For hip-hop, radio has long been an important part of the game, with interviews and live call-ins the source of some truly unforgettable moments. From the birth of phrases like Kanye's, "You ain't got the answers, Sway!" to 50 Cent's "Put Cam on the phone," these interviews will forever go down as moments in the culture that cannot be recreated. Monumental moments such as Biggie speaking on Tupac's death a month before his own passing and an Aaliyah interview weeks before her death, these sit downs serve as keepsakes of the final word from some of the genre's biggest icons.

XXL gathered 14 of the most classic interviews ever to go down on radio dating from 1993 to the present. From Eazy-E clowning Dr. Dre to A$AP Rocky meeting his hero Rakim and plenty more, check out these iconic on-air moments from some of hip-hop's biggest stars. —Sarah Alston and Miranda Johnson


Year: 1993
Synopsis: Eazy-E speaks about his label Ruthless Records and Ice Cube leaving N.W.A a few years prior. Eazy then goes on to give Dr. Dre pointers on how to dress, referencing the flashy wardrobe worn during Dre's days in World Class Wreckin' Cru. During the interview he also shoots down the possibility of N.W.A reuniting, stating that as long as Suge Knight was in the picture with Dre, that wouldn't happen.


Year: 1997
Synopsis: Weeks before Biggie's death, Sway confronts Biggie in an Interview on The Wake Up Show about the death of Tupac Shakur with allegations that the East Coast and West Coast beef was the incentive behind Pac's death. Sway points out several suspect situations that went down before the fatal Las Vegas shooting. Biggie reassures his non-involvement in the interview, explaining that Tupac's death was a great loss for the hip-hop community.


Year: 2001
Synopsis: A 22-year-old Aaliyah stops in with WBLS for one of her last interviews, just a month before her death. During the sit down, she talks about her love for both acting and singing. She also touches on on her album, Aaliyah, speaking about her maturity on the LP and how she has grown emotionally and vocally.


Year: 2002
Synopsis: Pissed at the treatment he received at Hot 97's Summer Jam that year, Nas goes on a tirade against Hot while making an appearance on rival station Power 105. In the interview, Nas not only calls Hot 97 out for favoring certain artists because they wouldn't let him lynch a fake Jay Z at the show, but he also goes on to question the state of hip-hop. "I turn on that station, I hear rappers on there talking about their record sales, their rims on the truck," said Nas. "I mean, what does that have to do with our community? What does that have to do with anything real?" He later calls out nearly all of the Hot 97 radio jocks along with statements that N.O.R.E. should step his rap game up, Cam'ron is wack and Def Jam is an evil empire.


Year: 2002
Synopsis: Livid that DMX had spoken badly about him on air the night before, Ja Rule calls into Hot 97, furious. In the interview he bashes X for being a hater, saying, "He can't fuck with me. He never could and he never will be able to, and it's hurting him right now that I'm bigger than him." He continues yelling and questioning where the friendship between the two went sour.


Year: 2007
Synopsis: During an interview with Angie Martinez, 50 Cent gets into it with both Cam'ron and the general manager of Koch Records over the G-Unit head calling their record label a "graveyard." The conversation, which was took place on a whim, went on to get ugly as Cam'ron and 50 began comparing the stats of their opposing imprints. Cam'ron states in the clip that several artists on Koch have sold more records than some of the G-Unit signees. Since this interview, Killa Cam and 50 Cent squashed the beef over the disagreement but not before birthing the phrases, "Put Cam on the phone" and "Curtisss."


Year: 2007
Synopsis: Angie Martinez talks with Jay Z on Hot 97 about when he's going to marry Beyonce and wanting to become a dad in the future. Jay Z expresses his thoughts on family life and wanting the "white picket fence"-type of lifestyle. In the interview, Angie also mentions Beyonce's unforgettable stage fall, to which Jay Z replies that he and Bey found the situation pretty funny.


Year: 2008
Synopsis: Shortly after the death of his mother, Kanye West stops by Big Boy's Neighborhood. In the midst of the promo run for his fourth studio album, 808s & Heartbreak, Kanye goes into why he chose the title and being on the path that God has chosen for him. However, the most interesting part of the interview comes later when Kanye talks about the song "Coldest Winter." He puts out there that he feels if he and his mother never moved to Hollywood, she wouldn't have passed away. “I feel like sometimes that if me and my mom never moved to Hollywood, she would would still be here,” said Kanye.


Year: 2011
Synopsis: Lil Mama stopped by Power 105's Breakfast Club for what the morning show called an "intervention." Able to stand her ground for the most part, Lil Mama eventually broke down and began crying, succumbing to Charlamagne Tha God's brutal form of honesty. During the chat the group spoke about Lil Mama's gimmicky music, crashing Jay Z and Alicia Keys' performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, and her mother passing away when she was 17.


Year: 2012
Synopsis: During an interview with A$AP Rocky on Hot 97, Angie Martinez sets up a surprise visit for Rocky to meet his idol and namesake, Rakim. On air, Rocky rapper talks about being named after the hip-hop icon and the day his mother met Rak while pregnant. Rakim pops in and Rocky is genuinely overwhelmed. The two go on to give Rocky's mother a call during which she shares the same excitement.


Year: 2013
Synopsis: Kanye West sat down for an interview with BBC's Zane Lowe while on a promo run for his last album, Yeezus. During the chat, Kanye dropped an array of gems including that "Rap is the new Rock N Roll." He went on to voice his thoughts on everything from Kendrick Lamar's future in hip-hop to being marginalized in the fashion world, an interview that will certainly go down in the history books.

This interview later even caused a very public rift between Kanye and Jimmy Kimmel. Following the BBC release, Kanye ranted on Twitter, calling Kimmel a number of names after the TV host spoofed the sit down on his TV series. The two eventually resolved matters live on Kimmel's late night show.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 12.39.03 PM

Year: 2013
Synopsis: Following their intense run-in which caused Nicki Minaj to cancel her performance at Summer Jam 2012, the YMCMB rapstress and Peter Rosenberg reunite on Hot 97 to patch things up. Sorting through the miscommunications that led Lil Wayne to pull Nicki out of the vital performance in the first place, the host and the rapper really go at it. All in all, the two end making up and Nicki even popped out during 2 Chainz' Summer Jam set a few days later.


Year: 2013
Synopsis: Kanye appeared on Sway In The Morning in November of 2013 while promoting the US leg of his Yeezus Tour. Unbeknownst to many that the interview would take a turn for the worst as Kanye began arguing with Sway live on air. This is the interview that birthed the phrase "You ain't got the answers, Sway!" that went viral across the globe. Things get pretty intense around the 17:00 minute mark.


Year: 2014
Synopsis: A week before her release from prison after serving over 6 years on assault charges, Angie Martinez managed to get Remy Ma on the phone before she was even released. Being that it was the first time the world heard Remy's voice in years, she assured everyone that she was still the same rapstress we all knew and loved. “I can’t say that I was one of those people that went to prison and I had this dramatic life change and I had this newfound outtake on life,” said Remy on Power 105. “In a lot of ways, I’m the same.” The two went on to discuss Remy's return to the game and how she plans to slay all competition, but the call would end up causing a phone violation that would delay Remy's release from prison by a day.