The always entertaining Capone-N-Noreaga stopped by Hot 97's morning show for a lengthy interview about their career, current events and everything in between. Anytime N.O.R.E. is involved the energy is always super-high, the conversation is erratic and the quotables are endless. Check out the highlights below:

On Tragedy KhadafiMe and 'Pone are family and, to tell you the truth, I thought CNN was going to turn out good because we have a great camaraderie. We brought in Tragedy [Khadafi]...I used to always think to go back to this old style, I had to be in the hood or in the projects and then I realized, Tragedy is the projects. You hang out with him, he is a walking project, it's a fact. He is the most gutterest, gum under the table, scuffed Timbs...He don't want the glitz and the glory, he likes getting on the train and getting on the bus. I realized that's what we lacked when we were making the other albums, we had to bring it back to the original essence...Trag is on the upcoming album. 

On Upcoming AlbumThe title is either going to be Lessons: The New Five Percent or Lessons: The New Math.  I remember picking up an album and learning things; you don't get that anymore...We just shot a video in Harlem with Sadat X called, 'Bringin' The Gods Back.' We've really been through it and for us to say, 'I want my community and my culture to have something other than something that represents something negative, that's what we're doin'."

On FergusonI realized these cops are going to the same school as some of these killers in the hood. The killers in the hood say, 'We don't fuck with the otherside. If you ain't fuckin' with me, we ain't fuckin' with you." And that's what these cops are doing, they're going to the exact same school...This is beyond color. 

On Lil Wayne Shoutout: (Capone): I'm cool with Weezy but the amazing part was when I was driving with my nine-year-old daughter and she heard it and she looked at me like, 'Did Lil Wayne just say your name?!' And she went crazy! 

On How CNN FormedA lot of people don't know that Capone had a solo deal. I was in jail but Capone said, 'I'm going to wait for my man to get home.' And that's how Capone-N-Noreaga happened. 

On Performing In EuropeWe're in a state where Europe is feeding us...I get scared when we do shows in Europe. Remember in Poland?! These white kids in Poland came out at 6 o'clock, they were skinheads! And they walked in an hour before the show and started chanting CNN! CNN! This is what they do! Hip-hop shows in the States aren't hard anymore compared to that.