N.W.A.'s first manager Jerry Heller died this past weekend at the age of 75. Following the news, Ice Cube had said that he felt no emotions, the rapper famously leaving the group after a dispute with Heller over unpaid royalties. Dr. Dre left soon after, citing similar difficulties, and the whole drama is depicted in the recent N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, Paul Giamati playing Heller in a role that caused the manager to sue Cube and Dre for defamation.

At the center of the rift was the relationship between Eazy-E and Heller, who founded Ruthless Records together, and as the film depicts, potentially conspired against the remaining group members. It would make sense then that Eazy's daughter has a different perspective on the passing, speaking to TMZ recently with a heavy heart.

"I’m still depressed about it," E.B. Wright says above. "I stand behind Jerry Heller to the fullest. He was like a second father to my dad, so I'ma call him like another grandfather to me. I’m very sad about his passing and just hoping to continue my father’s legacy and Jerry’s and get out the truth."

Wright additionally says that while she remains an advocate for Straight Outta Compton, she doesn't feel it was 100 percent truthful and is working on her own documentary about Ruthless Records. As for whether the film contributed to Heller's death as his attorney suggested, Wright said, "He lived many years with people hating him and thinking wrongly of him."

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