Gillie Da Kid has recently made it clear he wants to put grown man hands on Soulja Boy since the two have been trading insults over Twitter. Now, the Philly rapper has upped the ante challenging SB to a catch that fade for a seven figure purse. Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman, the man who attempted to have George Zimmerman and DMX square off in a boxing match, has offered a $1 million for the fight. The winner will walk away with bragging rights and $750,000 while the loser will face public humiliation but will have a cool $250,000 to add to their bank account. That's if Soulja takes the challenge. Gillie had already done his part, and has already signed the official contract. "I'm ready," said Gillie before inking on the dotted line. "I'll beat the breaks off this n-gga. I was gone beat the breaks off you for free. But now I'm getting a check. This the easiest money I ever got in my life," he added.

Do you think Soulja Boy is ready to rumble?

Peep the video, above.

[via RR]