The abundance of support for the war in Ferguson has been unbelievable. Countless artists in the hip hop community are voicing their strong opinions to fans and the media through any means necessary; most notably through social media and press interviews. St. Louis rapper Nelly recently spoke with CNN to fight for peace in the violence-stricken community and to ask people to stand together as a unified force to translate this negative situation into a positive outcome.

"We haven't seen too many penalties for officers killing black men," said Nelly to CNN correspondent Erin Burnett.

This isn't the first we're hearing from the St. Lunatic and his opinion on the tragic slaying of Mike Brown. Speaking out to several outlets, along with participating in a celebrity football game are just a couple of things Nelly's done to show his support.

Nelly recently visited Ferguson, Missouri to meet the community and speak with highway patrol captain Ron Johnson.

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