It's been years since we've seen any amicable communication between The Game and former members of the group he used to run with, but that seems to have just changed, according to the picture above.

In it, Game and Lloyd Banks are hanging out together in Dubai, and the caption simply reads, "Still." It's the first time either of them have been pictured together in years, and it's gotta bring a smile to the face of any rap fan from the mid-'00s.

Last night, Game reached out to another artist - Kanye West - to offer him some help on that massive $53 million debt he was tweeting about. Game agreed to be Yeezy's Mark Zuckerberg and invest $10 million in the Chicago rapper/producer, on one condition - Kanye had to skydive with him in Dubai.

Following Kendrick's big night at the Grammys, Game showed love for the Compton kid on Instagram, though the posts seem to have been deleted.

He hasn't been as nice to Young Thug. The two started going at each other on Instagram after Game responded to a comment about Thug with, "I will beat the Victoria secret out that boy/girl.” That didn't go over so well with the Atlanta rapper, who responded, “So you used to be a Crip now you a Blood, so I don’t want no smoke with you, you got Blood and Crips on your team. And you was a male stripper once before so I don’t want to fight you. I don’t want no germs.”

We're just happy to see Banks and Game being friendly again.

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