The most recent episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York begins by revisiting the juice fight that took place in the studio between Bianca and Moe. While Moe is the one that ends up getting doused, she manages to keep her composure in front of Yandy, but vows to get her revenge at a later date.

Bianca meets up with Yandy in the aftermath of the incident in the studio. She's incensed that Yandy was working with Moe instead of her and feels betrayed. Moe rapping over a beat that was originally intended for her doesn't sit well with Bianca. Yandy reminds her that she owns the rights to the record and that she can do whatever she pleases in regards to her business with Moe.

The conversation takes a turn for the worse when Bianca calls Yandy's movements sneaky and says that she is unable to to let her issue with Moe go. Yandy gives the ultimatum that Bianca can either shape up her attitude or changes will have to be made in their professional relationship. She informs Bianca that she is on thin ice. Admitting that she could use Yandy's expertise as a manager, Bianca decides that it's in her best interest to heed Yandy's words and promises to improve her conduct and cease being so combative.

Peter Gunz pops up on Amina at the studio while playing a rendition of her song "Never Give Up" on the piano. The rapper hopes the words of the song relate to how Amina feels about him. Unfortunately, he's about to drop a bomb on Amina. He tells her that Tara is pregnant again, which is news that leaves Amina in disbelief. Peter is unable to find any words to console Amina and the forward progress they had made in their relationship to that point appears to be all for naught. He claims he didn't know that Tara was pregnant at the time that Amina got her abortion, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. She calls Peter evil and storms out, leaving him searching for a way to pick up the pieces of their broken union.

Amina, who is still reeling from her last conversation with Peter, confides in his daughter, Whitney, about her predicament. Amina wants nothing to do with Peter and says that she hasn't spoken with him since he let her know Tara is pregnant. Whitney suggests that Amina have one more conversation with Peter so she can get closure and move forward with her life.

Cardi B links up with her sister Hennessy to get her opinion on her new music. She also discusses her plans to get married to her boyfriend, Tommy, who's currently incarcerated. Hennessy feels Card shouldn't rush into the marriage. However, since Cardi feels that Tommy is the love of her life, she thinks getting married in jail is romantic. She even tries selling the idea in her own charming -- yet ratchet -- way.

Later in the episode, Cardi B is in the middle of a meeting when she gets a call from Tommy. They begin talking and he says that he feels Cardi is doing too much in her career and that he wants her to be a housewife when he gets home from prison. Cardi B says that she loves Tommy, but has no intentions of being cooped up in the house and is having reservations about getting married to him given his lack of support in her endeavors. Tommy reassures her that his intentions are pure, which quiets Cardi's doubts for the moment as they canoodle on the phone before hanging up.

Mariah Lynn is emotionally out of sorts after receiving news that her pregnant mother has just been arrested and is being held without bail. After attempting to contact Cisco, who doesn't respond, she runs to Rich Dollaz in search of comfort. Rich says she should channel her pain and adversity into her artistry and use it to fuel her music career. Mariah Lynn suggests that Rich step in to help with her music, but he balks at the idea and says that he would rather keep business and pleasure separated.

Seeing that her plans to put the moves on Rich are not going well, Mariah Lynn focuses her attention back towards Cisco. She informs him that she reached out to Rich, which rubs Cisco the wrong way. He tells Mariah Lynn that he's not for the love triangles and becomes wary of her intentions. Cisco concludes that he can't trust Mariah and decides to play some mind games of his own.

DJ Self looks to be in good spirits and is riding high off the positive reaction of his new single, "I Got the Juice." He holds a release party for the record where he links up with Rich Dollaz and Rah Ali to catch up on things. Rah informs the two that she intends to have Mariah and Sexxy Lexxy perform at DJ Self's next showcase, which throws Rich Dollaz and DJ Self for a loop -- they've both worked with her in the past. Rah also mentions that Mariah has been seeing Cisco, which upsets Rich being that she just ran to him for comfort and attempted to seduce him. All three conclude that her actions stem from her thirst to get ahead in the entertainment industry by any means necessary.

Rich Dollaz decides to meets up with Mariah to give her a taste of her own medicine. Unknown to Rich, Mariah plans to come clean about her decision to be with Cisco, but doesn't get the chance to. Cisco walks in and crashes Rich and Mariah's party. Rich owns up to secretly setting it up for Cisco to walk in on him and Mariah and the three have an awkward conversation where Rich spells out their recent dealings in front of Cisco.

Cisco says that the only reason he began talking to Mariah Lynn in the first place was to get back at Rich, much to her dismay. Rich and Mariah begin to go back and forth until she decides to leave and is visibly upset in the behind-the-scenes footage, but vows to not let the embarrassment and humiliation break her from making it to the top of the rap game.

Keep it locked here next week to find out what goes down in the world of Love & Hip Hop.

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