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Young Thug at SXSW 2014

By almost any measure, 2015 has been the year that Young Thug fully broke into the mainstream hip-hop world. Whether it's been his seemingly endless slew of big records, the release of his fiercely-anticipated Barter 6 project or his repeated beefs with artists like The Game, Plies and, most significantly and crazily, Lil Wayne, Thugger's never been far from the minds of those paying attention this year. And he's not slowing down just yet; as fans continue to await his debut album, the curiously-titled Hy!£UN35, he whet the people's appetites with a new mixtape, Slime Season, alongside London On Da Track.

But it's not just been his solo output that has seen Thugger climb the ranks of in-demand MCs; his guest verses on songs like T.I.'s "About The Money," Tyga's "Hookah" and Juicy J's "Low," among others, cemented his status as a must-get featured artist for projects in 2014. And this year has been no different. With high-profile guest spots alongside the likes of T.I., Yo Gotti, Travi$ Scott, Tinashe, Bossie BadAzz and Gucci Mane just a few of his great looks this year, XXL breaks down all of Young Thug's guest appearances so far in 2015. —Roger Krastz and Dan Rys

Boosie BadAzz's Touch Down 2 Cause Hell Album Cover

"On Deck"

Boosie BadAzz featuring Young Thug

Thug stretches the limits of his voice with his staccato delivery on the hook to this cut off Boosie's Touch Down 2 Cause Hell album. He doesn't do much outside of lacing the hook—and Boosie comes in with such a tour-de-force of a flow that he might have been outshone regardless if he had a verse—but he lends the track a grittiness that matches Boosie's aggression beautifully.

DeJ Loaf featuring Young Thug, "Shawty"


DeJ Loaf featuring Young Thug

DeJ Loaf and Young Thug exchange sexually explicit bars over the mellow production of Young Roc on “Shawty.” The raunchy and sensual jam finds Thugger Thugger delivering another abstract, auto-tuned flow with plenty of sexual lyrics, like, “I’ma hurry up, Thug Mr. Miyagi/Pussy get wet when I go Miley Cyrus.”

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Gucci Mane at the BET Hip Hop Awards 2010

“Down On That”

Gucci Mane featuring Young Thug

Young Thug connects with one of his frequent collaborators, Gucci Mane, on the record “Down On That.” The Cassius Jay-produced track sees Young Thug displaying a wide range of styles and flows with his distinctive voice. Although the song may not be the best we’ve heard from the long line of collabs between Thug and Gucci, we can always appreciate new music from the ATLiens.

Gucci Mane's Trap House 5

"No One Else"

Gucci Mane featuring Young Thug and Peewee Longway

Thugger laces up the hook and a first verse that almost doesn't even sound like his normal rapping voice as he rides the beat with a repetitive chorus. His verse isn't necessarily anything to write home about, however, but the track is catchy as hell and Thug's ad-libs are always as out there as he himself is.

Gucci Mane featuring Young Thug, "Heart Attack"

“Heart Attack”

Gucci Mane featuring Young Thug

Over a ponderous, almost creepy production, Thug lets loose at his most melodically irreverent, using his vocal acrobatics to add in a different element to an otherwise straightforward verse. Of course, with Thug's track record over the past few years, that's exactly the type of track that will wind up getting stuck in people's heads. Gucci comes in steady and assured as the perfect counterpoint to Thug's disjointed delivery.

Kid Ink Promo Shot

"Like A Hot Boyy"

Kid Ink featuring Young Thug and Bricc Baby Shitro

Inspired by the Cash Money collective, Kid Ink teams up with Young Thug and Bricc Baby Shitro on “Like a Hot Boyy.” On the record, off of Kid Ink’s sophomore album, Full Speed, Thugger outshines his competition by showcasing what has made him great thus far—and that’s his ability to understand and create catchy melodies with his singing/rapping approach.

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Migos Arrive at Power 105.1's Powerhouse 2014


Migos featuring Young Thug

Off of Migos’ debut album, Yung Rich Nation, “Cocaina” finds the ATL collective connecting once again with Young Thug on the Spanish-influenced record. Providing his signature high-pitched ad-libs, Thugger raps about his drug-dealing ways with the white.

PeeWee Longway featuring Young Thug, "Ready"


Peewee Longway featuring Young Thug

Thugger is all over this track off Peewee's Blue M&M mixtape, drawing listeners in when the beat itself is almost so understated that it flies under the radar. And while Peewee also has a strong buzz and works well with Thug on tracks, this one in particular is almost entirely a Thugger solo track, leaving little room for anyone else to have a say. It's a track that will grow on listeners.

