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  • Teddy

    eminem is a movie and his albums have been sequels to the same movie a movie people like despite 2 sub par sequels its harry potter and ppl will cue up anyway to hear the continuation of his story, its the same with jay and anyone with a good story (movie) so what happens when people fall of is what happens when a movie has shit sequals and the core of the story has already been told and the rest is watered down 50 told his story and kept telling the same story so no one cares now, look at the albums that have done well like paper trail t.i. had a story to tell, tha carter series same rebirth dud movie its like superman 3. thats 1 ascpect the other is the level of skill face it we like to hear and see ppl do shit no one else can do with a level of mastery eminem has a level of mastery with rapping that is 2nd to non

  • Lilly Russell

    Teddy do you see the articles text? It’s not here when the page loads for me…