Papoose Returns With ’2nd Coming’ Mixtape

Brooklyn MC Papoose is hitting the reset button. The lyrical mad man who took the East Coast region by storm a few years back is looking to get his share of the rap community that he feels he hadn’t quite capitalized off of. In an effort to get his train back on the tracks Pap is going back to his roots where it all began: Mixtapes. Papoose recently dropped his The 2nd Coming mixtape and pretty much says the titled is self-explanatory.

“The reason why I called the mixtape The 2nd Coming is because when I first came in the scene, I shook the ground, I had the whole industry petrified, I took a million-plus,” Pap told Mixtape Daily, referring to the reportedly million-dollar recording deal he signed with Jive Records back in 2006. “This time I’m coming back, it’s going to be even worse. Y’all know what I did before. See what I did; now, round two.” Read more…

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  • 068 Ballers

    yeah pap…we need sum new shit mixtape sh….t