Warren G's brand new EP, the nostalgic-yet-current Regulate... G Funk Era Part II is streaming today, and to help build the buzz around the EP the Westside Regulator unleashed the video for his first single, "My House," featuring his longtime sidekick, the late, great Nate Dogg. Shot in three different locations around Los Angeles, the bouncy, funky video is a simple dedication to the people who have always supported the feel-good party vibe that has defined g funk for more than two decades now. Ever eager to give back to the communities, Warren G kept it simple by recruiting the people in the neighborhoods themselves to help him represent that funky feeling.

As he continues to support his new G-Funk EP—which also features stellar guest turns from E-40, Too $hort, Jeezy and Bun B—Warren G sat down with XXL today to speak briefly about the concept and making of the "My House" video and what comes next.

XXL: Tell me about the video for your new single with Nate Dogg.
Warren G: It's a video showing how many different types of people love Warren G, you know. Go down to Venice Beach and you got a lot of different people there that love my music, go to Hollywood you got a bunch of tourists, people from other countries and stuff, they just came or jumped into the video because they love Warren G once they knew I was there. And then in my neighborhood, just showing how they love me in my neighborhood. Just all over the world. We filmed it in Long Beach, Venice Beach and Hollywood. We just grabbed the people naturally, like, "Let's do this, right now." And we did it. It was really dope. People are gonna like it.

Was there a particular vibe you were going for?
Just showing how much love I got and just having a ball doing it, just keeping it organic and not trying to do too much. It was just natural, a lot of that stuff was just natural. Let's go.

Are you planning on shooting more videos as well?
Well I'm gonna shoot a video for "Saturday," but what's happening right now is everybody is hitting me with "Hustling," so I gotta figure out getting Jeezy and Bun B in the same city at the same time. It's gonna be hard but "Hustlin" is starting to... Both of them, everybody tripping over them two heavy, and that's a good problem to have. I'ma do both, but the next single is gonna be "Saturday." But I don't know; "Hustlin" is on "Saturday"'s ass. [Laughs] But we'll see, man; I'm just glad that people is lovin' it, 'cause the comments I'm gettin' is incredible, man. The worst comments I've gotten are, "What isn't it on CD?" So now I gotta go back to the drawing board and make it to where I can print up a certain amount of CDs as a collector's edition, and those will be signed by me. I know if I do 1,000 it's gonna turn into 5,000, so I gotta figure it out. But if it gets big, the first 1,000 will be collectors.

Do you feel like G Funk will ever die?
Never. Never. It's a genre of music. I'll be glad when they finally put it in to be an actual real genre. I don't mean separate from hip-hop, but it's a different type of hip-hop, another type of hip-hop. Document it.