Rico Richie featuring Young Thug, "We Dem"

“We Dem”

Rico Richie featuring Young Thug

Rico Richie might not be a household name right now, but he knows how to pick a beat and this song is an example of that. Thugger lets the whole thing rock before he comes in firing on the third verse with typically bizarre lines like this one: "Eat that pussy like a lil creamy mama/I beat that pussy, bet it look like I just thumped ya/Nigga cookin' fishscale on my toilet thot/Get rocks 'til I die, scream fuck the cops."

Rocko featuring Young Thug, "Lil Girl Shit"

"Lil Gurl Shit"

Rocko featuring Young Thug

Like something straight out of a Halloween-themed horror movie, this track starts off as one of those cuts that shines a light on the underside of the trap. Thug doesn't travel too far out of his traditional comfort zone on this track, but he switches up his flows just enough to set it apart from the run of the mill verses that fill out too many mixtapes from the South. Its laid back feel works in its favor, too.

T.I. Da Nic EP Cover Art

"Peanut Butter Jelly"

T.I. featuring Young Thug and Young Dro

Young Thug takes the lead on the London on da Track-produced record “Peanut Butter Jelly,” delivering another one-of-a-kind trap rap flow that only Thugger can pull together. Alongside Tip and Young Dro, Young Thug hits listeners with another wild and untamed style while rapping about—what else?—peanut butter and jelly.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images


"Bankrolls on Deck"

T.I. featuring Young Thug, PeeWee Roscoe and Shad Da God

Thugger's ad-libs illustrate the opening seconds, providing an at-times-comedic foil to T.I.'s opening verse. Thug then takes over the hook and spits a love song to his hometown of Atlanta, going back and forth with Tip a bit over the understated beat. PeeWee Roscoe and Shad Da God acquit themselves well, but it's Thug and Tip's chemistry that makes this song stand out.

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Tinashe at the BET AWARDS 2014

"Party Favors"

Tinashe featuring Young Thug

Young Thug joins Tinashe on the first single off her upcoming album Joyride. On the Boi-1da-produced "Party Favors," Thugger makes a brief but memorable appearance with his auto-tuned bars over the sultry slow jam.

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Travi$ Scott Performing

“Nothing But Net”

Travi$ Scott featuring Young Thug & PARTYNEXTDOOR

Joined by Travi$ Scott and PARTYNEXTDOOR, Young Thug opens up the record "Nothing But Net" by providing some witty and absurd rhymes during his 16 bars. Need an example? "ABC, about to cum" and "Covered in green like a fuckin' iguana" both stick out. Thug's chemistry with La Flame is evident once again as both artists complement one another all over the track.

Travi$ Scott's Rodeo Album Cover

"Maria, I'm Drunk"

Travi$ Scott featuring Young Thug

In one of the most unusual collabs of 2015, Travi$ Scott pairs up with Justin Bieber and Young Thug on “Maria, I’m Drunk.” The catchy tune off of Scott’s debut album, Rodeo, sees Young Thug take control over the track as he delivers another contagious hook with plenty of melody and wittiness. This record is just another example of how much chemistry La Flame and Thug have on a record.

Gucci Mane's Views From Zone 6


Gucci Mane featuring Young Thug and Yung Gleesh

It's not one of Gucci and Thug's best collabs, but it's one of their more experimental ones and Thugger, always one to try something new, tests the waters on just how bizarre he can get on the track.

Yo Gotti featuring Young Thug, "Rihanna"


Yo Gotti featuring Young Thug

Offering another vocally dynamic hook, Young Thug joins Yo Gotti on the single “Rihanna.” Dedicated to one of the biggest pop icons in the world, Thug and Gotti compare the fine ladies of the music industry with their love for a ride or die chick. Again, Thug takes the spotlight with his flair and catchy hook.


Young Thug's Halftime Video

"No Squares"

Peewee Longway featuring Young Thug and Offset

A trap-inspired beat, DJ Drama shouting out Gangsta Grillz and a droning, heavy cadence makes this cut typical of the music out of Atlanta three or four years ago. But Thug comes in and puts his off-kilter twist on things, helping to set it apart from the type of music that would fall back into the bigger pot of down South street rap. Thugger hits the hook as well, leaivng his permanent stamp on the track.

Boiler Room

Young Thug and Jamie xx perform at Boiler Room

“I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)”

Jamie xx featuring Young Thug and Popcaan

Easily one of the most infectious songs of the summer came from this totally unexpected collab from the indie rock stalwart, the reggae crossover young gun and Thugger. But Young Thug is the undoubted star on the cut, cementing his status with the head-scratchingly hilarious line, "I'ma ride in that pussy like a stroller."