The Mannequin Challenge is the latest craze to take over the Internet. Rappers like Rae Sremmurd, Young Thug, Desiigner and ASAP Ferg have been participating in it. Even Paul McCartney joined in on the craze, complete with "Black Beatles" as his video's soundtrack. Kap G did his own Mannequin Challenge and brought got an entire school involved in the fun.

An Inglewood student posted a video, which you can see above, of Kap G leading a Mannequin Challenge at a high school. After holding still for less than 20 seconds, Kap G and the students got back to their turn up.

Kap G might be having fun with a new online fad, but he wants recapture some old vibes with his music. Last year, the Atlanta rapper told XXL about his desire to get back to hip-hop's core message.

“It’s time to bring back that old hip-hop,” Kap G said. “You know, back in the days people were really talking about what was going on in their neighborhoods, just about being poor and what they have to go through. And I feel like nowadays people just want to talk about being rich, you know, flexing, the Rolexes. So I feel like its time to bring that back."

Kap G is coming off the release of his El Southside mixtape. The project features guest appearances by Young Thug, YFN Lucci and Ca$h Out, and can be streamed here.

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