Big Boi is a huge Kate Bush fan. No, seriously, he absolutely loves her. Not too long ago, BBC aired an hour-long documentary highlighting her illustrious career, entitled Running Up That Hill: The Kate Bush Story. Several fans and friends alike chimed in and voiced their love and adoration for the singer, including Elton John, Tori Amos, and of course, Big Boi.

"Music is supposed to evoke emotion. It makes you feel a certain way," said Big Boi in regards to Bush's record "Running Up That Hill. "That's what the vibrations are. It's not stagnant. It's not plain."

Later, the rapper was found mouthing off the words and continued by saying: "I was introduced to the music by my Uncle Russell. He's kinda like a weirdo of the family. He's a skateboarder and all kinds of things. So I was like in 6th, 7th grade when I used to ride my bike to school and listen to it. I just got deeper and deeper into it. You know, [she's] one of my biggest musical influences. I love her."