Kevin Gates is currently doing a press run in NYC for his first headlining show at Gramercy Theatre. The “Out The Mud” rapper made time to stop by Ebro In The Morning to divulge in some deep conversation. While on the air Gates shared some interesting information about where he was during the time of the death of Mike Brown.

“I was in that city performing on the 11th when that incident occurred,” said Gates.

Though he admitted to that he could not intelligently speak on the Mike Brown or the situation in Ferguson, he could speak to the injustice of the legal system.

“I can say this; I’m fight for my life right now. Right now I’m fighting for my life. I’m talking bout in the court system. I was in the right. I did nothing wrong. I want to have faith in the justice system but I’ve seen so much negativity, you know what I’m saying that it kinda put you in a mind set of who can you trust?”

The 2014 XXL Freshman went on to add, “You say that the system is rehabilitation. What the system does to me is it criminalizes an individual.” In his opinion why should your past dictate your future or prevent you from moving further.

Gates will be hitting the road with B.o.B in October for the No Genre Tour. Check out his full interview with Ebro on Hot 97 above.