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  • http://xxl kim lee

    this shit aint nothing knew i am a snitch at least for this year i am going tell mutha fuckas how one of the ceo’s of death row records lydia (robinson) harris sold dope for that nigga harry o before and after he went to aint nothing for me too expose that bitch everybody knew harry o was not a straight and arrow citizen but this hoe bitch lydia robinson harris will be exposed @ my expense with no problem u mutha fuckas like fake shit mutha fuckas cannot handle 100 they talk that shit but do not produce it i call it keepin 100 not snitching exspecially if you have a fucker all in the media talkin shit like they the realest some time we have too pull mutha fuckers skirt tails thats what we do down in cali baby thats why i am exposing this bitch harry o harris let rob him for all his money that bitch worked for my people bringing in weight thru the airline her daddy burley work for back in the day what it is my nigga what it do

  • Harra$$

    Damn homie, what happened to u?