While everything seemed peachy at the MTV Video Music Awards, prior to the show, bullets flew, and Suge Knight happened to get caught up in the crossfire. After Suge was shot, there was no immediate evidence to nail the person who committed the crime. Now, according to TMZ, footage of the shooter has surfaced.

This past Saturday (Aug 23), Suge Knight was shot at Chris Brown's Pre-VMA party. According to TMZ, sources close to the situation tie the incident to a growing gang rivalry and claimed that is may be a possible motive. As far as the video is concerned, the shooter's physical features seem to be easily apparent. While that seems to provide good news, cops appear pretty vexed, considering eyewitnesses have failed to ID the shooter for fear of their safety.

Cops are planning to interview more people in hopes of ID'in the shooter. They plan on interviewing Suge as well, who as now, remains sedated.