The unapologetic Cam'ron of Harlem gave his two cents about the recent cases of police brutality during an interview with Montreality. The rhymer talked about the Michael Brown shooting and criticized New York's lack of heart in the candid conversation.

Cam'ron started talking about Brown and pretty much co-signed what a lot of reasonable people thought about the situation: That "it's messed up." Ferguson, Mo. has since made news for the civilians' protest in the wake of the tragedy, which is something Cam'ron hasn't seen from his hometown. He cites the cases of Eric Garner and Sean Bell as example of New Yorkers' lackadaisical action.

"It happens in New York a lot and we're quick to sweep it under the rug. But we're quick to jump on the Mike Brown bandwagon," Cam'ron laments. "You got niggas getting killed by police daily and we don't say shit."

The civil unrest during the fallout after Bell and Garner's deaths didn't reach to Ferguson's current heights, but they were noticeable. There was also a Manhattan "Million Hoodie March" in July 2013 in recognition of Trayvon Martin's death.

Check out the video above. Cam'ron also talks about the infamous interviews with Bill O'Reilly and Anderson Cooper. The talk about Michael Brown begins at the 4:48 mark.