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Every artist has a dream. It stems from the hero worship of those superstars or influential musicians who came before you, or from respect that you develop for your peers in the game. It can even come from a vision, hearing a beat or writing a melody and knowing exactly in that moment which other artist, feasible or not, would be perfect to complete the song. The dream collaboration is always out there, no matter how far an artist goes in his or her career.

What would Adele or Coldplay sound like over a Mike WiLL Made It beat? What about Logic going toe to toe with Kendrick Lamar and Drake over a Kanye West production? Could Bun B dig up a 2pac verse, or Juvenile a Michael Jackson hook? It's almost impossible to tell unless the artists themselves got together to make it happen. But we wanted to know from the rappers and producers themselves who they would love to break it down with in the studio on a track. Here are 16 of their responses, from pop to hip-hop to R&B and more. —XXL Staff

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Big Sean 2014 by Robert Wunsch

Big Sean

Obviously, one of them used to be Eminem, I'm glad that happened with "Detroit Vs. Everybody." It's crazy. Hov, obviously 'Ye, those were all... I haven't worked with Rihanna yet. She's like my friend, so we've been in the studio and stuff, we've worked on music together we just gotta put something out. So that would be cool. And you know, it's a lot of... The people I collab with, I really enjoy working with them, all genres, rappers, singers. I'm looking forward to doing new work with people I've already collaborated with. And new artists, too. New people, you know?


Bleu Davinci

Right now, at this point, it'd be me, Drake and Big Sean, 'cause I just recently became a big fan of Big Sean. That new album is crazy; I had never really listened to a full Big Sean album. He got it. On the drive here from Detroit he was on Satellite Radio and they played the full length and he did this one long-ass interview and I just kind of fell in love with his whole mission. I know he was shelved at one point in time at Def Jam, so that in itself shows me that, when people don't believe in you, your own label don't believe in you and you keep pressing, keep pushing, you come out on top. You holdin' your own with Kanye, Jay Z, Drake and all these other top-shelf artists and you shining, you just as good if not better. That gave me a lot of inspiration. So I definitely wanna go to work with Big Sean.

And I definitely wanna go to work with Drake, 'cause he's just dope. That guy is amazing, the way he puts the records together, the way you can feel the records, you can feel the emotion; that's the type of stuff I want. As well as other West Coast artists; Kid Ink, Ty Dolla $ign, Dom Kennedy. These are the kind of people that I'm planning on goin' in with in the near future so I can make some of these crazy records for these people, you know?

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Bodega Bamz

Kid Cudi, man. I fuck with Cudi. As far as rap goes, I would love to work with Kid Cudi. In general, it varies. I would work with Phil Collins, I would work with Bruce Springsteen, I would work with muthafuckin Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

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Bun B

Oh, wow. Probably me, 2Pac and Jesus. [Laughs]

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Charles Hamilton

Man... It's between Childish Gambino and Drake right now. Childish Gambino kind of reflects how I was when I first came out; not disgruntled, but abrasively calm. His understanding of the game comes from many different elements, much like mine, so he wants a fair shot. And because he's very eccentric, getting a fair shot is very strange for him. I believe if we worked together we could form an alliance where it wouldn't be taboo to be different. And as far as working with Drake, not to toot my own horn, but I think I'm the only lyricist that can stand his own on a track with Drake. That's just how I feel.



Andre 3000 and Scarface. Sade, I'd love to collaborate with Sade. Prince. Stevie Wonder, I'd love for him to play harmonica on one of my songs. Fuck, there's too many people. Esperanza Spalding. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, I'd love to collaborate with them. Feist. My man Dave East. Bishop Nehru, he's on my label. Killer Mike. Ras Kass. Jill Scott, India.Arie, Erykah Badu, D'Angelo, De La Soul. [Laughs] To be continued. Oprah. Karl Lagerfield. What's that nigga who made the tequila? Jose Cuervo, that'd be awesome. [Laughs] Michael Kors, we should do a bag together. Snoop, Kurupt, the whole Dogg Pound. Madonna.

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My dream collaboration is dead. Michael Jackson; I dreamed of doing a record with Mike. Travel to Africa and the world.

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Kanye West on the beat, Kendrick and not sure who else rapping. I think I want to go Drake because that would be crazy. And Adele on the hook. That’s a dream collab.


Manolo Rose 

My dream collab would be a track with me, Nas, AZ and Hov. I would love that. I don't even need to put a verse on the record—just let me get on the hook and say a couple of ad-libs and I would be cool with that.

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Mick Jenkins

I've been wanting to work with SZA and Earl [Sweatshirt]... I think that's it right now. Jesse Boykins. But I don't know them. I've had opportunities to work with all of them, but every time I'd rather chill, I'd rather build, and then once we get to that point we can really get down and get to work because we actually want to. And we're more friends than the money that this label's gonna give you to put this on my project, you know what I'm sayin'?


Mike WiLL Made It

Beyonce and Adele, gotta say Adele. Coldplay. Those are just artists that I can name right now and you could say, "Oh, okay, I know who you're talking about." But it might be an artist out there who I have never met like Rae Sremmurd or like Two-9 or Makonnen; I love working with them. I might not have met that artist yet. But I wanna work with them just because it would be a challenge, you know what I'm sayin'? I feel like me and Adele could do something world changing, game changing.

I wanna fuck with the people that we can change some shit, 'cause I'm all about creating new sounds, taking risks and just making... Like, getting Adele on a certain beat, something they've never heard from her and then that shit come out and people say, "That's the greatest song." I just want to fuck with legends in their own right. I just feel like, man, if we come out with the right record it's gonna be a stamp of that time, like, "Yo, I remember when this song came out, I remember where I was when I heard this shit, I remember thinking this shit was crazy." I don't think I would let Adele down if we did some shit. I don't feel like I would let Coldplay down.

Like Coldplay, I fuck with them already; we were talking about doing some shit on their last album, we just never really came around to it. They came to the studio when I was working with Miley and they were in the back of the room just sitting on the floor going through all the beats on my laptop like, "This shit is crazy, this shit is crazy," just going through everything. And that shit was tight. It just never came around, but I feel like it will come around because we respect each other's work. I also like the lead singer in fun., Nate [Ruess], he's the shit. fun. is like one of my favorite bands right now, I liked that last album that came out, that was like my favorite album. Nate's super dope to me. I just met him like a month ago at the Interscope office with [Interscope boss] John Janick. Nate would be tight, and James Blake.



Johnny: Danger Mouse
Dave: MF Doom produced by Tyler, The Creator
Jace: Jamie xx and PartyNextDoor
Curtis Williams: Toro y Moi


Young Scooter


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