The title of in-house DJ for the 2014 MTV VMAs is just one of the accolades DJ Mustard has earned from his hefty year of hits. The producer has made a well-deserved name for himself in not only hip-hop but in all genres of music since breaking into the national spotlight with Tyga's "Rack City" in 2011. Amped with a dream roster of artists to work with—from YG and Rick Ross to Wiz Khalifa and Jay Z—it seems Mustard has merely only started his journey through the musical landscape.

Shortly after dropping his debut album, 10 Summers, earlier this month, DJ Mustard stopped by the XXL offices to talk about his success in recent years and to tell the stories behind five of his best beats to date. —Miranda Johnson


"Main Chick"

Kid Ink featuring Chris Brown
DJ Mustard: There's a cool story behind it. My home girl MG, she wrote it for YG's album and they ended up not using it. Then somehow—I don't know how this happened—but it got to Jeremih first. Then Jeremih played it for me and I was like, "How did you get this song?" 'Cause I had never sent it out to anybody. YG's A&R had gave it to him. Then it got to Kid Ink, then Kid Ink [and Chris Brown] got on it. Then it was supposed to be my song, but Chris Brown dropped it out of nowhere. So Kid Ink still used it for his project.



Rick Ross featuring Kanye West and Big Sean
DJ Mustard: Kanye, I don't know how he did that. He slowed down the beat and put a sample over it, if it was a sample. I don't know if it was a sample or not. He put it on top of the record and he just slowed everything I did down. I don't know how he did it. And that was like early in the morning, so it was hard for me to drive all the way out there 'cause I was sleepy and I had just left the studio. It was too hard for me to get there. But "Sanctified" came out alright, it was cool.


"My Nigga"

YG featuring Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan
DJ Mustard: We were in Burbank in L.A. and I told YG we should do this song. Then, when I told him to do it, he was like, "I don't know." Then a couple months later, we ran into the beat again, and I was like, "Yo, you should do this beat." He did the hook and his verse, then Jeezy did his verse and then we put it out.


"Face Down"

Lil Wayne, Big Sean, YG and Lil Boosie
DJ Mustard: I was talking to Boosie through Jeezy when he was in jail and he was like, "I want to work with you." Then when he got out of jail, he called my phone and we was just talking. Then I sent him a beat and he did something for his album. Then I sent that [beat] and he recorded it for me, the hook and everything. And that was that.


"Who Do You Love"

YG featuring Drake
DJ Mustard: "Who Do You Love" was kinda cool to make. I just made the beat; I was self-determined to make beats at the time. So I made the beat and I brought it to YG like, "This is the one." He was like, "It's cool." Then Jeezy came in like, "This is the one!" Once he said that, it was on.