you’re old!”, and they shut the F up. Here’s some of the attributes of a real live Mid-Eighty Baby:

-Zero recollection of (nor interest in) 1988
-1993 is “dumb long ago”
-Playing pause/no homo (ayo!)
-Native Tongues is a foreign language
-Don’t remember life without the internet
-Google is a verb, not a company
-Photographic memory of every pair of Jordans ever
-Belly’s A All-Time Classic Movie
-An Earring In Both Ears Is Totally Acceptable
-U Spent More Time Practicing Your Crossover Than Your Shooting
-AZ is old school hip-hop

Sorry A I’m just trying to advance my blog, I aint making you the butt of my jokes. Believe it or not, I really do have an old soul. Nas is my favorite rapper. I play Criminal Minded, Love Live The Kane and Amerikkka’s Most Wanted all the time. I don’t keep the sticker on my fitted. I will never say ‘real talk’, ‘true story’, ‘that’s crack’ or ‘my dude’. Ever. I spend tons of time in Barnes & Noble. Don’t wear jewelry. I even own 4 suits!

So that’s me in a nutshell, and this is my blog. I’m going to update it as much as possible, especially when some bitter-old-school-pre-1975er tries to stop son from shining, Ill throw them under the bus (Mogul Radio What Up!) in this blog! I dunno if there’s a place to hit me with some feedback (if there isn’t, that’s Brenden’s fault) but I would to hear from my fellow 80′s Baby Executive. Matter of fact, I’m gonna start a club. I’m gonna call it The 80′s Baby Executives. Aiight I gotta go watch Family Guy, hit me up

-Sickameezy aka America’s Next Top Mogul

P.S……..Every Monday Ill give yall my custom Mixtape Of The Week. Download them sometime this week if you get a second. Ill get some of the more obscure ones uploaded

My IPod Play list for the week of the Feb 27th

1) I’m Back – Young Jeezy
2) Do The Damn Thing – Fabolous f/ Young Jeezy
3) Ignorant Shit – Jay-Z
4) Take You Away – Spot
5) Limp – Fiona Apple
6) Drive Slow – Kanye West
7) My Stocks Going Up – Belly f/ Tru-Life
8) Do You Wanna Get This $? – Ma$e
9) 730 – Foxy Brown
10) If There’s A Hell Below – Curtis Mayfield
11) Like A Boss – Slim Thug
12) Feel Me – Lil Wayne
13) Pull It – Christion
13) Poppin My Collar – Three 6 Mafia
14) All I Want – Snoop Dogg
15) Feels Good – Jokaman
16) Diamonds & Wood – UGK
17) Extradoniary Machine – Fiona Apple
18) What A Hustler Do – Lupe Fiasco
19) Malcolm – Ghostface
20) DJ Dirty Harry’s Warriors Mixtape

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  • http://www.hiphopmusic.com Jay Smooth

    Good luck with the blog, looks promising. And thanks for putting my old Jay Z clip on that Marcy to Madison Ave CD. :)

  • bluerid

    i qoute you:I play Criminal Minded, Love Live The Kane and Amerikkka’s Most Wanted all the time


    ok ima shut up and watch some mtv THANKS ALLOT BLESS YOU.

  • bluerid

    i guess marshall and me in some serious trouble now….ima go eat now peace

  • bluerid

    if bush sets one foot in holland i’ll kick his ass out myself.

  • bluerid

    this shit sucks man.lose yourself im like a fucking snail i have to come up with a plot give me some time i will think of something.and write it down in my personal diary.

  • bluerid

    i qoute you: Aiight I gotta go watch Family Guy, hit me up


    lol my favourite cartoon.

  • Vena of Hoodwide Promotions

    Im just happy that with all your talent you are about to do it real big. Congrats on getting your 1st job since 11th grade…. Vena

  • Nadine

    Sick – very nice!!! It never stops baby!

  • Kenyatta

    Good luck your definitely on the rise.

  • http://www.myspace.com/wanted_dstny Larry

    I applaud/admire you for accomplishing so much at a young age (only one year older than me)… that gives me drive to do what i gotta do… Family Guy is the show! and i agree with you on “I will never say ‘real talk’, ‘true story’, ‘that’s crack’ or ‘my dude’. Ever.”

