Gotta Have My Pops

I go by the alias Sickamore and I'm a Professional Famous People Maker, kind of like Simon or Don King. By day I run my consulting firm, I Can Make You Famous, which specializes in artist development. And when the ink dries, Ill be the youngest exec in hip-hop when I take my Director Of A&R job at.......Ummm........This major record Label that, under the advice of my lawyer, will remain nameless for now. It'll be my first "job" since 11th grade.

I'm also the quintessential 80's Baby. No, REAL 80's Baby. Forreal Forreal. 1984 to be exact. If someone says "damn, you're young!” I just respond "Damn, you're old!", and they shut the F up. Here's some of the attributes of a real live Mid-Eighty Baby:

-Zero recollection of (nor interest in) 1988
-1993 is "dumb long ago"
-Playing pause/no homo (ayo!)
-Native Tongues is a foreign language
-Don't remember life without the internet
-Google is a verb, not a company
-Photographic memory of every pair of Jordans ever
-Belly's A All-Time Classic Movie
-An Earring In Both Ears Is Totally Acceptable
-U Spent More Time Practicing Your Crossover Than Your Shooting
-AZ is old school hip-hop

Sorry A I'm just trying to advance my blog, I aint making you the butt of my jokes. Believe it or not, I really do have an old soul. Nas is my favorite rapper. I play Criminal Minded, Love Live The Kane and Amerikkka's Most Wanted all the time. I don't keep the sticker on my fitted. I will never say 'real talk', 'true story', 'that's crack' or 'my dude'. Ever. I spend tons of time in Barnes & Noble. Don't wear jewelry. I even own 4 suits!

So that's me in a nutshell, and this is my blog. I'm going to update it as much as possible, especially when some bitter-old-school-pre-1975er tries to stop son from shining, Ill throw them under the bus (Mogul Radio What Up!) in this blog! I dunno if there's a place to hit me with some feedback (if there isn't, that's Brenden's fault) but I would to hear from my fellow 80's Baby Executive. Matter of fact, I'm gonna start a club. I'm gonna call it The 80's Baby Executives. Aiight I gotta go watch Family Guy, hit me up

-Sickameezy aka America's Next Top Mogul

P.S........Every Monday Ill give yall my custom Mixtape Of The Week. Download them sometime this week if you get a second. Ill get some of the more obscure ones uploaded

My IPod Play list for the week of the Feb 27th

1) I'm Back - Young Jeezy
2) Do The Damn Thing - Fabolous f/ Young Jeezy
3) Ignorant Shit - Jay-Z
4) Take You Away - Spot
5) Limp - Fiona Apple
6) Drive Slow - Kanye West
7) My Stocks Going Up - Belly f/ Tru-Life
8) Do You Wanna Get This $? - Ma$e
9) 730 - Foxy Brown
10) If There's A Hell Below - Curtis Mayfield
11) Like A Boss - Slim Thug
12) Feel Me - Lil Wayne
13) Pull It - Christion
13) Poppin My Collar - Three 6 Mafia
14) All I Want - Snoop Dogg
15) Feels Good - Jokaman
16) Diamonds & Wood - UGK
17) Extradoniary Machine - Fiona Apple
18) What A Hustler Do - Lupe Fiasco
19) Malcolm - Ghostface
20) DJ Dirty Harry's Warriors Mixtape