It can be tough leading multiple musical lives. Flying Lotus, who revealed back in 2012 that he was indeed the artist behind Captain Murphy, but has failed to release much music under that moniker since. In an interview with XXL back in September, FlyLo said that he's had to restart the new Captain Murphy project which reportedly features Kendrick Lamar. The two collaborated on last year's single, "Never Catch Me."

"I feel like I haven’t found the space that I want to create from just yet. It’s around the corner, but it might sound different. I recorded a bunch of stuff,” he said.

As of last week, though, FlyLo made an indication via Twitter that he may have found that space, confirming that new Captain Murphy material will be out in 2016.

The last Captain Murphy release came in the way of 2012's Duality, though as his original self, Flying Lotus has been touring and releasing music for his upcoming album You're Dead. Regardless of the name on the track, it seems like more Flying Lotus music awaits.