  • http://myspace.com/antislive Ant Gwopington

    Dude is all over the place. We never get sick of Sick. Get $

  • sassy

    LMAO…Proud of you Sick…80′s Baby Executives huh, sounds good! Keep doin ya thing!

  • http://www.myspace.com/a1emceeeluv Emerald AkA E~Luv

    Im diggin it sick!!! 4real get @ ya girl !

    ~:.1Luv E~Luv.:~

  • http://KnowledgeMyspace.com Knowledge

    Staying on top of the game, Sick keep it real with these fake ass people that keep making a way into the game. Feedback from the underground king of South Philly.

  • http://dagreatest.com mic braggz

    whats good sickamore, yo check me out at myspace.com/micbraggz.
    get at me and leave me some feedback on the music, I AM NICE FOR REAL

  • WeissCakes

    is apple juice the new cris? is that what the kids are drinking nowadays?

  • E.Mills

    Keep doin’ your thing!!! Good to see young cats puttin’ it down in the game!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/50238613 GeO aka MuzIk JunkIE

    yo son, you on ya grind hard b. i wish i had a break like u dukes. keep doin wha u do. im on ya mixtapes b, i aint sleepin. lol. but yo tha 80′s baby attributes is all truth. although im infatuated with tha 80′s for some reason…guess it was cause of tha start of this rap shit ya dig…do what u do i aint mad at u…ONEEEEEE


  • Malia

    Everything looks good but-
    Don’t quite understand where you were going with that picture. Fail to see the humor or its relation to what you’ve wrote.

    The photo doesn’t fully incorporate the many unique facets of Sick. It should sum up the entire blog-you may want to re-think a different picture, If possible.

    Please don’t throw me under the bus for my good intentions.

  • dipset girl

    wat u sayin, jus wishin u good luck, i respect the fact u are doin ur thing; and hope you’ll be successful x

  • http://www.myspace.com/verbz verbz

    what up sick? keep doing your thing man. you know how this go. oh yeah, you ain’t got sporadic’s “poor man’s hustle” on your ipod.


    check that shit out now!

  • Randi

    No mention of Snorkels or Wuzzles? Come now.

  • Fuck The Dumb Shit

    How do you bear to listen to such a shitty playlist, with the exception of Curtis mayfield and Ghostface??
    Someone needs to dead this column asap

  • http://www.myspace.com/beijing1 Beijing

    You are doing Great….Keep it up!!! The younger the better. You still have a lot learn and teach. I am going to support you 100%

  • http://realrecognizereal.wordpress.com Kevin L. Clark

    Keep up the great work. I’ll be on the lookout (no brokeback).

  • StarFox

    You got my support!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=246#comment Miami Monica

    “….light skinned youngest A&R in the system with a myspace-addiction….” Thats a bit of an understatement…. LOL…. when i have to snatch your sidekick at 5 in the am because you would rather check your page then get some sleep (that you haven’t had in like 3 days!!!!) its a step past addiction…. Ha Ha…. Its ok my sweet because all of us 80′s babies are addicted to the whole myspace movement…. LOL…. By the way i loved it especially the Dear Summer line and Ignorant Sh*t on the playlist…. Good luck with your Director Of A&R position at _________. LOL…. You know im not gonna tell my sweet!!!! Your secret is safe with me…. You always have all my support Sick!!!! You know that….

  • brown

    yo son, you on ya grind hard b. i wish i had a break like u dukes. keep doin wha u do. im on ya mixtapes b, i aint sleepin. lol. but yo tha 80’s baby attributes is all truth. although im infatuated with tha 80’s for some reason…guess it was cause of tha start of this rap shit ya dig…do what u do i aint mad at u…ONEEEEEE


    /\/\/\/\/\/\ – I bet this is a white dude.

  • http://www.GITRecords.com Rikers

    Dude, this Blog is too hilarious. You go on with ya badself.

    Thanks for the help you gave me at Stall and Dean, the freshest, cleanest and highest quality there is. http://Www.StallandDean.com.

    You maybe funny and just old enough to drink, but you truelly are a future Millionare.

