Think you've spotted Future in the flesh? There better be more evidence than multi-colored dreads, a double cup and a wide brim hat. While the Atlanta rapper has been seemingly everywhere in the new year, he was definitely not at a recent Kyle show in Austin, TX, though we'd understand if you were one of the 2,000 or so people in attendance who were fooled.

During the set, Kyle brought out a figure dressed identically to Future, as all on stage jumped and danced in typical turn-up fashion. In a clip posted to Kyle's Twitter though, the imposter removes his sunglasses to reveal that he is not in fact Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn but rather a far less interesting somebody else. Kyle seemed proud of the deception, writing alongside the video, "and the troll of the year award goes to me."

Affiliated artist Brick took credit for the dupe, Uproxx reports, writing on Twitter, “I coordinated the fake Future appearance....Bruh, the whole place went so stupid when we brought out Future, trolled 2000 people at once hahahaha...his lean cup was like a oversized 36 ounce styrofoam horchata double cup from a mexican restaraunt hahahaha."

Watch the video below within one of Kyle's tweets and see the uncanny resemblance and eventual backstage reveal for yourself. The Ventura, Calif. rapper has collaborated with Chance the Rapper and Iamsu! in the past year and told XXL in an October 2015 interview, "I want to make an impact on people. Like John Lennon writing 'Imagine,' a song that changes an entire generation of people. Really just changing the world. I just want to reach a point where I have an opportunity to impact the entire world with one song."

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