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Last week, 9th Wonder bolstered his production team, Soul Council, when he reeled Nottz over to his squad. The legendary producer gushed over his recent signing over the phone with XXL earlier, and promised that his newest addition would play an integral role in their mission to "tear the walls down" in hip-hop.

"Nottz has always been a friend of ours for years. I don't lie or play around when I call him my big brother, because I've watched him do beats for cats before I even came into the game. You know, he's done beats for Busta. He's done beats for Snoop [Dogg], Scarface, and Kanye West. The list goes on for who he's done beats for," said the former Little Brother producer.

While 9th his cemented his place in the production world as a premiere producer, he's reluctant to take his path to notoriety alone. With a proven team consisting of Eric G, Khrysis, 10, AMP, Kas$h Don't Make Beats, and now Nottz, 9th seems pretty steadfast about conquering his objective of making good music as a collective, rather than as a sole entity.

"I know it's easier to do things with a team. And I know, Nottz is unapologetic about the sound that he has. So am I. I don't care about what anybody thinks about the sound. I don't adhere to what the sound is now. Nope. The sound is good music. The constant sound is great music. Nottz can do that. Nottz been doing that," said 9th.

9th Wonder and Nottz have already been diligently working in the studio, and are slated to have a single out today (Aug. 25).

"I have an artist putting out an album tomorrow by the name of HaLo. He has an album out with Masta Killa called Mansa Musa. Nottz did a single today for him. So, we're getting started. We're jumping right into it." —Carl Lamarre