  • http://www.myspace.com/pesosdabxbully Pesos

    yo yo, yeh sik ur lil cousin is out doing it up u already kno…..but wtf is wrong with prodigy doing that is he sik in da head….aww man sum1 kl him now……get at me remember FIGHTKLUB or BEATKLUB dis saturday….swing thru im out.,1

  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ MAIN EVENT

    what up w/ your mixtapes? Good job so far on the Tru-Life and Saigon tip. Keep makin’ em famous.

    main event

    new jack like nino brown


    Radiate FM


  • T-Boye Doe

    Yo, Sick. I feeling the concept of the “80′s Baby Executives”. I want to be apart of that movement because I was born in 1983.Oh and best belive, T-Boye(Tee-Bo-Ye)is my real name, as real as R.Kelly’s sex tape. Holla at cha boye

  • http://www.myspace.com/bigdangull Dangelo aka Big Dangull

    whats poppin hommi.I own a mixtape spot in prov R.I.called Official Music.One of the last ones left cause they keep getting raided an shut down.
    An I been getting your mixtapes an following your grind for a few years now,an you seem like a cool person and a real ass nigga an thats all I like to surround my self wit.Real recognize real. Now on the prodigy situation that niggas trippin.50 just got done saying “Im a do your little ass like Jay did mobb deep” an then them niggas turn around an sell there souls to him. an now Prodigy’s talking crazy about god an jesus an that 50 saved him, that niggas lost.I done been thru some shit in life an I can truly say that niggas gonna burn in hell if he dont get his shit together.Boys talking reckless.

  • Miss J.

    80s Baby Executives. I’ll jump on the bandwagon. 1984 was THE greatest year to be born.

  • http://xxlmag.com E-man South c

    Word up hommes?, its ma first time to hear about you though but i gat the feeling that you good and all,coz me ,im an upcoming recording artist i know its hard but i dont know how you can hook a nigga up to the top boy;halla back.

  • ms. sexy aka nishka

    What it do baby! Im a young black 24yr old who is tired of seeing light skin girls in ya magazine.not haiting i just love my darkness. I dont know how to go about this so please dont be upset if i have the wrong department. i would love to be one of your eye candys. no i have no experience or have done any videos or anything like that im fresh and new to this. im 24 live alone in new jersey and im trying to pay my way thru school to better my self without disrespecting or compromising myself or goals. i know you dont know me but i just thought i would never know the out come until i tried so here we go. i would love to send you some pics. im sorry if this email inconvienced you in anyway. Have a great day and thanks for takin time out to read this.

  • Stoopie

    “Gotta have my Pops” ~Duuuh Duh~

    popped right into my head when I was done reading that

  • http://www.myspace.com/klepone Klep One

    Haha…those are SO true the attributes of a real 80′s baby. In the words of Vast-Aire “(If this was 86)…man if this was 86 you’d be sittin in baby shit, cryin for some cake and shit”. Interesting blogs “my dude” lol. Stay grinding!

  • t cook

    yo son im an old school cat and i find ur blog mad funny and insightful keep up the good work

  • t8b

    yo what happened to your my space i can’t find that shit no more

  • http://www.myspace.com/jawzbeatz JawZ

    man keep it up dawg im 18 tryna do me i make beats get at me http://www.myspace.com/jawzbeatz

    i remember dj sickamore and now im like i aint know dude was young like me so good shit reppin for the 80′s babies

  • http://www.reachnyc.com ReachNYC.com

    yo Sickameezy how do we go about getting in touch with you. I interviewed you for BRIDGEZ magazine a few years back..Ima 80′s baby executive in the making myself…1984…holla @ me thru my myspace …www.myspace.com/reachnyc



  • Julia

    hey sickamore, dis julia, im jus stoppin by to say u seem like a cool well rounded “man” ima 80′s baby too im jus a lil younger than u lol ’88′ but yea, i dont wanna be a groupie or nuthin but if u want hit me up @ juelz_o3@hotmail.com~1~

  • http://blog.myspace.com/yungmarvingaye TParris


  • http://www.myspace.com/hoodwidepromotions Vena of Hoodwide Promotions

    you are one of the most talented dudes in the game love ya cant wait to work with cha