Late night host Jimmy Kimmel recently found himself in the hot seat when he appeared on the latest episode of Snoop Dogg’s GGN. While he did not partake in hitting the joint like former guest Seth Rogen, he did find out some interesting information about Uncle Snoop.

According to the rapper ,he once smoked a quick joint in the White House, well the bathroom of it. "I said excuse me, can I use the bathroom," said Snoop. They asked 'what are you going to do, number 1 or number two?' I said number two." He explained that he usually likes to light something when he uses the bathroom to get rid of the smell. Instead of lighting a napkin like suggested, Snoop instead sparked up a blunt.

In addition, the two reminisced on how long they have known each other, dating back to when Kimmel was on radio. During the interview, he acknowledged that Snoop was one of his first guests when he got the TV show.

Check out their interview on GGN below.