Nicki Minaj and Usher made beautiful music together with this summer's hit, "She Came to Give It to You," and while sitting down with MTV News in for VMA promo, Minaj revealed that she loves working with the R&B superstar.

"It was a verse that I had already written and I didn't get to put it out on an artist's album," explained Minaj. "And I was so mad because I love this verse. When I heard Usher's song, the beat matched, the feel and the vibe matched the verse. I changed some things around at the end and I was finally able to put out this verse. I love this song, by the way, and I love the fact that I got another chance to work with Usher because he's a legend. We actually just shot the video for it and I'm really excited."

Minaj is scheduled to perform at the 2014 MTV VMAs on Sunday, Aug. 24 and may have a few surprises up her sleeve—including an Usher cameo.