"I thought Tumblr was kind of gay at first," said A$AP Yams, recalling his first impression of the medium he would master and extort for millions of dollars. Of course, he qualifies his attitude: "I was getting pussy off Tumblr." This was Yams--delightfully tactless, delightfully wavy.

In remembrance of the A$AP chief, XXL contributor Jeff Weiss dusted off an extensive interview he conducted with Yams back in 2012. The conversation--which initially ran over 6,000 words--tracks the Harlemite's rise from high school dropout to Dipset intern, all the way to international music mogul. (It has today been rumored that Yams had recently accepted an A&R job at Sony.)

Weiss' interview catchs Yams at his flossiest ("I took my student loan and got some gold teeth. I didn’t get no books.") and his most thoughtful; though he could be abrasive and took his share of shots at major artists, Yams was humble and appreciative when talking about Drake.

Reading his words, it's clear how much influence Yams flexed over Rocky's music, especially at the beginning. But it still defies reason--how does one turn a blog into a music-and-fashion empire? It might be by applying the advice he learned from the greats: "You gotta utilize resources to the most of your ability," Yams said. "Sometimes a label might not wanna give you them. One time they tried to do that to Dipset and Cam took a fire extinguisher and started spraying everyone in the office. He was going off. And they got what they wanted."

[Passion Of The Weiss]

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