A rapper by the name of Genesis LXG is claiming Eminem and Busta Rhymes stole his beat for their new song, "Calm Down". Yesterday (June 30), Genesis LXG called out Busta and the "Rap God" artist on Twitter to publicly let people know the horn-looping beat was all his idea and no respect was paid.

The following tweet was addressed to both rappers: “So dude jacked my beat and gave it to Eminem and Busta #Jacked.” Shortly after, Genesis began to speculate if the clear similarities between his song "House of Pain" and their song "Calm Down"  was just a coincidence or if the two actually stole the beat from him, along with their track producer Scoop Deville.

Genesis LXG claims "the original version" was created way back in March. Neither Eminem, Busta Rhymes nor Scoop Deville have responded to the accusations.