Over the last couple of weeks, America has been rocked by tragedy involving both Black men and police with the focus on police brutality, especially against Black people. Following the deaths of Baton Rouge resident Alton Sterling on July 5 and Philando Castile in Minnesota on July 6, both killed by law enforcement, plus a shooting in Dallas that left five cops dead, tension in communities has been at an all-time high. These incidents, while being put under a national microscope this month, are nothing new in America.

Never one to stay quiet, the hip-hop community has come out in full force to speak up about the injustice going on when it comes to police interaction with Black men and women. Rappers have spoken out and reacted through social media, songs and protests, sharing how fed up they are with seeing young men and women of color being murdered by the hands of officers who are sworn to serve and protect them.

West Coast rappers The Game and Snoop Dogg joined forces to organize a march on the LAPD headquarters after the killings of Sterling and Castile. In Atlanta over the weekend, T.I. took part in a protest so big that the protestors shut down an expressway entrance. And August Alsina and Ace Hood both did their part by participating in marches in Baton Rouge and Miami, respectively.

XXL is putting a spotlight on the many artists who have voiced their opinion in some way following these recent tragedies. Black Lives Matter.