Brotherly love? Kendrick Lamar continues to steamroll his way to the top and is hoping that his new album will place him at the pinnacle of rap. While everyone is hungrily waiting for his new project, only one person, other than himself, has heard the his project in its entirety so far. In an interview with DJ Whoo Kid's The Whoollywood Shuffle, KDot revealed that his little brother is the only one who has his new album.

"You're gonna have to go through my little brother," said Kendrick regarding the availability of his new album. While everyone thought Kendrick was joking around, the Compton rapper changed his tone to convey his seriousness. "He's 10 years-old. No, real talk. He has it. He has the album and he told me what he likes. "

Consider that ultimate trust right there from King Kendrick.

"That's my A&R right there," said Kendrick paying homage to his little brother. "He has a sophisticated ear. He's in somebody's elementary [school] right now knowing all the lyrics. Telling em', 'Watch.'"

We had a full helping of "i" and a small dosage of "King Kunta." Now, let's just use these clues to keep us afloat.

[The Whollywood Shuffle]

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