Fat Joe reunited with Jennifer Lopez last week (July 31) for “Stressin.”

Produced by Danja Handz, the gritty track has J.Lo bringing back her “Jenny From The Block” persona, while Joey Crack claims that the Don Cartagena has returned. For those unfamiliar with their history, they have collaborated on 2005’s “Hold You Down” off Jennifer Lopez’s Rebirth.

“I just went in the zone and started working. I saw her after I came back from my university. She was like “Hey, Joe. What’s up?”” Fat Joe recalls. “I was like, “Yo, let’s get it in. Let’s go and make a joint.” She was like, “Bet, Joey. You know whatever you want, I’m here.” And that was that. We just went in and made the joint and it is out now. I love the song.”

Fat Joe also touched on J. Lo’s swagger and how she managed to channel her BX roots. “J.Lo is like a fuckin’ billionaire. How do you make her still sound like she’s from Castle Hill? [Laughs] I tell J.Lo that shit all the time. “You was from the block. You a fuckin’ billionaire now.” They know!" [Laughs]

After 2013’s The Darkside Vol. 3 mixtape, Fat Joe is currently working on his next album. While he hasn’t named the LP or locked down a release date, he’s got some joints in the stash ready to let go for his fans. Even with the success Fat Joe has seen, there’s still a motivation to be the absolute best in the game. “When it comes to rap and it comes to hip-hop, I’m like, hungry. I’m thirsty. I love hip-hop. My hunger for that never dies out,” Fat Joe says. “And the other thing I was trying to say is, I don’t get high. I get high off people telling me my music is dope.”

It’s cocababy.—Eric Diep