David Banner is pissed off and isn't mincing words when it comes to the verdict of Freddie Gray's murder case.

It was announced yesterday (July 27) that all charges against the remaining officers on trial in connection with the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray were being dropped. As the Baltimore man's name began trending on social media, the rapper/activist voiced his disgust at the disregard for Freddie's life.

“In the case of Freddie Gray, America has clearly shown that it has completely turned its back on Black people,” Banner said in a press release. "Apparently, the laws are not the same for the police. We lose our lives; they get paid vacation. What are Black people to do about it is a better question!”

Freddie Gray died on April 19, 2015 due to a severe spinal cord injury after being chased down and tackled by police. The six police officers assigned to Gray say he died during a “rough ride” in their police van.

Banner has continued to be one of the most outspoken figures in hip-hop when it comes to police brutality against Black people. Earlier this month, as the country reacted to the deaths of two more Black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, Banner participated in a heated town hall meeting on the matter. He also made a political statement by killing a police officer in the music video for "Black Fist."

But Banner is not the only member of the hip-hop world who reacted to the Freddie Gray murder case verdict. YG and Killer Mike also reacted on Twitter. Check out how they've responded below.

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