Hopsin, who jokingly said he was going to retire and move to Australia in December, is back in the news again for ringing up a massive phone bill after giving out his number on his Facebook page. Hopsin just wanted to shoot the shit with his fans and after people called his bluff, the rapper posted a video on his page saying that this was the real deal. His fans then went on to blow up his phone which resulted in a massive phone bill. In just 48 hours, Hopsin received over 350,000 text messages and a ridiculous amount of phone calls that came out to be $6,000. No need to worry, Hopsin's accountant will handle that.

Text me! people still think its not me answering. Add yourself to my phonebook once you get a text back. Ill be calling people that are in my phonebook.1 818 946 0244

Posted by Hopsin on Monday, May 11, 2015

Man U gotta be fuckin kidding me! Holy fuck, MY PHONE BILL IS 6 thousand fuckin dollars!! What the FUCK was i thinking. Kill me now

Posted by Hopsin on Tuesday, May 12, 2015