As of late, plenty of rappers have been name-dropping the transportation network known as Uber. The popular app that allows consumers to submit a trip request through their smartphones is getting a strong endorsement via hip-hop. Most recently, Drake name dropped Uber on his track "Energy" off his highly praised If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late mixtape, but one hip-hop artist that particularly loves the innovative app is Wiz Khalifa, who has used the Uber reference more than once. With Uber becoming the preferred choice of transportation in the U.S., we dug up 14 hip-hop songs that shout out the application. —Roger Krastz

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Artist: Wiz Khalifa
Lyric: “My name is on it/ I fuck her good and make that Uber call 6 in the morning/I told her I don't need no pills, this Js I'm rolling”

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"Child's Play"

Artist: SZA Feat. Chance The Rapper
Rapper: Chance The Rapper
Lyric: "Scuba in my shower, take an Uber to my neighbors/Used to pay the piper, till Peter Picked it better"

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Sprite will be quenching peoples thirst this summer with special limited cans featuring rap lyrics from some of the the biggest names in hip-hop, past and present. The news was well-received by the sneaker community and the buzz behind the cans has already begun.

This however, won't be the first time the Sprite brand partners up with hip-hop artist. In the past, Nas and AZ appeared in a short 30-second commercial spitting lyrics about the citrus-flavored soda. Other popular soda brands like Pepsi and Dr. Pepper have taken advantage of the popularity in hip-hop and have hired rappers as part of their campaign ads. Some of those rappers include Nicki Minaj, Dr.Dre, Lil Wayne and more, and we're sure the list by the end of the year will only grow.

Today, we look back at 16 rappers that have appeared in previous soda campaigns for Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew and Pepsi.


"The Worst Guys"

Artist: Childish Gambino Feat. Chance The Rapper
Rapper: Childish Gambino
Lyric: "I-I-I-I-I need a minute, cold water to the face/I-I-I couldn't finish, got the Uber from her place"

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Artist: Chris Brown & Tyga Feat. Pusha T
Rapper: Pusha T
Lyric: "We coupe niggas, you niggas riding four doors/Like Uber nigga, we pilin' all of your whores"

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Artist: Fabolous
Lyric: "Uh, i got the swipers in the gun shop/Yeah, I got the shooters in the Uber nigga/Wooh! Everything brand new my nigga"

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Artist: Rick Ross Feat. French Montana
Lyric: "Ski mask in the suite, sticks in the Uber/Tailgating on the streets, bricks in the cooler"



Artist: Rich Gang
Rapper: Young Thug
Lyric: "On that GT, pop for me pooh-ee/And she come and let me ride like Uber"

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"U Guessed It (Freestyle)"

Artist: Lil Wayne
Lyric: “I rather get screwed than scrutinize/I rather get used by a cutie pie/If she ain’t fucking it’s Uber time”


"The Girls On Drugs"

Artist: Wale
Lyric: "I call her boo cuz her real one I will forget/I use a Uber to scoop me to SLS"


"Ghost of Dipset"

Artist: Smoke DZA and Camron
Rapper: Smoke DZA
Lyric: "Bad bitch centerfold, Uber cab send her home/Nigga pure dope no stamp on me"


"Bling Bling"

Artist: Junglepussy
Lyric: "Five ugly niggas drive they mama's whip/13 bitches spit game in the Uber/Took my weave out cuz my real hair is cuter"


"Short $ermons"

Artist: Retch Feat. Ab-Soul
Rapper: Ab-Soul
Lyric: "Fellatio in the Uber if the driver's cooler/We got it in, she's no Karrine, but the head was super"

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"Uber Driver"

Artist: Wiz Khalifa
Lyric: "Riding down the street, I hit the switch if I'm too drunk/Call an uber for the night, your broad with me"

Artist: Curren$y
Lyric: "I'm too gone off this Veuve to maneuver, I might have to call a uber/Get me through the, traffic, a lighter and a cool ass driver"

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