Happy Birthday, KRS-One!


Today marks the 48th birthday of one of hip-hop’s most legendary MCs, KRS-One! Since the release of his debut album, Criminal Minded, with Boogie Down Productions in 1983, Kris Parker a.k.a. KRS-One has not only been one of the greatest rappers of all-time but one of   hip-hop’s staunchest advocates and thinkers. Over the years, he has released over two dozen albums and has been responsible for some of rap’s most enduring songs including “South Bronx,” “The Bridge Is Over,” “My Philosophy,” and “Sound Of Da Police.”

XXL wants to give our best wishes on KRS-One’s birthday today! Happy Birthday!

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  • Untitled

    People prob don’t even know who he is nowadays and won’t even comment smh!


  • Noise D

    Holly Teacha!!! Hip-Hop tanks you!