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  • B-real

    Let me be the first to apologize to the children between the ages 9-21 that watched this video and has lived in an tough environment for most of their lives. You can be successful in life. Find your wealth and chase your dreams. And if these two dudes has kids and I wonder if they would want their children at their ages (30′s) putting out a video talking about still being in the hood? My people, grow and move on, don’t be those whom stay on the same corner their whole lives and then talk poorly of those whom have become successful.

  • A

    You two clown ass homothugs better never come to the bean with that whack fraudulent homo flow. Showing scene’s of QB like that’s where u cockaroaches be at. Every hood got fake thugs and you two clowns definitely represent QB’s cowards. How u gonna perp over a classic pharoah monche track like yall are official like that? FAGGS!