Charles Hamilton's career resurgence has been one of the better stories of 2015. After nearly committing suicide and falling off the map, Hamilton has bounced back and recently landed a Rita Ora-aided song on Fox's hit TV show Empire. Back in the late '00s, Hamilton of superstardom. A member of the '09 XXL Freshmen class, a year that placed Hamilton alongside B.o.B, Kid Cudi, Curren$y and Wale amongst others, the New York MC stuck out for his impressive mixtapes and minor hit, "Brooklyn Girls."

For those who are trying to either get familiar or re-familiarize themselves with Hamilton, the MC has made things easier for you. With one tweet, Hamilton unleashed his entire discography for free:

The Pink Lavalamp and
Sonic The Hamilton. In return, Hamilton only asks that people support "New York Raining" on
iTunes. The full list can be viewed

XXL recently caught up with the rapper and he explained the anxiety he feels about putting out new music after time away from the game. "There is a certain nervous edge that comes with putting out any new music," he said. "I have been nervous about the Hamiltonization process. Thankfully, I have the type of fans and fan base that will stand by me because they know I’m trying to take things elsewhere as opposed to staying stagnant."