Here we are, the mid-year mark of 2015. So far, it's been a standout year for hip-hop, with some of the biggest rappers in the game upping the quality of their projects and delivering the best albums of their careers so far. We've got stellar debuts and triumphant comebacks, statement sophomore projects and catalog boosters, surprise albums and long-awaited releases, older vets and newer heads all stepping up and delivering their A-Game at the perfect time.

Understandably, that creates quite an issue when trying to sift through and identify the best albums of such a packed year already. XXL went back and identified what we think are the 30 best albums from beginning to end of 2015 as it stands. But with so much quality—not to mention the XXL staff fighting tooth and nail for our own favorites—we decided against ranking the projects. We'll leave that up to you. Without further ado, here are the best LPs so far, ordered by release date from earliest to most recent. —XXL Staff