Kap G is ruthless. Case in point, the College Park rapper has no remorse for boo-snatching in his new video for "Girlfriend." Dropped today (April 5), the Jon J. directed visual follows Kap as he rides around, hits the strip club with and gets very close to with a beautiful woman. Too bad he doesn't claim her to be his own. Like the song lyrics imply, Kay is stealing her for the day from someone else and effectively rubbing it in his face. In the end, Kap even gets dropped off by the cheating girlfriend, right in front of her man. Cold.

"I just took a flick with your girlfriend/I be kicking shit with your girlfriend/I just smoked a blunt with your girlfriend/I think that im done with your girlfriend/All up in my business she be lurkin," raps Kap in the songs chorus. His Mr. Steal-Yo-Girl status just went up.

The banger dropped early last month as a teaser track for Kap G's newest mixtape, the DJ Drama-hosted El Southside.

This song is definitely a break from Kap's usual lyrical content. Aside from creeping, the Mexican MC has been very outspoken in his music and in interviews about the 2016 election, specifically about Republican candidate Donald Trump. Kap was one of the first rappers to denounce Trump's campaign platform against illegal immigrants, telling XXL back in the summer of 2015, “Donald Trump was very ignorant for saying what he said. To label all of us all as rapists is very wrong of him. We, as Mexican people, are very family-oriented, hard working people, so I am very disgusted by his comments. Donald Trump will never know how it feels to be in our shoes, but not just us, all minorities. So at the end of the day, only God can judge us.”

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