On this day, Jan. 13, in hip-hop history...

HLN via YouTube

2015: Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz paid a visit to the Nancy Grace show on HLN, on Jan. 13, 2015. Tity Boi made this appearance, a first in hip-hop history, to discuss the legalization of weed.

With host Nancy Grace being known for her combative debate tactics, many viewers surely thought the ATL rapper would fit the stereotype of a typical pothead and not know the facts of the matter. But to the surprise of many in the audience, the rhymer schooled Nancy on the psychology of drug abusers, the statistics supporting medical marijuana and the fiscal boost legalizing the drug would give the economy. At one point when Grace pulled out one of 2 Chainz's weed-referencing lyrics from "Feds Watching," (“smoking California weed with California hoes”) 2 Chainz hit Nancy with his signature tagline, "TRU!"

The hilarious and educational debate proved to garner high ratings for Nancy Grace, and even though she lost at the debate she started, she soon challenged the Hair Weave Killer to a rematch. We're still waiting for that one.

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