Can the lives of Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J get any crazier? After a huge brawl took place at the Love and HipHop Atlanta Reunion special, involving Joseline and Benzino's lady, Althea, a new interview surfaced today regarding Joseline's infidelity. In an interview with VladTV, rapper, Ferrari Ferrell claims that he had a little fling with Stevie J's woman, not once, but twice. He even went far enough to call her a THOT.

"She be thottin'. She be out there. That's Thotseline," he proclaimed, when asked about his relationship with the reality star.

A video leaked of the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess appearing to be high, rapping in the studio awhile back. Ferrari claimed that he shot the footage and actually got physically involved with her the same night."Actually, that same night of footage (her studio freestyle), is the first time I hit it. But I kept that real low. That wasn't something I wanted to broadcast. It is what it is. She's a real freak though."

He then described to Vlad how he landed her for a second go round at her house."We went to her crib. I was smoking. And we did what it did. Next thing you know,  an hour later, her phone keep ringing, ringing. She was like, "Ah shit. That's Stevie." I was like, "Answer your phone." She was like, "Nah, nah, nah." The nigga keep calling. Twenty minutes later, the nigga start banging on the door. I'm trying to get out of there. I ain't cuffin," said Ferrari.

Last week, rumors spread regarding Joseline possibly cheating on Stevie with the likes of Drake, Kevin Durant, and more.