Dipset is back.

Funk Flex shook up hip-hop when he announced on New Year's that Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Freekey Zekey are back together to put out a new mixtape. Anyone 23 and older—especially from the East Coast—experienced excitement only a mother’s cooking can bring. The first record, “Have My Money,” is a soulful cut that finds Vinny Idol—the song’s producer—crooning about getting the money that he’s owed, pronto.

Idol, known mainly for constructing beats for D-Block, got on the phone with XXL to discuss how “Have My Money” came together in 24 hours, almost sending the beat to French Montana, explaining New York's sound, and giving an update on what projects are coming out for The LOX. —Emmanuel C.M.


XXL: How did this all come together?
Vinny Idol: The night before Flex put out “Have My Money” I sent the record to Cam’ron. They did it in 24 hours. The next morning they mixed it at Cam's studio and we just took it from there. They got the beat, honestly, on Sunday. I sent them a couple and they took two beats. The “Have My Money” beat was the first one they ran with as a single.

When did you make the beat?
I had that beat sitting for about four months. That’s also me singing on the hook, too. I had it for four months, sittin’. I was going to send it to French Montana but I never got around to sending it to him. Once Cam and them heard it, it was a go. They were telling me they were looking for something for Dipset, so I immediately sent beats because I wanted to be a part of that. So I got home and I sent that right away. They let me know by the same night that they took the beat and laid to it; 24 hours.

Did you even listen to the song before Funk Flex dropped it?
I heard it over the phone. I was going crazy by hearing it over the phone. It was sounding real good.

How did you construct the beat?
I’m a hip-hop head myself so when I heard the sample; that’s from Edo G's “I Got To Have It” back in the day. This was one of my favorite songs growing up in the '90s so when I heard it I was like, Man, I love the vibe. I made the beat in my crib in my basement. I was so hype with the finished beat. The vibe was there. I was just trying to picture who would be on the track. I didn’t know Dipset was going to do the reunion but it fit them. Now I can’t see anybody else on it after they did it. It’s their sound, very soulful—that’s what they was looking for.

So when I heard the sample I just wanted to put my spice to it. I came up with a hook on the spot. I laid the hook on the beat and I had it sitting. Then I let it go on Sunday and this is what happened. That's how it goes for a lot of the records that get placement. You don’t hear from the artist sometimes for six to eight months. But this happened quickly, 24 hours.

How long did it take you to do the beat?
It didn’t take me any time. I do like 10 beats a day. It doesn’t take me no time to do it, especially when it comes to sampling. That beat took me—plus to add the hook—45 minutes. The hook and the idea plus putting everything together, 45 minutes, an hour at most.

What do you listen to outside of hip-hop that helps you make beats?
I listen to everything, man. The type of music they play on Adult Swim and stuff like that. I listen to a lot of stuff like that. I’m a drummer. I play drums at my church on Sundays. I get inspired about everything. I may hear a loop in the car and Shazam it. Go to the crib and lay it down.


I love the sound of “Have My Money.” It feels like a New York record. But I started to think, What exactly is the New York sound?
New York sound to me is—everybody says boom bap describes the N.Y. sound. Heavy snares, heavy kicks, type of grimey loops and samples. If you listen back to what the sound was before we switched up a little bit, everybody was trying to find the best loop possible, the most exclusive loop. That’s New York. New York is just music, period. I don’t think it’s a set sound, I think it's more what you’re saying over the track and how you're saying it. We were doing 808s before everybody. Do the math and listen to old rap records from Marley Marl and all the producers back then, they were using 808s early back then in that time frame. Everything is coming back into rotation. New York is just saying what you saying. Music is music.

Do you feel New York needed this record?
Of course, we definitely needed this. No offense to everybody but we didn’t have our own wave. We need our own type of sound, a New York sound. I guess that’s what a New York sound is. We needed that record. There's records out, but there’s something about Dipset that just makes it kind of different.

You sent a couple of beats to them, correct? Did they tell you initially what they were planning?
I didn’t see any plans for an album; they were talking mixtape at first but now Funk Flex got a part of it. Now I believe Dipset is doing an album, their album is coming out. If this is their first single or just a song off a mixtape, I still don’t know. I do know that “Have My Money” will be available on iTunes.

I sent them about six beats and they picked two. They didn’t tell me what they were going to do with the second beat but I can imagine. It’s more of a street vibe. I already know they’re going to go ham on that. But we’re still working so it's not like it's over. I’m just playing the waiting game because I guess the response was so crazy. I’m sure there is going to be the video soon. Now they’re in talks about a tour. I don’t know what to expect.

What other stuff are you working on now?
I’m the in-house producer for D-Block and The Lox. We are working on Jadakiss’ album. Styles P is doing another album. Dipset working. There’s a list of artists I send beats to I just don’t say their names until I see paper work or see the project.

The LOX is definitely doing an album they put out a couple of EPs already. Now they’re working on the album but I think Jada will be the first to release. Styles, who knows, he can drop whenever. I don’t know when. We’re doing another Wu-Block album and we’re doing a compilation album. Even Sheek Louch is working on a solo. Everybody is working. All these projects will come out in 2015.

Jadakiss’ album that is dropping is Top 5 Dead Or Alive, right?
Top 5 Dead Or Alive is going to be real fire. He’s taking his time with it. He’s involved more. It'll probably be more bars and less flashy. LOX album is going to be fire too. Last I heard, DJ Khaled and Swizz Beatz are going to be executive producing the album.

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